I cannot believe this. After all the talk, it is finally here. I feel psyched but very scared.
“What happened?” I ask
“You don’t need to know,” my contact replies. His face is glossy with sweat, which is understandable given what he must’ve been through. “What matters is that you deliver it on time, and tell nobody.”

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Comment by Shea Reeder on October 13, 2009 at 7:49
Written by Aeris and Susan from American International School, Vietnam

“What's wrong? Just tell me.” I asked him with a demanding voice. He looked away with a serious face, at that moment, I could feel the tension between us. He heaved out a long sigh, I walked toward him but he kept avoiding me.

“Why do you care about it? It's literally that you have nothing to do with this.” He said after a moment. I frowned. It's true that I don't have anything to do with this, but I'm concerned, and I'm curious about all of this. Then a flash of white shot through the window. His eyes widened, he grabbed me and pulled us down the nearest table. And I heard a monstrous voice with heavy breathing.

“Wha...?!” He covered my mouth with his hand. “Hush, he will hear your voice.” He whispered, his breathe tickling my neck. I could hear the monster sniffing the air inside the room. “I can smell you my precious prey. Come out, come out, where ever you are....” He said with an incredibly alluring voice. The blood rushed to my face, I could feel myself redden. The monster's footsteps were getting closer to the table, I could see his shadow at the corner of it, he turned around and...
Comment by WP Central on October 13, 2009 at 9:30
Written By Natasha Rowan
Sheringham High School
Northern England

I clamp my eyes shut. A low, long growl escaped the beast’s mouth. In one swift movement, the monster pulled the table apart -and there I was. A sitting duck for the great black shadow to swallow me whole. The man who came to meet me sprang forward from behind me, right into the mighty monster’s grasp. The monster wailed in surprise; and he yelled to me as he struggled to mount the monster’s back “GO! FIND TANZASS!

“But where will I find him?”
The great silhouetted figure flung him off his back and onto the floor; I thought he was dead. He lay still for so long, his arms were spread out, his right leg twisted back behind his left. bloodied and battered. I heard my contact’s faint voice for the last time
“He will find you. Just keep it safe, guard it with your life.”
Desperately I found my legs and sprinted to the door; I ripped it open and ran. I never stopped running, I never looked back. I crept through the village and around the church. I crept past the night watchmen, probably in the middle of a peaceful dream. I envied him. Although I knew deep down he would not be wakened by my light footsteps, I remembered what my contact had told me “and tell nobody.” I ran again now; past the Inn . I no longer had to focus my brain on concentrating on my steps. I knew exactly where I was headed.
Comment by Nerine Chalmers, Qatar Academy on October 13, 2009 at 10:30
Written by Farzin and Aya
Qatar Academy

I fled to the Boreal Forest as fast as I could, my heart pounding, my feet numb as if I had a frostbite. I had to find Tanzass. Suddenly I stopped. Something was moving behind the brown,bare bushes. “Who is there?” I stammered. Nobody answered. I waited in the shadows,which crept over the trees. I could hear my breath panting heavily. Still no reply. I looked around. It was still there. The light package in my hand was twitching. I had a deep feeling someone was behind me. A chill ran down the back of my neck. I feared to turn around. The hairs on the back of my neck told me that someone was there, waiting for the right moment to strike.
Comment by Bev Humphrey, Woolwich Poly, UK on October 13, 2009 at 11:13
Suddenly a huge white tiger pounced at me; I used my great iron sword to slice it. It was a sword in the box. The tiger was still alive but now furious. It pounced at me one more time. I stabbed the sword into the ground, the next thing I know it was stabbed. Then the tiger changed to a boy named Tanzass, lying dead on the floor. Then that’s when I saw the creature with its great steel blade and the eyes that shoot lasers’. I knew I was dead but then there was a load screech from the creature then a Minotaur leaped at the creature then it turned to smoke. The Minotaur then shouted “run!” I did…

By Ciaran and James, Woolwich Polytechnic Secondary School
Comment by kgarnett on October 13, 2009 at 12:33
He was running incredibly quickly. The path he was sprinting on was horrifically muddy and he was tired out quickly. He could hear the monsters behind him screaming so he scrambled up the nearest tree. The creature was now dangerously close and he had lost sight of the Minotaur, suddenly the creature rammed into the side of the tree, it felt like an earthquake. The wood held like iron. The Minotaur leapt onto the creature and ripped its spine from its back! After a short period of time, he jumped down from the tree presuming he was safe for the time being. As quick as a flash the Minotaur grabbed the boy’s wrist and prised the sword out of his fingers and bounded heavily away. The boy gave chase but couldn’t match the speed of the Minotaur. He’d lost sight of the Minotaur but could hear a strange chanting passing through his ears; he was drawn to it like a moth to a light. Again he was grabbed! But this time by a thin bony hand, then he blacked out. When he came to, he was suspended above a large bubbling cauldron. Hoards of cackling witches surrounded him and the same chant as before rand out, “once again the cauldron bubbles to get rid of ancient troubles, eye of newt and tongue of toad, and you shall perish upon this road.”
His breathing rapid.
The enchanting song came to a halt; a large black figure approached him with a stone knife and pointed at him with a threatening manor. He recoiled as best he could, he clenched his eyes tight with fear but the knife did not touch him. Instead, the rope was cut….

Jonty I
Jack C Elizabeth College
Joseph M
Comment by Margaret Bell,NthLanarkshireLibs on October 13, 2009 at 15:27
The water from the cauldron extinguished the fire, allowing me to run away. The witches tried to grab me, but my sword which had been hidden in my pocket and was red hot from being in the cauldron, burned each witch to death as I stabbed them. I thought I was safe away, but, suddenly from behind the bookshelf of spells appeared the most dastardly of all the witches. I would have to use all my cunning to get away. She phoned the witch paramedics to come and help her witch friends. There were pictures on the phone instead of numbers and she dialled ghost, dragon and bat. Suddenly there was an earth shattering lighnening crash which surprised us both. In the light I spotted a gap in the doorway but it was too small so I cut it bigger with my sword.
I was crawling through the gap and was almost completely away when the witch grabbed my ankle and I was stuck. She was using all her might and I believed I was about to die.....
Comment by Margie Godwin on October 13, 2009 at 20:14
Written by Jarvis Price, Sentrail Staples, Valencia Grissom
He opened his eyes and finally realized that the witches were dead. Just as he was about to leave, he heard voices outside. He looked through the tiny window and saw the creature standing face to face with him. He jumped back with a startled look on his face. The boy ran and tripped over a board that was sticking up from the basement floor. As he fell on the floor, he heard the front door open. As he scrambled around the floor to find a place to hide, the creature burst through the door looking and smelling for him. The boy was shivering, sweating, and praying that the creature would not find him. All of sudden the creature moved the boxes and found the boy hiding. The creature grabbed the terrified boy, and put the knife up to his throat. Just as the creature was about to cut the boy's throat, the door opened and a shadow appeared. It Tanzas. Tanzass hit the creature knocking him to the floor. The creature leapt up to again attack Tanzass and the roof caved in killing the creature as it fell.

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