Hiya guys,


Today is our day to participate in the exiting programme known as write path.


We are Stella and Isobel, from grade 6, St Mary's College, Hobart, TAS, Australia


We feel very privileged to be able to share the stories we will be writing with the world and to view the other stories the soon to be authors around the world will write.


Working in a team for write path has definitely helped us to write to our full potential. Even though we have had disagreements in practice sessions over the story line, we are always there to help each other develop the best possible stories.


We both enjoy writing stories and believe that write path is the perfect way to exercise our writing abilities and skills.


We believe that write path is a great way for young people all around the world to participate in, and that just the idea of using the internet in this way, to send our stories across the globe to write, and add bits is something that we ought to be proud of!


To summarize we are PUMPED for this experience!


Thanks, from Stella and Isobel

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