8/10/15 Poetry Jan Siegel

It was a dark and stormy night

As oft in days of yore,

A night so black no eye could track

The print of werewolf’s paw;

The rain in waves washed o’er the graves

And strafed the forest floor;

The lonely kirk crouched in the murk – 

The wind shook at the door.

The Traveller walked the woods alone

Fearing nor wolf nor wight,

With leaking boot and dripping snoot

He strode on through the night;

 Clouds hid the moon (yes, it was June) – 

The clearing came in sight – 

Where tombstones lurch around the church

He glimpsed a phantom light.

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Comment by Charlotte de Gruchy on October 8, 2015 at 8:32

Seeping through the darkened trees
Haunting the traveller’s mind –
Breathing hard, a deadly breeze
Crept up to him from just behind.
No one noticed until too late
He fell into the trap
The consolation of death awaited
Awakening from its nap.

A hand grasped his shoulder
No escape, no hope –
The air seemed cold
His mind could not cope
The gnarled fingers crushed his soul
Succumbing to a sense of despair
The skin feeling like charred coal
Pale eyes began to glare.

Joel, Aidan, Otavio and Malik – International School of Cape Town

Comment by Nicola Gowing on October 8, 2015 at 11:07

It stared straight through him

He knew he’d lost his soul

He couldn’t feel anything,

Like his heart had a black hole.

He couldn’t think,

He had no self-control

For what-ever it was looking at him

Would treat him like a lump of coal.


What path had he chosen?

Was it his fate?

He couldn’t…

He couldn’t even see his mate.

He saw a figure in the wind,

His lungs felt like they were getting pinned.

He heard a bang, he heard a hoot,

The wind sounded like it was playing a flute.


He lost all feeling

His limbs went numb

He knew that when he saw a ghost

The worst was yet to come

But that was not his biggest fear,

What should he stay away from?

If it was just a crazy dream

then why could he not run?

Bethany, Megan and Meghan - Great Yarmouth High School

Comment by Jayne Davidson, WHHS, UK on October 8, 2015 at 12:54
He lost control of his shivering spine,
His body was tangled like a twisted vine,
The ghost crept up on him,
And shattered his limb,
His pale eyes glared up at the sky,
His time had come to die…

By Amaran and Mateusz West Hatch High School
Comment by Rosie Pike on October 8, 2015 at 14:22

His eyes looked up as his black soul bled,

Emotions and thoughts swarmed his deluded head,

He felt a cold touch come to his veins,

As his life rushed down the drain,

The cold claws of the werewolf scratched his pale, lifeless face 

as the cold wind wrapped round him like a comforting  embrace

His life flashed before his eyes as he took his last breath,

Before falling into a pit of darkness and death,

Ruby, Emily, Izzy and Lydia - Bishop's Stortford College 

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