Hi everyone one excited lady here!! At long last the books have arrived - having held on to them for nearly a month DHL then damaged the boxes so badly that they had to be returned & resent (my thoughts on their service are not repeatable in polite company). Thanks to excellent service from Little Books I have now received them and they are quite quite fantastic! . All of the books going to UK schools have now been sent out and the overseas ones will be sent later today so look out for an envelope with the Write Path logo on it. 



And now for something completely different as they say: it is National Storytelling Week between 29/1 to 5/2 and I thought it would be good to celebrate on the Write Path ning. Just before Christmas I found Rory's Story Cubes at a show and have been itching to use them. The cubes come in a set of 9 dice with symbols on them and the idea is you use them as a way to spark off story ideas. They are great value and the symbols can be interpreted in many different ways, so each person that uses them will come up with different meanings and stories. What I propose to do is each morning during National Storytelling Week I will roll the dice, take a picture and upload it to the ning. You could then ask your students to write a story, using all of the dice and then upload it as a blog post. Each day I will read the stories and award a small prize to one student. I will upload 3 photos a day so that it is clear. I hope this will go well, please do let me know if you think you will take part. You can find more information about the Story Cubes here:


I might even have a go at writing a story myself and it would be great if other librarians/teachers did the same ;0) . 




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Comment by Gill Ainsworth on January 21, 2011 at 14:54

Hi Bev


Thank you! Have just received our book delivery, it looks fabulous!
Could you send me details of how to order extra copies and costs?


Many Thanks Again

Gill Ainsworth

The Hollins Technology College


Comment by WP Central on January 21, 2011 at 15:17
Glad you like it Gill ;0) details of how to order extra copies in new blog post. Have a great weekend.

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