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Shadows Story

The chemicals bubbled as I poured the mixture together. I was working with Michelle in Chemistry and we were making a potion kind of thing. “Please be careful. Do not spill anything.”
Ordered Mrs Atkinson. “Okay next mix the
pink liquid in”.

I picked up the pink one and poured it in, it began to glow and steam came off it. “Wow!” said Michelle astonished. “That’s amazing”. A few gasps and murmurs came from across the
classroom. “And lastly mix in the green liquid”. I reached over for the green liquid but I
accidently knocked over the container with all off the chemicals in and it
rolled of the table. It landed with a smash on the ground and glass covered the
floor. “Oops” I said. The teacher rushed
over. “Okay stay away from it okay I’ll go and get the mop” her tone was
serious. The teacher left the classroom and everyone rushed over. “Touch it”
dared Micky Loxley he was looking at me. I shrugged my shoulders and bent down,
what’s the worst that could happen. I’m sure the teacher was just overreacting.
My finger got closer and closer and I was about to touch it but someone knocked
me and my finger went right into a piece of glass. “Ow!” I yelled. I pulled out
the glass but the glass was covered in the mixture. The mixture mixed with my blood and before I
knew it I was on the floor everyone was looking at me and I was starting to see
double. Then I blacked out…..

My name is Shadow and after I woke up I developed super powers, the powers to shape shift, turn invisible and move things with my mind. When the liquid mixed with my blood I had woke up as
a twin. She is my arch enemy. She is good and I am evil. Her name is Sunshine.

I jumped from rooftop to rooftop, building to building my long leather jacket blowing behind me in the wind. It was a dark night and I was off home after a night of mischief and

I swooped down from a building and made my way down a dark alley. I opened a man hole cover and dropped down it into the sewers. I opened an air vent which was where my hidden lair was. My
sidekick Silhouette greeted me. “How was tonight” he asked me as I chucked my
coat at him. He hung it up. “Fine” I replied. I didn’t like talking to him he
was a boring human I’m going to kill him soon once I find another person with
powers who has the same ambition as mine- to destroy the world.

I walked into my bedroom which was a small room with a little mattress on the floor and a desk in the corner. I didn’t need any lights as I could see in the dark better than I could in the
light hence the name shadow. Sunlight, my stupid sister hates the dark, she’s
scared of it, how babyish is that? The dark was the only way that I could
destroy her but it was too hard she was unpredictable. I was struggling to
figure out how to kill her.

I sat at the desk and picked up my notebook fingering through the pages reading all the plans looking at all the drawings I had made of her but added some little nasty things like a big
spot on the end of her nose. Where was I going wrong?

I couldn’t sleep that night so I just sat and thought and then it hit me! The eclipse when the moon covers the sun that’s when I would get her. I would switch all the power of in the town so
that she couldn’t switch on a light and then I would break in and then I would
kill her! Yes! That’s it that’s my plan.

To be continued………

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