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Jamie had been staying at the hotel for a week when his sister disappeared. 

It was the last day of their holiday, in fact, and the McDare family were all looking forward to getting home. Blasted by the North Sea, the ramshackle inn was so damp and cold that even the spiders sat frozen in their webs. Why on earth mum had booked them into this dusty old dump was beyond Jamie. The name alone ought to have put her off: The Witch’s Imp!

On their first night, Mr Flynn, the white-haired, whispery-voiced owner had leaned over the table where the McDares had been slurping their soup and, without invitation, told them the tale of the hotel’s first ever guest. Mrs Raddlekeep had been her name. One hundred and fifty years ago, the old lady had arrived at this out-of-the-way hotel, then just open for business, and in her curiously large suitcase she had brought with her a certain strange and terrible pet…

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Comment by WP Central on September 29, 2014 at 7:00

It was a Tibbar. His name was Alan. Jamie was suspended in thought as Mr. Flynn continued to tell the story of the Tibbar. Mr. Flynn described the Tibbar to Jamie.  “It was a reasonably average sized animal, with horns as big as an elephant’s trunk, a tail as small as a safety pin and teeth as sharp as a Barlican.” “A Barlican?” Asked Jamie. “Yes a Barlican.” Jamie was confused as to why an animal that sounds so sweet could be described as a strange and terrible pet.  After the story had finished Mr. Flynn started to walk away, then he quickly turned and said “Be careful Children or one of you might disappear. And then he vanished……

Brianna and Florence, 

St Mary’s College Hobart, Australia 


Comment by Annalise Taylor on September 29, 2014 at 8:47

Suddenly the children went nuts, they saw that Mr. Flynn had suddenly vanished and his clothes had fallen to the ground. Jamie rushed frantically to Mr. Flynn’s mansion apartment on his bike, when he got there he knocked on the door like there was no tomorrow. Mr. Flynn’s wife opened the door and Jamie was blabbering words as Mr. Flynn’s wife started to realise that this was important. They both sat in the apartment and talked about the vanishing. They later called the nearest detective possible: Detective Paul came to find some clues, they told the story to Paul and went over to McDares house to see the crime scene. As Paul was walking around …

Mannie and Konrad, International Community School, London

Comment by WP Central on September 29, 2014 at 9:12

he noticed some strange marks on the floor. They were evenly spaced apart and were about as large as a child' s hand, they almost looked like paw prints but not from any animal he'd ever seen. The inn felt strangely cold, and Paul shivered, feeling cold even though he was wearing a heavy  coat and scarf. he examined Mr Flynn's clothes and they appeared to be covered in some sort of viscous substance, stringy and wet almost looked like......drool!

Bev Humphrey

Write Path Founder

Comment by Karen King - Oakbank School on September 29, 2014 at 11:08

Jamie had a bad feeling about what he just saw but he had to help. Flowing free from the restraint that was holding Jamie   back from finding his  sister it was fear. Still he was going to find her. Nothing would stop Jamie from solving the mystery before him.  Mrs Flynn was so creepy, but Jamie knew none of the animals her husband had talked about were real, and he was more concerned about his own missing sister.

Retracing his sister Jane’s steps and Jamie recalled she was last seen in the weird hotel that he dreaded. Jamie begged and pleaded for the maid to let him explore the creepy en suite that stayed in the previous night. Checking every crick and cranny when he found an unusual door in the floor. Did he dare enter the unsettling space?

Eventually he stepped in with all his senses aware of the tragedy that could happen. With no lights or sun it was pitch black and he could see nothing but the way out. He put his hands out to find a brick wall, or that is what he thought, and he pushed it and loads of weird creatures came swarming out. Going in to the new room he had just encountered he stepped cautiously to find he was trapped…

By Elisha and Charlotte, Oakbank School, Keighley

Comment by Lynda Marett, CTK Preston on September 29, 2014 at 13:04

Suddenly he was sucked into a rapidly vortex, a parallel universe. He went back up the stairs, back into the room and saw his sister lying there in bed. He was relieved to see his sister and ran to the bottom of the bed with tears of joy. Jamie went to hug his sister and she thought he was nuts. 

“Who are you, why are you in my room?” Jane whispered. 

“I’m your brother stupid you came to my happy 16” Jamie exclaimed  “Is this a joke, who put you up to this? My mother miscarried 16 years ago I have never had a brother! I think you should leave. He left in a state of shock and started asking himself questions. 

Where am I? Just as he spoke, the Demon came to hunt…

Ryan and Zayn  Christ The King Maths And Computing College

Comment by R Buckland on September 29, 2014 at 14:11

He started to run as fast as his feet would carry him. He realised the corridor that lead from Jane’s room lead to a dead end. Just when he was starting to panic he saw a big wooden door. He ran towards it then clutched the handle and stepped out not looking back. HE FELL!!!!!!Down he went in a whirl of excitement and as quickly as it had started it stopped .He was in a ginormous field that he vaguely recognised. Then it hit his mind this was the field he first went camping in with his family when he was young. He heard the demons feet thudding behind him. He picked himself up and ran again thinking about the hiding place he had known since he had first been there as a small boy. As he hid he noticed a note carved into a log which said “whoever you are, if you want to escape this world you do not know, then find a leaf of thyme that can only be found on Piccadilly hill. Rub it three times on your wrist. Good Luck!” Jamie recognised the writing he knew it was his sisters, then he realised they were in the same situation. He made sure that the demon was not in sight and then he set off on his long journey to Piccadilly hill. It took him three days to reach Piccadilly hill, when he did reach it he saw a leaf shining in the sunshine. He picked it and rubbed it three times on his wrist. Suddenly everything went black and he fell once again. He was in his garden. He saw his sister, ran towards her and hugged her. He was so happy.


By Rosemary Park and Maisie Shaw

 Ripley St Thomas CE Academy, England

Comment by Lorraine French on September 30, 2014 at 14:05

Once again I manage to burst up to the surface again. I don’t know how I am still alive. Should I be dead, or is it my destiny to live? ‘’Faith? Faith!’’ What is that voice, calling my name, calling me? I turn around as my mother’s voice echoes painfully through my heart. I feel like I’ve been stabbed. Mum’s beautiful auburn hair encircles her perfect face like a halo. I want to run towards her, but something doesn’t seem right. She looks like my mum, sounds like my mum, even whiffs of her rosy lavender scent! But she’s not. She’s too much like my mum. She looks too much like her, sounds too much like her, smells too much like her. Who is this imposter? No, what is it? I love my mum, well I did before she died. Nancy Blue, that was her name. She used to use our surname as a nickname for me when I was younger, although I never knew why. Maybe it was her I heard calling ‘’Blue, Blue’’, yes, it must of been. I’m losing consciousness. I must stay in the real world, not in dreams and visions. Suddenly, with a great surge of strength, I swam with immense speed towards the boat, even though my life on that thing had been a living nightmare. Anything would be better than what I am experiencing right this moment. Once I am on the ship I leap into a barrel to hide. I need to start a new life, so no one can find me. I’ll never know what those creatures are, or why they destroyed everything and everyone I love. Or will I...?

Sophie & Martha Trinity School

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