Are you thinking what I’m thinking?’ Jake asked with a sly smile on his face.
‘Too true!’ Julie frowned. ‘I always know what’s going on in your head!’
The twins stopped outside the boarded-up old house. The rusted iron gate was slightly open…almost beckoning the two eleven-year-olds to enter in.
‘Do you think they’re true…the rumours and the spooky stories?’
Julie looked even more serious than before. ‘I’m not sure about vampires and stuff like that. I think that’s just kids making things up; but the idea that someone weird might be living in there…well you never know.’
An icy chill ran down both children’s spines.
‘Well? Shall we take a look?’ Jake asked in a challenging way.
Julie hesitated…her sensible side arguing with her adventurous side. ‘Strictly out of bounds!’ her mother had said. But then again…just a little look… ‘Well…I suppose we could at least sneak up the path as far as the door…’


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Comment by Alison murtha on April 22, 2014 at 14:06

As the twins walked slowly up the old, dirty path they suddenly came to a halt. Julie said in a worried voice “Should we really do this, what if the rumours and stories are true and there are vampires and ghosts in there!”

“Don’t be a big baby,” said Jake convincingly, and much to Jakes surprise Julie and him  carried on walking. After a short while they came to the tall, hard wooden door. They stood speechless looking at the horror of the dirty, muddy garden. The door was rusty and hard to open but surprisingly without a word Jake opened the door. He opened it just enough to see a mans legs and big heavy boots. All of a sudden a mighty scream came from the old, ruin of a house! “RUN!” shouted Julie but it was too late, the man had got Jake by the collar and was dragging him kicking and screaming inside.

Julie stood in shock as tears rolled down her soft check. What would she do? Was the question running through her head, should she tell her mum or call the police or…an idea came to her she would save him and be a hero!

She came back home to her mum and told her that Jake was at a friends sleeping over and that he would be back in the morning. That was the first thing done!

Meanwhile inside the house the man had tied Jake to a chair and taped his mouth. Although Jake was in shock he had noticed a girl sat in the corner. She looked sad and, just like him, was tied to a chair. Jake wondered how long she had been stuck in the house with the dreadful man when all of a sudden; the man came in and shouted at Jake in an angry voice “You will not complain, move or do anything I do not want you to!”

Hours had passed and just when Jake had run out of hope a familiar face appeared at the dusty window. At once Jake knew who it was “Julie,” he tried to cried but as he had tape on his mouth it came out more like this “Jcnhulie.” She was holding on the window ledge for dear life but, as soon as she saw Jake, she found the strength to pull herself up and climb through the tiny crack in the window.

Julie franticly ran to Jake and hugged him as a result he wriggled and squirmed until, much to Jakes relief, she let go and untied him. She then turned to the girl who was in the corner and untied her too.

They were all stood still when all of a sudden the man busted through the door!

“CLIMB THROUGH THE WINDOW!” and they did they landed safely on the ground and ran as far away from the house as they could!


 As for the girl, Julie and Jake said she could live with them after they found out her parents had died, and they all vowed to never go back to the house for as long as they lived.

 By Freya

Comment by Alison murtha on April 22, 2014 at 14:11

As they walked up the old, cobbled path, which led to the massive house, it looked like it was held up by magic. (They all reminded themselves that all the rumours they had heard it probably was true.) A big three legged grey hound shimmied its way across the dead grass. Another cold chill ran down their backs. They pressed the stiff button that led to the door bell ‘DING DONG’ it repeated ‘DING DONG’ it rang again ‘DING DONG, DING DONG, DING DONG’ the door slowly creaked opened by itself and they all looked around a pitch black room ,which would of been pitch black if it wasn’t for the dim light, which only lit the room very slightly. Suddenly a hooded figure slowly dawdled down the aged stairs.

Before they know it they found themselves in a black bag being dragged outside into an elderly car which smelt like bleach. ‘What had they been thinking, walking into a stranger’s house!’ they all thought. ‘How could they be so utterly stupid?’



When they all arrived at where ever they felt themselves being dragged out of the car and dragged across the street again. Jake kicked violently, that resulted with a retaliated punch from the hooded figure outside, they finally heard the creak of a door (which was surprisingly filled the children what a relief). They did not know it but they were slammed in a cramped cage and were left there for about 15 minutes and till the sack was pulled off them and they had bean given clear instructions to be quiet.

And they were left there for their bones to rot.


By Lily                 


Comment by Alison murtha on April 22, 2014 at 14:15

The twins slowly walked to the door .They heard a girl scream .It was coming from the house. Julie said that the person in there might be hurt. So she opened the door. There was a girl trapped in a cage. ’Who are you?’ said Jake to the girl. ‘My name is Millicent Margret Amanda but you can call me Millie  Molly Mandy’, whispered the girl. ‘Why are you in that cage?’ said Julie .

But before she could tell them a vampire walked through the door the twins froze to the ground. ‘Hello children what are you doing here’ shouted the vampire.  ‘W………..e……. are house cleaners do you want your house cleaned’ said Jake.’ I don’t believe you’ said the vampire.

The twins ran out of the house and all the way home.

‘I think we should help the girl out of that cage’, said Jake.

 ‘But how can we go back there when the vampire is there?’ asked Julie. ‘I have an idea - we could disguise ourselves as the devil’s children he will probably let us in then’, said Jake excitedly. ‘Jake, Julie time for bed’ shouted mum, ‘Ok’ they said. ‘Lets go back tomorrow and save her’ said Jack………………..


by Molly

Comment by Alison murtha on April 22, 2014 at 14:23

We walked on a golden path that shone into their eyes.  ‘A bright path’,said Jake.  They finally reached the old wooden door which had a little piece of a goddess window. ‘That gives me the creeps’, they both said at the same time.

Then suddenly the door opened with a creek Jake and Julie walked slowly.  There was red carpet and thousands of stairs. ‘Split up’, said Jake, he  looked beside him  and Julie was gone! There was a scream… JULIE screamed …Jake  followed the scream until he saw her tied up on a pole above a  tub of fire. ‘Don’t worry Julie I’ll get you down!’ Jake untied Julie.

They ran to the door it was locked! The twins where trapped!

‘This is your FAULT!’ said Julie, ‘ when we get out your giving me $70’

‘ WHAT NO- ok, ok fine’ said Jake glumly.

‘Wait is that cheese?’ said Julie.  She crawled like a mouse-‘ STOP Julie don’t its poison’.

 Julie took a bite she stated choking, Julie she lay there still …Jake held Julie in his arms.

 Julie was DEAD!


By Yasmine

Comment by Alison murtha on April 22, 2014 at 16:31


Jake and Julie walked slowly towards the big, cracked, haunted house and looked through the window.  They saw a shadow walk slowly towards the grassy window. It was tall and had very bright red eyes just like rubies. It kept coming closer and closer until it banged on the window they jumped back frightened. The thing vanished.

 Jake thought it was a ghost but Julie thought it was a demon, they both looked at each other shocked about what it could be it. After that they were so eager to go into the house to see what that creature was. So Jake and Julie both put their hand on the door knob and slowly turned it, the door creaked and the could both see inside they could both here strange noises like groaning sounds.  They heard someone or something come down the stairs. It had very bright eyes, ‘could this be’, said Jake, ‘the thing we saw in the window ???’.

‘Yes it is let’s go and get a closer look at what it is’, so they both walked up the stairs very slowly and tried to take a look but it got very angry and made a horrible groaning noise and pushed them down the staircase, they got knocked out as it was such a high staircase.

They both woke up in a strange room it had cobwebs and vines hanging down from the roof. Just then they could smell a strange smell, it smelt like blood. They both looked around the room they could hear crunching noises they were walking around on leaves but why leaves in the room?  They could feel lumps under their feet so they knelt down and dug up the leaves. They could both see an arm and then another arm and then two feet, then a head.  It was a dead body!!!

 ‘Maybe’, said Jake,’ it might be a dead body that got pushed off the staircase as well as us but he must of never got up!’

‘ I guess’, said Julie. They could hear dripping sounds coming from the roof so they looked up and there was blood dripping on their heads there was a body stuffed in the vent. Jake and Julie were shocked then they saw a door so they ran out in horror and the thing on the staircase was gone so they ran up the stairs and tried to find a room they could stay in to ring their Mum or Dad ; but all the rooms were locked and the others were pitch black they were stuck …


By Edward

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