Our Year 8 Gifted and Talented English class (corresponds to 12 - 14 year olds) are starting a project on Poetry around the World this term. They would love to link up to other schools both in the UK and elsewhere to share poetry and ideas. We can skype or videoconference with you, as well as share Google Docs or anything you like! Please get in touch with me asap if you would like to take part in this project, which lasts until 10th February. We can talk about times etc for contact to suit you. - Thanks! - Caroline

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Comment by Gregory Anderson on January 4, 2010 at 20:48
Hello Caroline

This sounds a superb idea. I would be very interested in taking part in this project, and have a very enthusiastic top set year 9 class that I imagine who love to do this. Let me get in touch with my HoD, and the kids themselves, tomorrow and get back to you. I'm not sure about using a video-conference, but let me know more details. Googledocs would be very exciting!

We've recently published whole year books too via Contact me on to chat a bit more about this.

Thanks - Gregory
Comment by Liz Bridge on January 5, 2010 at 9:05
Will have a word with English and our Creative Writing Club - presume you are not limiting it to any year group? Don't think we can manage the techo stratosphere of skype or videoconference - but we can blog!

Thnaks - Liz
Comment by Anita Vine on January 5, 2010 at 9:13
Sounds like a great idea. We are on a snow day today so will contact teachers by email and hopefully let you know tomorrow. Can definitely do the VC
Hope you had a good christmas
Comment by Caroline Roche on January 5, 2010 at 15:30
What we thought we would all like you to do is this - Bev is happy for us to use this blog as our medium of communication. So, we thought that we could all choose a few poems - especially one that reflected something about your culture or the area in which you live, and put it up on a page which I will create in this ning. Then all of the others who are parcipipating can put your thoughts and images about that poem. If your class could put a brief explanation about why they thought that poem reflected them or their culture - or more than one poem - that would be great. Also, put up videos of you performing that poem, or reading it out as a podcast. The alternative would be that we all used our own pages to put our own poems up, and visited other people's pages to see their poetry blogs, quite happy for that too. In a few weeks we can set up some videoconferecing discussions around different poems. What do you think? This is my first attempt at doing something like this, and your input would be valuable - Caroline

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