30/09/2013 Sally Nicholls

When I looked in the mirror on Monday, I'm sure my reflection blinked at me.

But that's impossible. 

Isn't it?

When I looked in the mirror on Tuesday, it stuck out its tongue.

Which was definitely peculiar.

When I looked in the mirror on Wednesday, my reflection was gone.

Was it some sort of trick? They do it with mirrors, my granny used to say.

But then I heard a noise behind me ...

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Comment by Lynne Coppendale on September 30, 2013 at 9:42

The noise was like a growl I spun around but nothing was behind me. Then I looked in the mirror. There was a plain with fire pits and in the middle was a pure black wolf with blood red eyes. Its teeth were like ivory and looked as sharp as knives and in the wolf’s mouth was an arm. Then the full picture appeared; my family were around the wolf in pieces, murdered, incapacitated with pools of blood.

 A knock on the door forced me to look away from the mirror and my gran entered but she had blood on her sleeve.  My heart started to pound as I saw the wolf again. Seeing my alarm my gran said “It’s only a small cut, stop over reacting Arya.”  I turned to the mirror but all I saw was my reflection smiling at me, no wait, smirking as if it knew something I didn’t. Gran was still watching me. She said “Arya why are you smirking child? Honestly.” I was shocked she could see my reflection. It was gone. In the mirror now was a wardrobe and a knock imitated from the wardrobe. As the door swung open I saw myself but it was like I was a ghost. The ghost was pale and had pearly blue eyes and caramel coloured hair. It’s hand were small with dainty fine nails and had the same amazing outfit on as me. Then it disappeared and me and my gran returned in the mirror.

I saw in the mirror grans face but it was different, gone was the kindness in her jade green eyes. Her mouth was pressed into a cold hard line. Gran saw the reflection of her and gasped and fell to the floor clutching her heart. “Arya, destroy that mirror now.” Gran commanded. I turned to the mirror when the reflection of me in the mirror’s hand reached out and pulled me into the mirror. To the wolf’s waiting jaws. It was so hot here and then I was startled when the wolf laughed. “I have waited a long time for you.” It said as I looked around. I saw no parts of my family but I was in a meadow by a castle. “Welcome to the mirror that shows your future. I am Axiavier your guide in this place your home I am also thought a ghost.”  When I looked up what I saw broke my heart into a million pieces…

Rayanne Basley-Cox and Gemma Cawdron, Danum Academy, Doncaster

Comment by Sue Parr on September 30, 2013 at 10:47

I saw myself hanging. Dead. My body was oozing with crimson blood. Standing beside my dead body was a person, I couldn’t tell who it was. The mysterious figure turned around. It was Gran! She was holding a silver knife covered in blood, drops of which splashed onto the ground. She stuck the knife into my heart. I dropped to my knees, my eyes filling with tears. My gran had murdered me. I turned around, Axiavier was laughing… an evil laugh, the wolf’s head was thrown back, echoing in this world and the cruel sound was stuck in my head.

Ella, Ria, Siyona and Soraya, Y6, Heathfield School for Girls

Comment by WP Central on September 30, 2013 at 12:15

Suddenly in fear, I woke up clutching my heart in relief; it had all been a gruesome

nightmare! Lying there, in bed sweating in fear as the Horror in my mind faded

away. I started to worry, where my parents dead? Was my 6 year old brother, Hugo

ok? I looked over at Hugo sleeping soundly in his soft, safe bed. Relief flooded

over me. He was ok! I ran out of the door waking Hugo up in the process. Across

the landing. I flung open the door and ran into the darkness. As my eyes adjusted

to the dark, I found the light switch and turned on the bright light to wake my tired

parents ……….

Jonny & Vicky, West Kirby Residential School

Comment by Samantha Donnelly on September 30, 2013 at 13:38
As I stared down at the bedroom, all I could see were empty bed sheets, with the smell of sweat on them. My heart skipped a beat… Where were they? Horrified I rushed back to Hugo’s room to wake him.
“Hugo, Hugo?” I whispered in anxiety. No answer. I leant over to nurture him. His arm was stone cold; as I started turning him over, it struck me. He wasn’t asleep, he was dead. Dead in my arms, I kneeled down to scream but nothing came out. I just glanced at the rotting corpse; looked at his brutal wounds. He had a gruesome slit throat and a paralysing broken neck. I saw a crumbled piece of jagged paper inside his bloody wound. The paper had some sort of message on it, as if the psychopath wanted me to see it. Horror-stricken, I carefully and shakily started ripping the dead flesh of my brother to reveal the note. I swiped the bloody flesh off the paper to read:
“Hello Arya,
I have been watching your every move for the past few weeks and now I want my life back. I am your long lost twin. It was me in the mirror, I killed OUR family and I’m going to get revenge. Our parents abandoned me at a young age because I had a mental illness. Our Gran has been helping me and she’ll kill you!
Love Anya”
I turned to see my Gran holding a shiny butcher’s knife at my throat…

Jenson & Oscar Sandbach School

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