The week is flying by - can't believe only have one day left it's been such fun. Yes ok I may have a few more grey hairs under the hair dye but never mind! Blackheath Bluecoat were our first school today and as they had only joined the day before they were magnificent. Heathfield School carried on, hi Sue! and they passed to my Twitter friend Nicola McNee. The stories were a little late leaving Kingswood but old hands Warblington made up time easily - taking part last year must have given them an advantage! Meanwhile one of my students was working on comic pages - I asked him to look up and smile for a photo but he told me "sorry I've never learnt to smile very well unless it's at my mum!" it was ok though - I told him to imagine I was his mum, after all some days I do feel as though I have hundreds of kids as I'm sure we all do! Mayfield School under the organisation of my friend and mentee Diana were great - much to my IT challenged mate's shock - so proud of her lol! And so to the Polys session, wonderful bunch of lads as usual and I so enjoyed working with them. Bit of a panic job next as Woolmer Technology College had IT problems so I had to copy and past each individual story into word for them and email - then their email failed too so it was touch and go if the stories would get posted but they did by the skin of our teeth. Final paragraphs from Minnie Ruffin Elementary coming in now and judging by the high standard of the previous Louisiana schools we should all enjoy reading them. Due to illness Barbara Band and Emmbrook School will not be able to take part tomorrow - get well soon Barbara - and I'd like to thank Anita Vine from Pendle Vale for stepping in and taking an extra slot. Took on a very last minute entry from Texas today as well - should be a heck of a last day! My best friend coming to visit too - can't wait Nikki!

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