When the dark let me go, the first thing I heard was sirens. I was standing in some kind of warehouse: by the weak orange glow of the streetlights beyond the window at the room's far end I could see that the walls were made of bare concrete. The air was cold and damp but my body was warm and clammy: I was breathing hard, like I'd been running.
Where was I? How had I got there? The last I remembered I'd been at my front door with my keys out – then blackness had swarmed down over my eyes and here I was.
My hands were sticky, smeared with something I didn't identify – not until I looked past my fingers and saw that the shadowy lump on the floor in front of me was a body.
Blood on my hands. And the sirens were getting closer.

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Comment by Caroline Roche on October 4, 2010 at 9:48
As the siren's became to come closer, i got more scared and wondered what to do. There was no time left, i had to hurry. I picked up my bag and ran as fast as i could until i came to an entrance! I ran into 2 men, they were dressed in a uniform, in a black uniform, with black hats on. The hats had silver badges on them, i tried to read what they said i think it was 'Police' but i wasnt too sure. As i looked up the was not just 2 men in uniform they were police men!
They saw the blood on my hands! Oh dear! They began to walk to the car, phew, but they came back with something sliver, that glistened in the sunshine. They were handcuffs!!

By Kelly and Deanna
Comment by gill mapplebeck on October 4, 2010 at 11:18
As I drove away in the police car, all that I could think about was my family. Flashes of my children, Anne and Ben and my beautiful wife, Scarlette ashamed of even being related to such a fowl animal. In my vision they were overcome with emotion. Their faces spoke the words that their mouths could not.
It was a 30 minute drive, though it had felt like a millennium. I watched the two tall police men stride out of the car. Coming closer and closer toward me. All I wanted was an escape or at least a few more minutes, to think things over. What did I do? It didn’t match up. I had been standing at my door with my keys, it was impossible? How could this be?
I snapped out of my hypnotic trance. I had been given my escape, from reality, but it was not enough. I had to face it. This will change my life forever, and it will never be the same.
I glumly slopped into my prison cell, the grey concrete walls slowly closing against me. I received a look of disgust from the police man. He started explaining what had happened.
The words he spoke hissed like a snake, for hours.
I needed sleep. Did Scarlette know what I had done? She would be appalled. I had drifted into a light sleep. I could see her Crimson red hair blowing violently in the wind, by an aqua blue beach.
I killed her.

By Noor Al Wattar and Bella Christianos.
Comment by Julie Maclean on October 4, 2010 at 12:18
How am I going to get out of here? Then my mind started to think like it used to before this saga began. “ Maybe that might work.” I muttered quietly. I slowly climbed on to the bed trying not to be heard by the guards. As I had come in I saw the same grill that is in front of me. Using my fingers I unwound the screws on the vent. Pulling myself up in to the hole I rested the vent in the same place. As I crawled along on my hands and knees I memorised the route. Soon I was on top of another vent. Looking down, it looked like the guard-room where the guards can chill when they are off duty. Soon I was back in my room using the strength I had to pull out the tap. Once it was out I wrapped a pillow-case around the end. I ground the steel over the bars a few times. I soon had a spark. The spark turned in to a roaring flame. I jumped to the bed, pulled out the loose vent and from the hole I threw the flame on the bed. In an instant the room was filled with smoke. I replaced the cover and crawled for my sorry life! As I approached the guard-room the police ran out. In a moment I was out of the back door in to the night air. Soon I was over the wall and I was free!

Harry Tennent and Tom Sharman.
Comment by Evelyn Westwood on October 4, 2010 at 13:03
We lay across the sand; the ocean looked like a thousand diamonds strewn across a blue land. Her crimson hair blew in the wind, gently brushing against my face. My arm cradled her head against my chest, her breathing in sync with my pulse.
“The sea wind is so relaxing.” She breathed, “If only we could stay here, not back there.”
I nodded and went to kiss her on the cheek, but she turned away and groaned. My phone buzzed and I pulled it out.
“It’s work, one second.” I lied and stood up.
My heart palpitated and sweat slowly began to run down my face. The screen read:

I moaned and threw my head back, I always knew from the moment I saw her I never should have agreed.

Suddenly, the shutter of the cell hatch slammed shut I was brought back to reality. Was this it; was this going to be my life? The consequences of my actions abruptly dawned on me and tears began to stream down my face.
If only I could relive that day and change things. Scarlette, if only…

From the Sandbach Writing Club
Comment by Allison Painich on October 4, 2010 at 17:09
I only had one chance and I blew it… I’m in this chair and I can’t get out.
The dark closes in.
“H.L…H.L…” I repeat frantically. Monsters are coming out of the walls. My self conscious won’t stop tugging at me… They only have on face. I know that face. WAIT! Hanged-line! That company, the life I thought I left behind.
I scream into the dark, “Find him. I have to find him!” That’s my last request. My last request was granted and they brought him to me. We met in a brightly lit, steel-walled room.
“I know you did it.”
“It doesn’t matter what you say. You have no proof of anything,
I start screaming half-formed words then I stop. “I know this place from somewhere. I know this moment,” I whisper.
“Déjà-vu?” he asks sneeringly.
“No. A dream.”
“Yes. I know, but I’m sorry I will not be able to explain more to you. I already have what I came for. Soon you will wake up in another dimension, with another dream, and another time,” he paused, “a parallel reality.” He stood up and walked to a mirror, “Goodbye old pal. I hope you aren’t too bitter about this.” He stepped into the mirror and turned around. He waved, smiled deceptively, and called, “Remember that concept? The dream within a dream.” He laughed and the walls started crumbling. The laugh still echoed around as I sat there paralyzed. “This was my doing.”

Sam, Anne Marie, Summer
Lee Junior High
Monroe, Louisiana

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