16/10/15 Tamsyn Murray

The house at the end of the street looked quite ordinary, at first glance. It had four windows, each wearing fussy net curtains, a sturdy blue front door and flower-filled hanging baskets on either side of the porch. The number thirteen glittered in the morning sunlight. If it hadn’t been for the two stone lions at the edge of the driveway, I might have continued on my way to school and never noticed anything unusual at all.

I’d seen a few statues in my time, even visited the those big lions in Trafalgar Square, so I knew what they should look like; grey and heavy, as though they wouldn’t topple over in the wind. Their eyes weren’t normally a burning, crimson red. And they didn’t tend to blink. Not ever.

At first, I thought I’d imagined it...

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Comment by Sarah Cook on October 16, 2015 at 4:15

Although it was completely unbelievable. The eyes had suddenly redirected and started staring straight at me, boring directly through my soul, and then BOOM! I was swiftly shifted through an unknown terrain, stopping at a dead end in the middle of a frightening, dull, abysmal void. As I gazed through the atmosphere, I registered two stone statues just floating beside me with the same glistening red eyes from ……. elsewhere.

An unfamiliar voice suddenly echoed through my head, “ Arlan!” it repeated thousands upon thousands of times. Just as I replied “ Who are you?’ I felt a strong bond between us.

And then suddenly I remembered the house….

Jordan & Phillip

Christ the King Primary

North Rocks Australia

Comment by Alex Petrella on October 16, 2015 at 9:24
But I forgot all about it again as I felt something standing behind me… It was a gloomy angle with, vibrant, exuberant fluorescent, wings trying to grab me.

The solitary, intimidating, angle was beckoning me to come it whispered: “come here, come to me little boy”. Fear gripped my heart as I slowly began to walk forward like a zombie, but then I felt a slippery and slimy hand dragging me towards millions and millions of weeping angles. I turned around for a second….

Suddenly the void started to crack underneath my feet. I glazed at the last bit of light I could see flashing before my eyes and I found myself screaming in a high pitch voice with all the air gushing beside me.
And in a blink of an eye, I was back to the mysterious house where I was.

Class 5T
Norbury Primary School
Harrow, London, United Kingdom
Comment by Leesa Sharpe on October 16, 2015 at 11:01

Sophie Broomgrove Junior School

Who was calling my name? I looked around in dismay. Did I imagine it? I looked back towards the lions. One of them moved its head towards the house. Suddenly the other lion opened its mouth and a small piece of paper came out. I picked up the paper it stated “ENTER” I supposed the only thing I could do was enter was the house. I took a big step and a deep breath. I placed my hand on the door knob. The door squeaked. I took my hand off the door knob and the wind shut the door. I tried to open it but to my amazement it was locked. My palms got sweaty and my heart pounded with fright, my mouth was dry and my tongue was like sandpaper. What was I to do, find a way out or take a tour round the house ? I decided to take a tour of the house but what did the lion want me to see? I  took small steps and walked slowly up the stairs where there was a small plain room. I walked in but just then I saw a shadow cross the wall. Suddenly the door shut. Whatever happens I wasn’t the only one in the house…..


Comment by Leesa Sharpe on October 16, 2015 at 13:43

Amelia Broomgrove Juniors

I looked behind me there was someone there – I could hear breathing heavily - but I couldn’t see who they were. The room was dark. Maybe they were dressed in black or maybe they were hiding. Then suddenly saw a flash of skin. It was a hand and it was grasping something tightly. I ran as fast as I could up the stairs but I could hear footsteps coming up behind me and they sounded like they came from somebody that had large feet – that meant somebody big!  I came across a room filled with rubbish, so smashed through and slammed it shut behind me. Then I heard a cheeky laugh behind the door I heard a lock click. I was trapped! I held my breath and looked around me, frightened and looking for a way out. Suddenly I noticed a tiny door behind all the rubbish in the room. I had to crawl on my knees under the rubbish then I just had to figure out how I was going to get through the door because it was too small for me. I put my hand on the door scaredly I took it off then a boom I saw a flash and the door started to grow. After about a minute the door had grown taller than me then it stopped growing. On the other side I saw an amazing sight. It was a room full of baby stone lions, which all looked at me.


Comment by Jenny Noble on October 26, 2015 at 23:05

Their eyes glistened a startling blue colour. I saw a little window high up in the room. Using one of the baby lions as a leg up I scrambled up to the window. There was a 50 metre drop below me. I never knew I had climbed so high! Beneath me was a mega trampoline. I closed my eyes and… jumped! I landed in the splits! “Ouch”! I screamed. Since it was a mega trampoline I did a mega jump then a triple front flip onto the roof of my house! I open the latch in the roof that lead me to the attic, I then raced downstairs to tell Mum everything that had just happened. “Mum!!!” I shouted. I told her everything that happened. Even the bit about the mega trampoline. “Okay let’s call the police.” “Hello this is Constable Jeff.” “There is someone in the house across the road.” “Okay we will get on your case soon.” “Thankyou!” A few days later we got a call back. “Hello this is Constable Jeff talking. We have solved the case of the people living across the road from your house. There is a dangerous psychopath called Grace Misty who terrorises innocent children for fun. She created an illusion to take your child to another world but all the other things are reality. We are now taking her to court so you guys have nothing to worry about.” “Thank you officer for keeping my child safe.”

Imogen Brown & Emily Walter

St Mary's College

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