30/09/2013 Eleanor Updale

The school had been empty for months, but everything was still in place.  There was no point stealing computers or whiteboards now. Even the library had been left alone. I flicked through a glossy history book.  It made me laugh.  All that time and money wasted fighting for oil and gold.  They hadn't seen it coming.  No one guessed that the biggest war of all would be over water, and that when we lost, everything would change. I pushed on the door to the hall. Something on the other side stopped it opening. I looked through the keyhole. I had never seen anything like it...

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Comment by Lynne Coppendale on September 30, 2013 at 9:30

There was still a person inside it. But not an ordinary person, it wore black and white and it wore a dress. I don’t know what it was, but it was scary. I tried to open the door again but it wouldn’t open so I shouted to the weird person and it disappeared…

I really wanted to know what it was. So went outside, and thought what it could be.

But when I went outside no one was there, so I ran back home and went to get something to eat and there were more of the strange people and one spoke to me.

“Hello my name is Victoria and I’m here in your house to tell something bad is going to happen?” I didn’t know what to say but I was shocked. What do these people want and why are they here. Something bad has already happened. We are fighting for water. Is that not bad enough. “I have already had a bad experience but why are you here?” I said.

“My friend and I come to see you. You can save your world and my world. So would you help us and in return we will give you water.”

Romy White, Danum Academy, Doncaster

Comment by Sue Parr on September 30, 2013 at 10:43

“What are you?” I asked, bursting with curiosity.

Victoria replied, “I am from a different universe and I have been sent down on a mission to look for living objects like trees and plants for our planet lives off carbon dioxide.”

“You’re an alien!” I exclaimed.

“So, will you give us trees and plants?”

“Yes, I am sure I can give you some, but how will you give us water in return?”

Victoria looked at the ground and mumbled, she looked very guilty.  I looked at her hard and asked, “What have you done?”

There was a sudden burst of light and Victoria spun into the ground and left a hole in the ground and from that hole, a creature emerged. It was scaly, green and slimy.  I could hear Victoria’s voice in my head saying, “If you do not give us trees and plants, we will wipe out human kind and keep the water that we took in the first place.”

I gasped and knew Victoria was evil and so was her race. 


Fizza, Lucy, Marie-Helene, Nimaya       Y6 Heathfield School for Girls


Comment by WP Central on September 30, 2013 at 12:11

Victoria’s voice then disappeared out of my head but left many

questions, how could they? Why would they? I heard footsteps outside

and then my father entered the room carrying a container with enough

water to last us a week then he would leave and walk the same distance

of 38 miles for water like he had been for the last four years. It is just me

and him now, it used to be one happy family me, my mother, father and

brother. My mother died in the panic shortly after this war started, a time

so dark where every last drop water from our cities supply was bottled

and stored., although this only lasted a couple of months because

shortly after the city’s residences got up and moved to the nearest

supply and with them the town’s life. My mother was really ill at this time

so there was no way we could join them, but then a year into the war

she was gone. As for my brother he went off to fight and was a hero and

still is but no one has seen him since the drought. I go outside giving

my father a hug before I leave and head to Leaders Peak, a place I used

to go with my friends Lucy and Adam before the war, we would sit there

for hours talking about how someday we would drive around America to

Hollywood and then to Texas but there is no time to think about that now

it’s time to save mankind…… AGAIN !

Chantelle, West Kirby Residential School

Comment by Samantha Donnelly on September 30, 2013 at 13:46
Our first thought of action was to call in the elite squad of Navy Seals to help fight the vicious monster. So the day came for our plan to finally come together and the Navy Seals didn’t want to stay at the house so we decided to go to the old school and we went to the hall and set up their tents. Suddenly, there was loud BANG from the old kitchen… so we went to investigate and the door slammed shut behind us we tried opening it again but it just wouldn’t budge so we tried kicking it down… it still wouldn’t move. All around us there was strange noises coming from all directions. One by one the bricks fell ; there was a bright light coming from an eerie old shed which suddenly fell then it revealed a mutated apple tree with green apples… we thought back to the time where we were in the house with an ugly, green, scaly, slimy blob. She must have come back to haunt us from the dead. We tried to run but everywhere we looked was blocked by either big thick vines or old horrible apple trees… we were trapped. We tried getting rid of by shooting it with guns… it didn’t work we threw grenade but again it didn’t give way. We tried to run through the rooms but there was no escape we tried to smash the windows but they wouldn’t crack. We were trapped… we needed help…
Jimmy And Josh
Sandbach School

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