29/09/2014 Alan Gibbons

The ability to walk in a straight line is something we take for granted. You know, you swing your legs out of bed, stumble to the bathroom, wash your face. Easy. Only it isn't. Not for everybody. One morning, one of those sunny, birdsong, dawns, I woke up as usual, lowered my feet to the floor and….nothing. There was no strength in my legs. I couldn't force myself to my feet. What the hell was happening to me? There was no pain, no tingling, no sign that anything was wrong. It was just that I couldn't walk, not a step.


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I peered around the room. My mind spun. Where was I? This is not my room nor my house. The big room I was in had dozens of small, rickety beds with sleepy children being woken up by harsh looking female officers. One of the officers came up behind me. 

“Get up faul kind!” The woman spat. Her white hair was pulled tightly into a small bun at the back of her head and she had a swastika patch sewn onto her uniform. Nazi. She glanced at her clipboard and gruffly asked, “Emil Gluckman?”

“Yes ma’am.” I replied. I gulped, her big booming figure towered over me. 

“You must call me Frau Holstein in here.” She shouted. I shuddered. “Well then GET UP!”

“Yes Frau Holstein.” I replied, neglecting to mention that I couldn’t get up. What would I do? I just simply couldn’t get up at all. The room smelt funny, like human decay. The horrible smell swept up my nose and I gagged. I looked at the top of the door, squinting to read because of the darkness.

I gasped as I read the words.

Auschwitz boys room H7

Underneath it there was a report card.

To be delivered to the chamber in two days.

Lily and Paige

St Mary’s College, Hobart ,Australia

Comment by Annalise Taylor on September 29, 2014 at 8:46

So I quietly reached over the bedside and opened the sealed letter. I peeked with my eye and I saw the reports on how many people these sick people had gassed to death. Then I started panicking when I realised that I was going to be gassed to death at dawn.

Suddenly out of nowhere nurse Emil Gluckmen came towards me and gave me a syringe in the neck. I fell unconscious lying there like a dead pig. The next thing I knew was I became conscious and I had realized that I had been transferred to a hospital. They had moved me to a hospital because my legs were not functioning well. Can you believe that those people moved me to a hospital only to have me killed the way they want me to die? After that I look around my room. I realised that I had another two people in my room. They looked like twins. They looked as if brave was their last name by the way they acted when the nurse came in.


Max and Kenzy,

International Community School, London

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"Good morning nurse, have you come to give me my delicious breakfast?" one of them cried out merrily to the stern looking woman. She didn't reply, just approached them one by one and gave them an injection of a clear looking fluid. After she left I smiled at them tentatively and introduced myself. "Our names are Hans & Joe, good to meet then, how are we going to escape, do you have any ideas?!"Escape? The thought hadn't crossed my mind, surely that was impossible.....or was it?

Bev Humphrey

Write Path Founder

Comment by Karen King - Oakbank School on September 29, 2014 at 11:11

I thought hard, as I looked anxiously around my room. I couldn’t see anywhere to escape. All the windows had bars on them. After 5 minutes the nurse approached my bed I tried to slither under my duvet, however for some strange reason I couldn’t even move a muscle. My heart began to beat really fast…

Am I paralysed, or is it just an illusion? Is it just me that can’t move? Are we all trapped? All these questions and more were buzzing around my head! I didn’t even realise that the nurse was injecting this gooey substance in my body. My head began to whirl, my vision went blurry, I ached all over and now I couldn’t feel my arms either. What has this nurse done to me?

I was missing my family very much, a figure hovered over my bed, and it looked quite familiar.  I had seen loads of pictures of this person in my house. Wait, is that… my FATHER!

“Father, Is that you?” I stammered. “This is impossible, y..y..your d..dead, but I knew that my eyes couldn’t deceive me it was definitely him. Unfortunately my father died when I was born but I have never been told why.  “Son I know nobody has ever told you how I died. I died the exact same way you are about to. The Nazis are out to get us considering we are Jews. You must escape it’s a tragic death I tell you, leave now as soon as you can…”

By Sky and Aarouj, Oakbank School, Keighley

Comment by Lynda Marett, CTK Preston on September 29, 2014 at 13:01

When I woke up, I thought I was dead; But Hans and Joe were in the room. Now I was determined to escape with the twins. Not one thing or person was going to stop me. 

I took my surroundings in. We were in a different room, a bigger room than before. This time, I was hooked up to an I.V feed. I could hear the nurses talking faintly in the background. I listened intently and told the twins to be extra quiet.

“What are they talking about?” Inquired Hans a bit loudly.

“ If you shut up, Emil will hear what is going on, you idiot!” Said Joe.

“Both of you just shut it!” I hissed. I listened really hard now.

“The boy Emil is nearly ready for the injection, but he needs his heart beat to be weaker. If his heart beat is over 56 BPM, he can fight the injection and we don’t want that now, do we?”

“But what about the twins?” Asked the other nurse.

What are they talking about?

“The twins are….”

By Nadia Suleman and Joshua Thornley.   

Christ The King Catholic Maths And Computing College, 

Lancashire, Uk.

Comment by R Buckland on September 29, 2014 at 14:12

“….Not even close to 56 BPM. They get gassed in an hour.” They said it like it was coming. They are counting down. They have control over them. There is no hope for them now, they might as well give up.

As Emil listened he knew that their life was in balance it was either life or death, him coming up with a genius idea or two young people losing their lives. He had no choice but to break the news to them.

“Joe, Hans I have something to tell you… You are going to DIE!” Emil said in a wobbling voice.

“We need to escape! We have no choice we have to!” Screamed the twins in shock.

A nurse walked in. The twins blood went cold. Emil couldn’t look. He knew what was coming. He was about to see what no other human being would have seen. Two young Jewish boys that have a bright future in front of them are about to be killed with no family and no warning. This is horrible I can’t even look.

  I open my eyes I don’t see any beds other than mine. They are gone. I’m scared. My minutes are running out. I can’t believe this. Why the heck is this happening to me? Why do they hate me? Why does everything have to happen to me?

Suddenly the nurse walked in, I realised that I am living the last moments of my life just thinking about it made my heart beat faster she came closer I knew I was about to die. The needle was about to touch me as it pearsed through  my skin I noticed that I was alive the liquid didn’t work but why, why was he still alive this makes no sense why did the twins die and not him that is a mystery that will never be answered…………….

By: Davan Allan and Kamila Blazekova

Ripley St Thomas CE Academy, England

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