Wow, that was fun and a bit of a last minute panic, and  I  think Bev thought things were going astray when nothing had been posted until the last 10 minutes!

However this was because the kids were so busy editing , refining,  and suggesting further plot ramifications that they didn't want to stop!

As a class they all agreed it was an amazing opportunity, and they particularly liked the idea that their stories had begun in Australia and travelled across England before being finished in Texas. I think they all did try and leave some cliff hangers for the Texas school to finish with!


Individual comments were " different, fun and would love to do it again"

"A really enjoyable experience" which "really encouraged team work."


So Bev, a huge thank you from all of us at Bishop's Stortford College.  It must have been an exhausting time for you, but we do hope that you will do it all again. Rosie

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