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The Silver Saaailorr and the battle against the Purple Fortune.

It all started a while back, it wasn’t my fault at all, just someone in my family did something wrong in my home town and now it has changed my life for good. I can’t
really explain how I feel about this at the moment, but I know that this is
what I do from now on if I like it or not.

My name is Katie, Katie Atkinson, but also known as…..

The silver saaailorr. You probably didn’t expect to here that and you probably don’t believe me right now, but am sure by the time I have finished telling you
about how my life is VERY different compare to NORMAL people. My job is to help
and stop danger from coming to people and this town. I didn’t have a good child
hood and before I got these powers I used to take that out on people who tried
to help me, but since I have them now, I can give that favour back to everyone
in this town. Sometimes I feel like just shouting it out because I am getting
tired of keeping this to my self to be honest and its hard when you can’t even
tell your best friends.

I thought that there was no one that could stop me from saving this place…

Until I met Purple Fortune. About 9years ago, I locked purple fortune in a galaxy, hoping that she won’t come back, but now I have been getting these signs, like
someone’s doing this deliberately to make me realise something, and now I have…

Purple Fortune is in town, getting nearer to me, all the signs lead up to the same thing…. She has asked me for a battle and who ever wins gets to do what ever
they want with this town.

Well I accepted! I hadn’t spent the last years of my life, keeping it a secret and saving this town from every thing for nothing, so we will do this. I met up
with her at the old Factory across the roads from where I live, at half 2.

I grabbed my smooth, while and silver costume and slithered into it. I hadn’t worn it for a while, because nothing had gone wrong lately and I was not
needed. But now I was, so a put it on and remembered the old days when I used
to wear it. I was there… She was there…

We stared at each other for long enough but then, she was up to something, she quickly shot her hand up and fired a purple liquid at me but I froze it. I was
panicking now; I wasn’t ready for this battle now. I thought we were just going
to make the date and stuff but she was ready, with her full confident army
standing behind her proud,

There was her and about 100 soldiers behind her and there was me, by myself shaking like mad. She laughed and walked away like she was royalty, her army
disappeared and I was standing there watching her every move. She stopped,
turned and walked towards me with a big sharp blade. This is the end she said
and raised the knife towards me….

She dropped the knife and said, I cant do this anymore, why cant we just rule this planet together, that is what my mother would have wanted and wondered why she
didn’t mention her dad but then she came to that, she didn’t have a farther and
I didn’t have a mother, it took us a while but realised that we were sisters
and that when we were little our parents spilt up and so they split us up and
took one child each. We started crying, it was emotional, but we set a date and
then decided to talk about it in a more suitable place. Well I told you I was
the silver saaailorr, and now I hope you believe me but my life is fine now and
me and my sister stay in touch and save this town together.

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