16/10/15 Jane Prowse

I always dreamed of going on a Voyage of Discovery...  tall ships, thousands of miles at sea, discovering worlds of untold beauty, filled with exotic people who were as interested in my life as I was in theirs.  My life.  Huh.  Get real, Jodie - who'd be interested in me?  I go to school, do my homework, watch TV. Nothing interesting ever happens to dull old me.  Oh, except did I say I'm adopted?  They're lovely people - Dan and Mellie.  Always saying how they chose me and how they love me more than they could've imagined.  Which is maybe why they didn't argue when I announced on my fifteenth birthday that it was time to start my own personal voyage of discovery.  No tall ships, no exotic far-off lands - but shocks and thrills and experiences I could never have imagined as I discovered just what happened when I was born... 

The sun is barely up and I am prepared to do something I’ve never done before in my life. As I approach Mellie and Dan the butterflies in my stomach grow larger and larger. Standing in front of them I begin to speak my unanswered questions with the words “I want to finally meet my…... my real parents”.

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Comment by Sarah Cook on October 16, 2015 at 4:04

I got up from my bed and sorrowfully rambled down the stairs. I marched all the way to the living room and said the same statement that has always been in my head, ¨I want to meet my real parents¨.

Mellie and Dan stared at each other.¨It´s time¨ replied Mellie in a heart breaking voice about to start to tear up. Dan agreed with disappointment.

¨Your parents “explained Dan ¨are Bionic Superheroes. They worked for the FBI fourteen years ago and they were assigned on a dangerous mission. They gave you to us take care of you for the time of mission. But they never came back. No-one has heard of them since then. All we know is that their mission was to explore a base in the middle of the desert that has been active since.¨ He paused so that his statement could sink in for Jodie.

¨You must be kidding me¨ said Jodie.¨

¨It´s true” replied Mellie, “and you also have a Bionic power. Itś the power you have always wanted. Your Bionic super power is …

John & Luke

Christ the King Primary

North Rocks Australia

Comment by Alex Petrella on October 16, 2015 at 9:27

To time travel.  You’ve been implanted with a device that allows you to travel anywhere in time.”

My eyes widened in shock and bewilderment.  I stood there, speechless.

“We know that it is a lot to take in, “said Dan. “We found it to be crazy, too.”

Mellie moved to hug me, but I recoiled in my dismay.  “What is happening?  What do I do?” I cried out.

Dan reached out to me and put his hand softly on my shoulder. “Follow your instincts.”

“But how?” I choked holding my head in my hands and beginning to tear up.

Calmly, Dan whispered, “I don’t know.  You have to follow your instincts.  That’s all your parents told us.”

Suddenly, I shuddered as something in my arm itched. I felt a tug and opened my eyes as I stumbled into a strange room.  I tripped and fell forward into a door.  It flew open to reveal a dark room.  As my eyes adjusted, I began to see unrecognizable objects. I stared in awe as I picked up small bracelet and turned it over in my hands.  “What is this thing?” I thought.  There was a tiny tag on the back.  I  tried to read it, but it suddenly stuck on my arm.  There was a sharp pain and the world went black.  When my eyes opened, I found myself in …

Yellda, Kadra, Ahmed, Ryan, Sharon, Tanvee, Yash, Michael, Zaw, Sophia, Zafreen, Nitya, Ayesha, and Samuel

Norbury School

Harrow, UK

Comment by Leesa Sharpe on October 16, 2015 at 10:40

Isabelle Guest Broomgrove junior school

a desert  with sand scattered every where.  In the distance, there were pyramids like the ones I’d seen in my history book, but these ones  were different -  shapes you would never expect to see . I plodded cautiously over to the sand sculptures, the heat of the sun scorching my head. I finally arrived at the huge pyramid and stared at it, excitedly. I had never seen anything like it. Suddenly a door shot open and I felt myself being pulled through an automatic door. I ran through the building and passed lots of people who had lab coats on and were holding strange gadgets. I wondered what they were and then noticed one lying on the floor. I picked it up. It looked like a tablet but it wasn’t just a normal one. It had buttons everywhere and was making a loud beeping noise. I was blown away. I clutched it with my hand so I didn’t drop it. Then out of the blue, I  saw a man who I’d seen in photographs at home - a man I’d been told was my real Dad,  wearing the same white coat as the others, talking to the other scientists. What was he doing here? ….

Comment by Alex Petrella on October 16, 2015 at 13:00

I slowly edged my way towards the familiar looking face. Finally, I thought, I am going to meet my biological father.

Suddenly there was an earth shattering explosion and the ground beneath me shook furiously. Sirens blared and I thought my ear drums were about to shatter. It was chaos.

Beakers smashed and chemicals fused together, producing a putrid acidic odour which singed the hair inside my nostrils. Loud screams erupted and crowds scattered frantically to find safety.

Through the thick purple smoke, I managed to catch a glimpse of my bionic father, however, the bracelet on my arm clenched tighter. I knew I didn’t have long left.

I fought my way through the mist that now seemed to have cleared and reached out. I placed my trembling hand on his shoulder and as he turned his head slowly a bemused expression covered his face.

“Jodie?” he asked.

I felt a tug and when I opened my eyes… 

Norbury School Year 6: Deena, Prisha, Tristan, Thomas, Shakeel, Dhruv, Ri-Sheng, Fatimah, Divyam

Comment by Leesa Sharpe on October 16, 2015 at 14:08

Thomas Broomgrove Junior School

Then I said, “Hello? Why are you here, I thought you had died,” but he didn’t listen. Then I tried to walk out but the pyramid wouldn’t let me. Why was I here? Why couldn’t I get out? So many questions flowed through me at once. I started to look around to see if I could find clues but I couldn’t, until I overheard a conversation, “We can’t let anyone know that we hid the secret diary in the underground base through that is under that carpet trapdoor,” said one person, loudly, but then Dad screamed, “WHY DID YOU SAY THE WAY TO GET THE DIARY, ANYONE COULD BE LISTENING!” Then I sprinted to the carpet and lifted it up and there it was, past the stairs. I went on the stairs and dropped the trapdoor which made a loud BANG! Then before I moved, I heard Dad saying quietly, “Uh oh, someone was listening.” And I heard them coming over to the trapdoor and opening it. I felt like strong weeds had grown over my legs. But it was ok because I forgot they couldn’t see or hear me. I carried on climbing down the ladder and opened the diary. The first page said: June 16th 2015, we’ve finally time travelled to the future but can’t get back, I’m missing my child Jodie. Then I slammed the book shut, that was all I needed to read……

Comment by Jenny Noble on October 20, 2015 at 2:00

I pulled my thoughts together and knew I needed to find out how and when they got here. No needed to find my mum. Thoughts of what I needed to do filled my head, I started to put them together but I was interrupted by shouts of anger and fear. I heard my dad shout “Jodie?!” I started to climb back out through the trapdoor, I had to get out before they trapped me. I froze, and there was my mum. I instantly felt a mixed emotion of anger and relief. I felt relieved I had finally found them. Then anger filled me, I had so many questions that couldn’t be answered now by me or my dad. But this was my time to ask these questions to my mum. But I didn’t have the time for them to be answered because she started running and that’s when I knew something was wrong. I followed her. My mum shouted “Jodie, you have gained entrance to our secret base it is no longer safe because there is too many time travellers in this place and time. We need to go back to our own time.” Dad can’t time travel” I splurted out. It was the end of time and space the bracelet broke.

By Neve Mason, Natalie De Cesare, Alyssa Lee

St Mary's College

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