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The Ultimate War of Destructioncolor:red"">

On the planet Pactron in the year 53,009 Carlton Smith was doing his usual job a waiter in Pizza Hut, a very normal life for 19 years until he and Sam Bandits (a
millionaire) were asked to take part in an experiment of a new invention, which
projected images into your brain then makes you see things that you could only
ever dream about it was accepted by both people and a man called Andy Crale.

On the day they were all nervous not knowing what could happen. All 3 sat down and let the beam go into there heads it all went smoothly until a wire snapped and beams
intensity increased dramatically until the entire machine collapsed on them all
three were surely dead… There was a long pause until Carlton emerged but
nothing like he was before the same happened with Andy Crale but when Sam
Bandits came out he choked the operator and said in a deep voice “You ruined my
life” and killed him with laser vision then screamed “I am no longer Sam
Bandits I am a villain called Akripun” he got kicked in the face and heard
Carlton say “And I am Ultraman and this is Vimcrim” he said pointing to
Andy Akripun escaped after attacking both Ultraman and Vimcrim

2 months later the superheros had made a lair and invented new inventions while Akripun had a plan to take over the world. The preparation was over it was time for the war… The
next day Akripun appeared on TV and said “I am Akripun I have taken over the
world oh and another thing Ultraman and Vimcrim will give themselves up or people
will be murdered starting tomorrow” The city was in panic he needed to be
stopped so Ultraman and Vimcrim (legion of Superheros) went after Akripun by
flying and eventually they found him he looked so different his face was white
his cape was black and was holding a BANG gun BANG The legion of superheros
went after Akripun. It had to end then. Ultraman attacked Akripun with a
grapple gun and pulled him towards him. KABOOM huge explosion happened and
Akripun was gone they had failed

2 weeks later legion of superheros had tracked down Akripun for one last showdown

They had a war in Akripun’s lair it went on for a long time it was evenly matched until Akripun shot Ultraman in the head and threw a poisonous dart at Vimcrim and killed him
LOS (legion of superheros) was over… THE END NOT

Ultraman healed himself and went one on one with Akripun it was so long but Akripun knocked Ultraman over and pointed his poisonous sword at Ultaman’s neck as well as
Ultraman being chained to the ground it was surely over now but no Ultraman
used his superhuman strength to break the chain and fought some more it ended
when Ultraman kicked Akripun into electrical wires his only weakness

Despite the death of Vimcrim Ultraman had won the war and saved Pactron.


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