I climbed the sand dune in my snowboots, and wondered what on earth I would find beyond the
ridge. Jen and Kent hauled the sledge, which looked so out of place on this terrain. A fierce sun beat down upon our backs. It melted the frost that clung to our eyelids, which made all three of us look like we were in tears. When the world's weather system first went haywire, this kind of thing was just weird. Now, the switch from hot to cold and stillness to storm, was an everyday occurance. What we were looking for, here at the New North Pole, was some kind of reason for such chaos.

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Comment by Caroline Roche on October 4, 2010 at 9:43
The weather went crazy 3 months ago. Now that the sand is overtaking the ice, it is like a desert. everyone thought during this weather swap the north and south pole would melt away. But it didn't, so now i'm with Jen and Kent out here in the Arctic. What I found over the ridge I wasn't expecting. I probably expected a hole to the core of the earth, a dead body, even santa's house or work shop. I certaintly wasn't expecting a small white fluffy thing.A polar bear cub. It had buried itself to stop overheating. Other wise somthing had buried it alive to come back and eat it, I won't know. It came closer. How? I'm right up here. Unless...Argghh I'm falling!!!
By Anya & Lois
Comment by gill mapplebeck on October 4, 2010 at 11:18
I tried to grab the edge of the cliff, hoping death wasn’t just beneath me. I screamed out for help; but no reply.I looked down, it was as black as night. Suddenly the rock was becoming excrutiatingly painful, getting warmer by the second. Without thinking…I let go. “What have I done?” I screamed, thinking I was never going to return to the surface of the earth, ever again.
I was plunging down, down into the darkness. I turned my body to face downwards, into the never ending black hole, well, that’s what I thought. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a little white ball drop past me, then I realised it was the polar bear cub! Watching it plummet into the darkness. Then I got distracted, by famillar voices, they were calling my name- it was Jen and Kent.
Their voices were so loud that I heard it all the way down here. Suddenly the rock above me started to crack. Colossal boulders started to fall. So many that darkness filled the tunnel. I swiched on my torch looked up to see that boulders were gaining, and fast. Luckily I had a saftey rope, to my surprise I glanced at a hole in the wall, a cave! I quickly tied the rope around my waist as I hit the ground. I grabbed the polar bear and I swung the rope and it got caught on a branch.I Pulled us up to the cave just in time, trapped…

Victoria Chapman & Charlotte Bradford
Comment by Julie Maclean on October 4, 2010 at 12:19
I didn’t know where I was, but it seemed familiar. I walked forwards towards a small light in the corner of the slimy cave. I saw a screen that was counting down, I knew what it was; this was the Millennium when it all started . . . the year 3000! People surrounded us. I saw a ghostly white dog. It got closer and soon I realised that it wasn’t a dog at all – it was the polar bear cub! It continued advancing towards us. It stood up on it’s hind legs. It appeared that only I could see it, as everybody else strode past without second glance. It spoke into our ears. I couldn’t make out many words over the deafening sound of fireworks exploding noisily, but I could understand just seven words; South Pole, save Earth, under ice, key. I felt confused. My head hurt, and the noisy fireworks weren’t helping. I had to get out of there – fast! I spotted a small park, not too far away. It looked quiet, and a good place to rest. I walked a hundred metres along the riverside, when suddenly I felt an excruciating pain in the back of my lower leg. The ground rushed towards me, and before I knew it, I was out cold and flat on the ground. The next thing I remembered, I was lying down in a hospital bed. The doctor was talking to his colleagues. He said that I had been shot . . .

By Jonathan and Finn
Comment by Allison Painich on October 4, 2010 at 17:02
I was shocked at the fact that I couldn’t remember anything about the previous night. I stayed in the hospital, in intensive care for three days, for I had been shot right below the heart. ”Someone who had been passing by the edge of the cliff heard a yelp, a terrible high pitched shriek. Out of curiosity he climbed down to see what the noise was. The man stood in shock when he saw you laying there, bleeding to death. He called the hospital and brought you here. That man, Craig Martin, saved your life. Or not…
Anna Gail, Ellie, and Emily; Lee Jr. High School, Monroe, Louisiana

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