29/09/2014 Steve Hartley

 Amy Warburton sooooooo wanted to win the school’s Most Unusual Pet competition. The trouble was, she didn’t have a pet – usual or unusual. 

There were also some good contenders.

Vicky Jones had a dog with no hair called Shiver.

Bethany Baldwin had a stick insect called Harry.

Anthony Dingle had a butterfly cocoon hanging from a twig in a jam jar. It wasn’t called anything.

Daniel Black said he had a bat called Drac, but no one had ever seen it. He said that was because it only ever came out at night. 

“I bet my stick insect wins the prize,” boasted Bethany.

“No it won’t,” said Amy, before she could stop herself. “Because my pet will.”

Bethany pulled a face. “You haven’t got a pet.”

“I have,” insisted Amy. “I’ve got a . . .

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Comment by WP Central on September 29, 2014 at 6:59

“I’ve got a Snoodleplong!”

“A what?” Bethany asked. “It doesn’t even exist!” 

Amy was VERY mad. “It is real!” she exclaimed, annoyed. ”In fact, I’ll prove it to you!” she said.

 “Four years ago, when my dad was on an adventure in Snoodleplaria he came across a new species. At first he thought it was a dog, but then it changed into a tiger and then back into a dog again.

“He took it to a lab and they found out it had a special gene that allowed it to change into any animal. But it was a tad uncontrollable. So he gave it a special collar, and called it a Snoodleplong. He then gave it to me to keep.”

Bethany was quiet for a second and then said “Liar liar pants on fire. You’re a liar and you know it.”  “It’s true!” Amy screamed. “I’ll …….

Emily, Lily and Imogen

St. Mary’s College, Hobart, Australia

Comment by Annalise Taylor on September 29, 2014 at 8:34

If I had a snoodleplong, Amy thought, it would be the most unusual pet. But snoodleplong’s don’t exist. Amy felt a bit scared that her friends would tease her.

“Mom, I want a pet,” said Amy.

“No you can’t have a pet,” said Amy’s mom.

“Why not?” Amy asked.

“Because they’re too much work.”

“But mom there is a pet competition at school,” said Amy.

“Tell me more,” answered Mom.

“It’s about the most unusual pet, and I told my friends …

Kate Fuller

International Community School, London

Comment by WP Central on September 29, 2014 at 9:53

"Oh Amy why did you tell them that? The snoodleplong story I told you when you were small was just that - a story. And anyway a special collar wouldn't work, we tried that...oh I didn't mean to say that, just ignore me!" Amy's mum was very flustered and had gone very red "Now then what would you like for tea, dad will be home soon" Amy was incredulous, could snoodleplong's be real? what if her dad really did find a new species - that would be just awesome! She heard a key turn in the front door and ran to confront him "Dad, dad are snoodleplongs real??? Are they??? You must let me see one!" Her dad sighed and said "Ah I knew I would have to explain one day Amy but i hoped to keep my work a secret for longer than this. Come and sit down whilst mum makes us a cup of tea and I'll tell you ........."

Bev Humphrey

Write Path Founder 

Comment by Karen King - Oakbank School on September 29, 2014 at 10:58

“The snoodleplong I found was real but I didn’t find it in Snoodleplaria I didn’t find it at all…” he said in a quiet voice. “Then how did you get the snoodleplong” Amy asked.

 Dad replied ; “It was a lab experiment gone wrong. “

“YOU WORK IN A LAB!” Amy shouted,  “That is awesome!”

“Yeah it’s awesome “Amy’s dad exclaimed. “So as I was saying we were working on a dog, trying to make it run really fast and have super strength, but we made a dog that can change into different animals.  I called it a snoodleplong and told you the fake story.” Amy’s dad explained.

“Do you still have the snoodleplong? Amy questioned.” If you do it would make me win the competition!!! You see I told my friend in school I got a pet for a competition in school but now I have a pet, don’t I?”

“Well, not exactly, I mean, I’m not exactly sure where it is. Exactly. Right now.”

“ How am I going to get a pet if you’ve lost it?” shrieked Amy.

 Dad shrugged his shoulders and thought for moment, then suddenly remembered.

 “While I was putting my finishing touches to my masterpiece, also known as the snoodleplong, I put a GPS system on the it, I think I can get the coordinates on my computer.” Dad rushed to his lab hoping to still find his computer there but he saw his computer was gone from the lab. He never imagined his computer could be stolen from a secure lab, how could he track the snoodleplong now?…

By Drew & Samir, Oakbank School, Keighley

Comment by Lynda Marett, CTK Preston on September 29, 2014 at 12:56

Amy’s dad rang all his colleagues and tried to find out if anyone knew about his laptop. No one knew anything, but one of his colleagues offered to track the laptop down with the GPS system that all the lab laptops have.  His colleague tracked it down and it was at Bethany’s house. Amy was so furious, she and her dad went to Bethany’s house and demanded the laptop back. A huge fight started between Bethany’s dad and Amy’s dad. Amy’s dad punched Bethany’s dad and said “ If you didn’t know, it is illegal to go into laboratory’s  and steal the employees belongings. I could take this issue to court and get you well done but I’ll leave it at this. If anything like this happens again I’m telling you, you won’t survive!”

Amy and her dad left. They hurried back to their house with the laptop. They sat down at the dining table, and called her mum over. They filled her in on all the details. After that, Amy’s dad quickly went on the laptop to access the GPS system. He soon saw that the Snoodleplong was in the jungle which was about 20 minutes from them. They set off for the jungle… 

When they arrived at the jungle the Snoodleplong suddenly jumped at them and licked their faces.  Amy’s dad said, “Well that didn’t take much hunting did it” Amy shrieked “YAYYY, we’ve found it!” …

By Saarah and Eniko. Christ the King Catholic Maths and Computing College, Preston

Comment by R Buckland on September 29, 2014 at 14:05

Screamed Amy. She ran up to the Snoodleplong and hugged it. Not realizing how she will actually get back home in ten minutes before dinner went cold. Whilst they would have to tempt it to come home with them. There was only one way to do it with a chocolate bar! Amy waved the chocolate bar In front of the Snoodleplongs face but it didn’t move a millimetre. Amy’s dad said “Snoodleplong hamster … now would be good” in a flash of fur the Snoodleplong turned into a hamster at will and then all they had to do was lift it up and go home. But now from all that time they wasted their dinner had gone cold. So they would have to microwave it!

The next day at the schools most unusual pet competition the load speakers stated “and the prize goes to Amy and her Snoodle thing.” but then Amy cried “SNOODLEPLONG!”

Not only had Amy won the competition she also received a new pet.

By George Hickingbotham and Jason Roberts

Ripley St Thomas Academy, Lancaster UK  

Comment by Carola Webber on September 30, 2014 at 0:59

Congratulations writers. I really loved the Snoodleplong was inspired!

Comment by Lynda Marett, CTK Preston on September 30, 2014 at 14:58

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