Will shone his torch through the frozen woods, his boots crunching swiftly along the narrow path as the beam swept over something slumped up ahead. He stopped running, dropped the torch and pulled out his camera instead. The trees pulsed in the glare of the flash and the digital screen confirmed what his eyes had already seen. It should have been impossible, yet there it was: a lifeless angel with broken wings shedding black feathers onto the breeze. Will noted the time and place, picked up one of the feathers and crouched down to study it in the torchlight.
Now he had evidence. People would have to believe him.
He snapped another picture, but this time the tiny screen showed something that he had not seen among the trees. A man dressed in black.
And he was watching him.

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Comment by Shea Reeder on October 6, 2010 at 7:59
Written by Mary and Keith

The man was wearing a mask and had crimson red eyes. He hid himself so well that Will thought he was a part of a tall oak tree.
Will blinked. The man seemed closer now. His eyes were still flaming, like if he wanted revenge. His mouth… he didn’t have a mouth. Where it should have been was a hole, a see-through hole. The mysterious man reminded Will of the zombies in one of the horror movies that he watched with his friend, Tom. In the movie, the actors ran from the zombies with their full speed, but a zombie caught one of them. At that moment, Will was so disgusted that he told his friend to turn off the TV.
Will realized he should have watched the whole movie now. He knew nothing about how to escape. He whirled around and started to run. When he turned back to see where the man is, he couldn’t see him anywhere. Will took a few more steps and he bumped into something hard and cold. He looked up to see those red eyes again. They shone like rubies, wild and blood-thirsty. Will let out a piercing scream, one that seemed to scare the zombie away. As quick as lightning, he bolted away to a safer place.
However, the shock Will’s scream created didn’t last for very long. The zombie realized what was happening and came after him. Will needed to use strategy to escape from this swift creature. As he was planning his route to safety, he made some mannequins of himself and put them on the opposite trail.
Comment by Darren Hartwell -Charters School on October 6, 2010 at 9:35
By Ewan Joyce and Archie White
Charters School
Will sped off into the trees looking behind every two seconds. He knew that he couldn’t use speed but he knew that he could use his intelligence. Suddenly he came to a forked path. He stopped. He could feel his heart thumping against his ribcage trying to break through. Cautiously, he looked over his shoulder. There was nobody there. Then he heard the flapping of wings he looked up there he was. The thing. He tried to run but it was too late. The thing swooped down and grabbed Will by the collar. His knife like claws digging into his neck nearly choking him. He could feel the cold wind whipping his face as he could himself being led into the turn of darkness. All of a sudden he felt the force of the grip loosen.....
Comment by Adrian Thompson Laisterdyke UK on October 6, 2010 at 11:04
What had happened. Why did the thing let go gradually? Will thought he was going to die. But then he heard flapping and blowing and Will turned around. He thought it was all a dream and tried to pinch himself but it didnt work. Suddenly a magnificent beast came. Will thought he came down from the heavens. Will tried to pinch himself because he thought it was a dream but it was all real life. The beast was an ancient legend. How could it have came if front of Will's eyes? It was a CENTAUR! The centaur had a well-built body and phenomenal wings. The centaur swooped in and bit the thing. Will fell to the floor trying to protect his face. After the centaur killed the thing Will wanted to thank him. He got up and thanked him. It had saved Will's life. The centaur said the trouble is far from over...

By Azizur Rahman and Hassan Majeed and Umer Ayub
Comment by Carol Williams on October 6, 2010 at 12:49
He gently fell asleep, the Centaur gazed down at Will’s pale body, he picked the body up and galloped away deep into the unknown, screaming trees of the darkened woods.
He regained his consciousness “Wh-where am I,” Will asked
“shhh, sleep now all will be answered in time,” came a familiar voice.
He awoke, but now the centaur wasn’t there. Will wondered out of the forest confused and dazed, he spotted his camera on the floor smashed into millions of pieces like it had been struck by lightning… he was in the middle of a storm, but the rain didn’t bother him, he stumbled along a windy road to the gate. He walked to his home to find the door was already open everything inside was ruined, he heard a bloodcurdling scream not in his ears in his mind.
He rushed outside towards the forest to see the zombie like man hanging from a rope around his throat and foot prints, not from a man, but from a horse…

James and Ivan, Fernwood School
Comment by Janis Bradbury on October 6, 2010 at 13:54
Will’s eyes rapidly became a gateway to his very soul, you could see all his emotion at one glance, his shock was uncontrollable, his fear unimaginable like he had been hit by a wave of disbelief. Closer and closer he focused, forcing himself to observe every possible detail of the helpless creature before him. Will began to ponder over the centaur’s motives, why had he done this? But he had little time to question the judgements as the spur of the moment had distracted him from reality. And there behind him stood the noble centaur, blood over his clean clothes. And the murderous look that came when he followed Will’s eyes towards the zombie, who with further observation seemed strange, almost ALIVE! He was trapped…

by lola and sophie
Comment by Allison Painich on October 6, 2010 at 21:15
...the next day he woke up and rushed towards the forest. When he got there, horse footprints were still there. Will went back home and tried to figure out what the Centaur meant when he said, "All will be answered in time." As Will was waiting for the night to fall, he wondered if the Centaur would come back and if everything would be answered in time.
The night had finally come and Will was kind of scared. Will realized what the Centaur meant when he said, "All will be answered in time." The Centaur finally arrived. When Will saw the Centaur, he greeted him. Will finally thought about what the Centaur meant. Will thought the Centaur was out to get him and that's why he didn't tell him.
The next day, Will was preparing weapons for the Centaur. He spent all day doing that. When night came, the Centaur came looking very angry. "Why are you making weapons to destroy me?" the Centaur asked. 'You might have saved my life, but that doesnt' make you a good guy," Will said. "Why would I want to hurt you?" the Centaur asked. "I don't know," Will mumbled. The Centaur replied, "I am your father. You are my son."

Minnie Ruffin Elementary
Monroe, Louisiana

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