What a fantasic, fun filled hour! We were delighted to see names of lovely authors for Wednesday and they provided super story beginnings for the pupils - and what imaginations the young people do have!

I was apprehensive at first that an hour would be long enough, but it would have been if I hadn’t been interrupted by the press photographer and problems getting a web link to work - all left a bit too much to the last minute. In the end for some strange reason we were not allowed to Skype and ended up with just a webcam link with no sound ... such a shame after all the hard work put into the project and the anticipation of the youngsters. They loved the little bit of live communication with Belvedere that they did have though - smiling, waving and pulling faces!!!

We did have other problems - a paragraph missing when Story 1 was written - the previous one had not appeared on screen before the girls began to write... sorry if it sounds a little disjointed. Also, our Story 5 has not uploaded - I will try to find it tomorrow (can you fit it in I wonder Bev?!). Next year I will try to get some more adult help, it would have been fun to do the video story too.

A couple of our keen artists drew comics - I loved this task and wished I could have worked with them - they were totally on their own and didn’t want to stop sketching!
You can see from the photos how much the children enjoyed the hour. Several of the youngsters now wish to become authors and illustrators.

I would love to take part next year - this is a wonderful way to introduce young people to international communications, being associated with famous authors and learning about other cultures and people around the world as well as working under stress and (global) teamwork.

Thank you so much for the experience, we all thoroughly enjoyed it!

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