Just had a minor panic - only four short weeks to Write Path!!! I have received lots of forms back from people who want to take part but there are still some missing from people that I know would like to be involved. I am extending the deadline until this Wednesday 16th September but I'm afraid that is the last date I can take entries - naturally I must do the timetable as soon as possible. The form can be downloaded from here:

and once you have completed it please send it to me at At the moment I am finding places for 34 groups of young people and we have some wonderful stories for them to continue. Of course today is Roald Dahl Day and two of our participating authors have prepared videos to celebrate - you might want to take a look: Barry Hutchison Tommy Donbavand

What is your favourite Dahl book? I think I'd have to go for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - I have been a chocoholic all my life and the thought of having a whole factory with choc and sweets.......well seems like heaven to me!

Hope to hear from you soon if I haven't already

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Comment by Barry Hutchison on September 13, 2009 at 14:50
Thanks for the link to the videos Tommy and I made. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is my son's favourite RD book, too - largely for the same reason you gave!

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