30/09/2014 Andy Robb

The alarm went off, sounding strangely distant. As he had done every Monday since he’d started school, Charlie Thompson sat up in his bed with his eyes shut, desperately delaying that moment when he had to admit to himself that he was awake and had to embrace the day ahead.

Only, this morning, things were a little different. Instead of sitting up and blinking in the morning light, Charlie’s head came into contact with something hard and cold.

“Ow!” he muttered, dropping back into the pillows and clutching his face. After taking a second to check that he was OK, Charlie opened his eyes. And blinked.

All he could see was the bedroom ceiling – which is nothing unusual in itself. However, this morning, the bedroom ceiling was no more than six inches away from his nose. Pulling the pillows aside, Charlie looked over to where his bedside desk should be – only to see the top of his wardrobe. Squirming under the covers, he looked over his right shoulder.

Charlie Thompson, with pillows and sheets, was floating two metres above his bed.

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Comment by Adam Lancaster on September 30, 2014 at 9:29

And that wasn't it. Not by any stretch of the imagination. As if floating two metres above his bed wasn't bad enough Charlie was extremely late for the most important day of his life. He knew this because glancing down he could see his phone flashing like a neon sign the time. 10.30am. It shouted it at him almost mockingly as if to remind him of the promise he had made and was about to break just because he wasn't capable of keeping control of his abilities. Jay Monk's Walk

Comment by Jayne Davidson, WHHS, UK on September 30, 2014 at 11:09
He closed his eyes and said to himself,”I can do it. can do it. I can do it”, Then he slowly drifted down to the surface of his room floor .many thoughts were going through his head as he tied his shoe laces, he looked back at his house as he headed off to school. He strolled into his classroom shamefully, he was so embarrassed and then he felt his whole body tingling, “Uh oh, not again” Charlie’s feet lifted off the ground and he thumped his head on the ceiling, the whole classed laughed at him, he tried to bow his head in shame but he couldn’t, his body was straight, he was so embarrassed .

Harry & Tom
West Hatch
Comment by N Francis on September 30, 2014 at 11:51

How could he get rid of the shame that dwelled upon him, like a spell? As his face got redder and redder, the chairs and tables started to lift off the ground one by one to join him. He suddenly remembered all the spells he had been taught. He could do it. He knew he could. Then he muttered a spell under his breath, as he did this, slowly but surely the tables and chairs started to lower down to the classroom floor once again, just as he had hoped. That evening, as he lay in his bed reading his favourite book, he replayed the scene in his mind just like a movie over and over again. And it was at that moment, he realised that he was telekinetic. “What a score! Just wait till I tell Mum and Dad about this!” As he said this to himself, the door creaked open.  His little sister strolled in, sucking her thumb. “What you doing?” she said repeatedly while rising on her haunches. “Thinking about school.” he lied. “Oh.” she said. Disappointed she gave her brother a hug and whispered “Dinner is ready! And, um, oh, what was it? Ah, yes, I remember now.  Mum wants to talk to you about something. Dad’s home!” As she said this she hurried downstairs to meet her Dad. Once she had opened the door, she realised something was up with her Dad. What was it? …”Help me” he said then he cluttered to the ground…


Orla and Jack.

Saint Benedicts School.

Comment by Paula Ward on September 30, 2014 at 12:59

“Char…Charlie? Help! It’s Dad…” a wavering voice called from downstairs. A thousand different thoughts ran through his mind at lightning speed; had his dad collapsed? No, surely not… his father was a strong man. Or was he? What about his dodgy knee? It always seemed to play up at irregular times...

Brushing these possibilities away, he scurried down the stairs as fast as his scrawny legs could carry him. Charlie felt his heart catch in his mouth as he saw the chaos unfolding before his eyes; his Dad lay motionless on the scratchy carpet of their hallway, his arms locked by his side like some sort of possessed creature. A sudden wave of oppression and alarm seemed to wash over him, a tidal wave of pain; he felt the need escape the matter, and in that moment, he found himself darting out the front door.

As he came to a sudden halt at the end of the road, he questioned his actions; what had brought him to flee from his family like that in a time of crisis? But he could no longer give thought to the situation, as his entire body immediately became overwhelmed with drowsiness. In that moment, Charlie slipped out of consciousness and into a dream.

“13131 days” spoke a familiar voice.

“On the 13th hour of your thirteen thousand, one hundred and thirty first day, you will inherit the powers of your kin.”

Charlie snapped back to reality; he knew what had happened to his father.”


Shika and Zoe, Robert May's School

Comment by Lorraine French on September 30, 2014 at 14:02

Sorrow filled Charlie’s heart and his brain was overwhelmed with questions of what had happened. “CHARLIE, CHARLIE COME BACK PLEASE!” A voice echoed in the background he HAD to go back for his families’ sake. Trying to find answers to all his questions, Charlie had to make a life changing choice to leave his family forever or to go home and deal with the consequences that faced him. Worrying thoughts echoed in his brain. He was puzzled by what had happened, his heart was telling him so many things he didn’t know what to believe. One thing he could believe is that his father was dead. Ambulances sped past him. A sense of fear tingled down his spine when the truth hit him like a ton of bricks. Charlie started to feel nauseous; did I kill my father?????

By Tabitha and Isabel, Trinity School

Comment by Lorraine French on September 30, 2014 at 15:20

Well done Everyone!

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