16/10/15 Joe Craig

Kris was already half way up his street before he noticed anything weird. He pulled his earphones out and hitched his school bag higher on his shoulder. Why was there nobody else around? Usually when he got home from school his road was pretty busy. There should at least have been one or two people who’d got off the bus with him. But there was nobody.
He walked more quickly, peering into the homes as he went, searching for a sign of life – something that would tell him he was just being paranoid. Then he noticed the only sound – the insistent wail of a car alarm. Chris jogged the last few steps to his front door. He was so busy looking around him and reaching for his key that he nearly tripped on the object that was sitting on the front step: a box. A sealed cardboard box, planted squarely in front of the door.
Kris reached over it to open the front door, but has he pushed his key into the lock, the door swung open.
“Mum?” Kris shouted. “Dad? Tami?” His voice was blown away along the street. Kris shivered and went to edge round the box and go inside. But that’s when he noticed that coming from the cracks in the corners of the cardboard box was a soft blue glow.


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Comment by Sarah Cook on October 16, 2015 at 4:06

Kris slowly reached out his hand to open the box and with a gush of wind, the lid of the box flew off. Out popped a little blue creature no bigger than a kitten. It looked like a goop of jelly…. A goop of jelly that had four bright yellow eyes and six arms. Then it started talking.

“Hi! Im Scoojy! And I´m here to help.¨

Kris looked at him with wide eyes with his mouth in the shape of an O. ¨Look, we don´t have much time. All you need to know is this. There is a monster going around and stealing people. He has a box exactly like this one. He shoves people in it and it takes them to a magic land.This magic land is called Zurtoog.¨

¨Slow down a minute, what are you talking about?¨ exclaimed Kris. ¨Where´ś mum and dad? Where´s Tami?¨ Kris started to panic. Scoojy put a slimy hand on Kris´ shoulder.

¨Its up to you¨ said Scoojy. ¨So are you going to help?……………………………………………

Sarah & Michaela

Christ the King Primary

North Rocks Australia

Comment by Alex Petrella on October 16, 2015 at 9:38

Kris responds with hesitation. “I really want my family back. So I guess...” Before Kris could finish his response, Scoojy pushed him into the box and jumped in with him. Scoojy closed the lid tight and sat in Kris’ lap when Kris notices a keypad on the side and scoojy starts typing in some crazy code…

“Wait!” Says Kris and bumps 2 of scoojy’s arms! Instead of typing “Wooland” Scoojy accidentally types “booland” sending both of them to Spooks-ville!

They arrive with a big “Thump!” The tiny little blue monster peers its head out and says “Oh my Gooseberry. We are in Spooksville!” “WHAT?!” yells Kris. “What is that?” Scoojy quickly puts a slimy blue hand on Kris’ head, pushing him down and closes the lid. Scoojy lowered his voice to a whisper, “Oh, it is a very frightening place - Gloomy, rainy and dark. Full of monsters. Where the trees have eyes and their branches move like untied hair. The mud eats you up and if the trees touch you, you’re stuck here forever!” Kris’ mouth dropped in disbelief. “Can’t we just go back?” asked Kris. “No we can’t” Says Scoojy. “We have to find a forbidden book that is guarded by a ghost, by crossing through this spine-chilling dimension. The Book will grant you 1 wish for something in return.

Class 5T

Norbury Primary School

Harrow, United Kingdom

Comment by Leesa Sharpe on October 16, 2015 at 10:45

Jessica Atkins Broomgrove Junior School

They both jumped out of the box and ran past the first three trees before they noticed them, a black hairy monster turned around and they ducked behind a big purple bush and Scoojy whispered “oh no that’s not good. “ “What isn’t good tell me please!?”replied Kris. Well um.. you see that black hairy thing over their he is one of the guards if he sees us we will probably die!” Scoojy said, “we will have to try our best to get past him but don’t blame me if we do die!” “We have to move now- come on!” Scoojy shuffles himself nearer out of the purple bush. Kris follows Scoojy but as Kris shuffled up his hoody brushed up against the bush and it made a loud noise. They both ran as fast as they could the Black hairy monster shouted “ARRR” And ran for them! They didn’t say a thing, they were too scared! Luckily they didn’t get caught. Scoojy ran over a snail but it just went straight into him you could see it inside him. They stopped as it went silent. They were standing right on the edge of a cliff! They were standing there helplessly! 

Comment by Alex Petrella on October 16, 2015 at 12:52

As they teetered precariously on the edge of the cliff, overlooking the vast and menacing valley ahead of them, Kris's foot slipped forwards sending rocks cascading down into the depths below them. Kris jumped back and breathed, "that was close!”

As Kris and Scoojy looked towards the horizon line, they noticed it was getting darker. "Well there's no way we are making our way down that cliff tonight Scoojy. What are we going to do?" questioned Kris

"There's only one way out of here Kris, and that's going back to the box where we left it."

Both of them looked at each other knowing what this would mean... they would have to face the monster who was back guarding the portal to Wooland. The temperature dropped dramatically as the sun sunk out of view. It was getting darker by the second; Kris took out a torch from his school bag. Slowly and steadily they started their quest back to the portal. The eerie hoot of a zombie owl echoed through the silence. "I really don't like this," exclaimed Kris to Scoojy. 

"If you want your parents and sister back then this is what we have to do." 

"I understand that, however it is a real risk and I don’t like the look of this place."

Kris concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other as they crept their way through the mystical forest. Eyes watched them from every angle.

Suddenly Kris felt as if something was following them. "Did you hear that?" Kris whispered to Scoojy. Silence came as the reply. He turned around to see that Scoojy wasn't there anymore. "Scoojy? Scoojy? SCOOJY?!" 

Kris felt panic rise up from his toes to the tips of his hair. Turning around hesitantly, he came face to face with a pair of piercing yellow eyes and a head of black matted fur...

Year 6

Norbury School.

Harrow, United Kingdom

Comment by Leesa Sharpe on October 16, 2015 at 14:13

Stephanie Broomgrove Juniors

              “What do we do now?” they cried in unison.  Scoojy pulled out a pair of x-ray vision goggles,                and held them carefully to his eyes.

 Ah ha!” screamed Scoojy. Kris at the time had no idea what Scoojy was doing therefore, he was paying no attention.

“Kris, Kris!” yelled Scoojy. “I have found the box it will take us only take us 30 seconds if we leave now!” “Come on.”

They both ran out from their hiding place, sprinting as fast as their legs could take them. They finally reached the box - Scoojy’s computer devise was in there. With Scoojy’s blue squashy fingers typing the next code into a land called ‘The Forgiven Land ’-  Scoojy’s  home planet.  Kris, realised just in time that he would never get back to Earth if Scoojy went home. Desparately, he pleaded to him to take him back first, but the little monster didn’t care. He needed to find that forbidden book to get his wish.

Comment by Jenny Noble on October 20, 2015 at 1:23

Scoojy finished typing and the box went off in a whir.

“Scoojy, how can I get home now?” Kris asked the blue blob.

Scoojy didn’t answer.


 Scoojy turned around.

His normal, cheerful face had grown somewhat menacing, his yellow eyes were red and angry, and his little arms had turned into spiky tentacles.

“Kris, come back down to earth this instant!”


Kris snapped back to attention.

Where was Scoojy?

And how had he imagined him anyway?

Then he looked at Mrs Bullen.

Oh, he thought. There’s the resemblance.

“Kris, have you finished your math test? Or were you too busy with your daydreams?” asked Mrs Bullen.

Kris stared at her.

“Could you give me a moment? I’m a little fuzzy today, so I may need to think of something good,” Kris said.

“DETENTION” said Mrs Bullen.

As Kris was walking home that day, he noticed something weird.

Why wasn’t anyone around?

When he got to his door, there was a cardboard box, and a strange blue light shone from the cracks.

By Lara Vincent

St Mary's College

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