When dad began to teach us Life Lessons, I had no idea that these were going to include Chicken-Massacring. I was really not keen on this. Terrorising Cats ‘n’ Dogs? Fair do’s: they give as good as they get. Squirrel-Scaring? Man, that is fun. But some of my best friends are chickens. All right: one of them is. Debbie. Debbie’s always been really nice to me, ever since I went exploring when I was only a fluffball and lost my way. Turned out I’d got three fields away (or what the no-tails call ‘gardens’), and Debbie knew exactly where my den was, because she has an amazing ear and could tell where all our squallering came from. (Well, when I say she has an amazing ear, actually she has no proper ears at all. She just hears well.) But Debbie’s a hen, and foxes and hens, well…we’re not meant to get along.

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Comment by Caroline Roche on October 4, 2010 at 9:42
So I started to panic, I wasn't sure what to do, should I get rid of her or just get over the fact that we are good friends and upset my dad. Just yesterday we met behind the barn house for a chat, I was busy getting my dinner a yummy scrummy rabbit, it was dangling, dripping with blood, its neck was snapped in my mouth and BUMP! I walked straight into Debbie, but why how could it happen i'm the only one who take this route. Is debbie really my friend or just using me course I'm popular?? by Sebastian & Kieran
Comment by gill mapplebeck on October 4, 2010 at 11:18
Well no because we've been friends for quite sometime. So why is Debbie following me all of a sudden? Where ever I go I see her staring at me with those beady eyes as if she was intimidating me. The past few days I’ve noticed that all the other chickens have the same glare, not just Debbie but the whole coop! Ever since we scared the squirrels, she keeps on avoiding me. My heart is beating faster and faster… Is our friendship coming to an end?
I went back to the barn, to sort this situation out and guess what I got? The same, intimidating look! I mean what’s her problem? I know she still sees me as a little fluffball but I’ve grown up.
By Zephyr Giddings and Rizk El Madbak.
Comment by Julie Maclean on October 4, 2010 at 12:16
I had a dilemma; my supposed best friend kept glaring at me: maybe life would be better if I followed in the footsteps of my chicken-hating father - I mean, his life isn’t that bad. Anyway, I need to find out if Debbie really cares about me, even though I’m not the little fluff ball she thinks I am. All I have to do is come up with a cunning plan; foxes are meant to be good at that, aren’t they? How can I test her friendship and her loyalty towards me without her suspecting my lack of trust? Maybe I could feign being in trouble and see if she would risk her life to come and save me. What if I were to get ‘trapped’ in the fence between my den and her coop - she can always see that space from her pen, and it would be even better to do it when she had plans with other friends. Would she ditch them in order to rescue me, or am I just going to be abandoned? I’d have to make a proper plan, so that the timing and everything else was spot-on.

Next week Debbie’s sister was having a birthday party – that would be perfect. I would stage my charade at precisely 10:00pm, halfway through the celebrations, when Debbie would be likely to come out for some fresh air. All I could do now was wait and hope it would work. Soon, all would be revealed…

By Abi, Annie and Holly J
Comment by Allison Painich on October 4, 2010 at 17:08
I arrived at the party a little early to set up my scheme. I’m not completely sure this plan will work, but it’s too late to doubt myself. I must try. After hours and hours of waiting and pretending to participate in the festivities, it was finally time to start. I’ve slid under that fence a plethora of times before, so I can easily get out if I needed to. I crept over to the fence with my eyes darting back and forth making sure no one was watching. I curled my body into the small hole under the fence and moved around to get comfortable. Suddenly, my ear got caught in the sharp edges of the fence. I wiggled fiercely to get loose, but only managed to get stuck. I was actually stuck! What was I going to do now?

Jasmine, Shanterrica, and Tierra
Lee Jr. High School
Monroe, La

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