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Ronnie was a dog of great intelligence.  He could ‘fetch’, ‘sit’, ‘lie’ and even ‘jump’ to order.  He knew how to persuade his best friend, Sal, to give him food and drink - or to take him for a walk any time he felt like it.  Oh yes, he had his owner, twelve year-old Sal, wrapped around his giant paw.

Sal was only nine when she picked Ronnie out from a litter of tiny pups at the house of a friend of her mum’s.  Ronnie was a bloodhound – black and tan with long floppy ears, rolls of saggy skin hanging round his thick neck and doleful eyes that pretended to be stupid, but actually kept an eye on everything.

Ronnie soon got the nickname ‘sleuth-hound’ for his brilliance at finding lost keys, socks, mobile phones or even Sal’s dad’s nose-hair clippers, which had somehow got dropped behind the back of the cooker.  Sal’s dad had desperately wanted her to choose a dachshund or a poodle - a dog that wouldn’t be trouble or take up much space, but neither Sal nor her dad had any idea just how glad they’d be, one hot summer’s day in August, that their beloved sleuth-hound wasn’t just a fantastic hunting dog, but also that he had supernaturally good hearing...


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Comment by WP Central on September 29, 2014 at 6:55

…and he could fly. No one knew Ronnie, or ‘sleuth-hound’, had powers. It was Sal who was the most shocked. They were chasing a rabbit, and Ronnie couldn’t catch up. Then, out of nowhere, he just flew. He just floated in mid-air and got the rabbit. But the most surprising thing was… he talked.

“I say, I say, what a good catch!” he said in a gruff voice.

Sal fainted.

Two days later…

After that queer day, he talked a lot, and Sal found he had other powers. Invisibility, x-ray vision, camouflage… you name it! But soon, Ronnie ran away, only to fall into the evil hands of Dr. Maniac, a scientist who caught Ronnie to become rich. 

Ronnie was scared.

He had to think of a plan to escape.

What could he do? He had to think.

Then he remembered… 

By Lara V, Alyssa, and Neve 

St. Mary’s College, Hobart, Australia


Comment by Annalise Taylor on September 29, 2014 at 8:44

That Dr.Maniac didn’t have any super powers but Ronnie was too scared to make a decision about which super power he was going to use but before he could choose, Dr. Maniac took Ronnie to a big van where he put Ronnie and took him to a Maximum super dog prison in the outskirts of a city in Russia. When they reached the prison Ronnie saw that he had no chance of escaping. as they walked to the prison door Dr. maniac took out a Taser from his back pocket and tazed Ronnie. It was midnight when Ronnie woke up he was shocked to see that he was surrounded by 7 or 8 dog faces. Then one of the dogs faces screamed fire in the hole!!!  

Libbi and Sam, International Community School, London

Comment by WP Central on September 29, 2014 at 9:25

Poor Ronnie was very scared until he realised there wasn't in fact a fire - the dog that screamed was apparently having a hallucination caused by the knock out drug he'd been given by the Dr to make him more docile. "What's going on, why are we here?" Ronnie barked at a pretty little spaniel lying near to him. "You've been dognapped" she barked back, "The man needs us to experiment on, he has designed a mind control drug that he's going to use to take over the world but he wants to try it out on us first. We won't ever see the outside world again". She began to howl mournfully. "It's ok, oh yes we will" Ronnie woofed firmly "I just have to work out how I'm going to get us all out of here together".....

Bev Humphrey

Write Path Founder

Comment by Karen King - Oakbank School on September 29, 2014 at 10:42

All of a sudden his mind clicked; his invisibility power! Ronnie remembered that when he first got caught that the maniac thought that the pound was haunted. He used this idea to his advantage – this could be the group’s chance to freedom. He gathered his brave, courageous, dominant troops together and formed an impenetrable plan that no maniac could think of. As fast as a speeding bullet, Ronnie ran up the steps leading to the run- of- the- mill watch tower and made himself invisible, ready for the plan to start. He crept inside the maniac’s fort and started turning the light on and off to scare the maniac. The plan worked! The maniac screamed and sprinted out of the watch tower as fast as his legs could carry him and burst out of the gate! In all the commotion the maniac accidently left the gate open! So the dogs took the advantage and ran to their freedom. But when they ran around the street corner, the maniac was there wielding a Taser, ready to attack again…..

By Caitlin and Kai, Oakbank School, Keighley

Comment by Lynda Marett, CTK Preston on September 29, 2014 at 12:58

As fast as lightening, Dr Maniac tasered all of the dogs, but fortunately Ronnie was still invisible. Dr Maniac grabbed all of the dogs with his dirty hands and threw them into the back of his black van. Then he threw in a sleeping drug bomb. Ronnie sneakily ran into the van without noticing that Dr Maniac had thrown in a drug. All of a sudden his powers were weakened. BANG! Dr Maniac slammed the door shut and locked the van.

Poor Ronnie and the rest of the dogs were trapped inside and had no escape. Ronnie tried looking around at his surroundings but everything was black. He tried using his x-ray vision power but he was too weak. He fell asleep wondering,  What was going to happen next…

Christ the King Maths and Computing College.

By Aisha & Suriya                                

Comment by R Buckland on September 29, 2014 at 14:14

Ronnie woke up, he was no-longer in the dark, shadowy van. But instead, he was in small cage with thick metal bars surrounding him. He sat up but his head banged against the top of the cage.

          “Ouch! That hurt!” Cried Ronnie. Then he immediately lowered his head, hoping that no-one had realized he had spoken human language. But it was too late! One of the doctors had already turned around and was looking in Ronnie’s direction. He walked over and bent down and stared Ronnie in the eyes.

          “Was that you?” he asked gently.

Ronnie didn’t dear to speak, he was too scared, he merely let out a little whine and lied down again. Almost in the same second, Ronnie x-rayed the cage. He leaped out , and x-rayed at the experimenting equipment. The mad doctor came after him, but his assistant grabbed his arm.

          “What you are doing is wrong, let them go!”

          “No.” he bellowed.

The assistant made a snap decision and revised the cages and let all the dogs out.

Ronnie and all the dogs ran out in to distance. They had won the battle!

          By Amy Zhang and Jessica Rose Cummings

Ripley St Thomas CE Academy, England

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