Walbottle Writing Workshop - Jessica K

It all started over a year ago whilst Hannah Lylo was getting ready to go out to the brand new casino in Las Vegas.
She slipped on her brand new purple dress and walked out into the Taxi. Later
that night, she entered the monthly Jackpot to win a massive amount of money.
The end was so close yet so far. Suddenly, a gaming chip flew into her _ head
there was lots of flashing lights, she was knocked unconscious.

The next day Hannah woke up but things seemed different, her clothes had changed and she looked extremely different. Then she heard a barking and scratching on
the floor, a dog ran past her, jumping and licking her face. As she fell in
love with this little puppy she spotted her collar, Amethyst. Whilst she was
watching T.V that night there was a sudden news flash, Purple Fortune on the
loose, the villain emerged last night behind the new casino on
Reden Avenue.
Hannah thought she would be safe in her small flat and double checked the doors
before she went to bed. A short time after she got into bed there was a
knocking at the door, she thought nothing of it and got up and answered it, as
she did so she felt a whoosh through her body, that’s when she emerged as … the
Purple Fortune.

It was her first night as the new super-villain so she had to do a good job. For one thing she didn’t even have a arch-nemesis. She travelled around the
streets. Eventually, she came across something unknown to her; she had found
her nemesis …

It all happened whilst she was at work, you see at the day-time she’s ‘Normal’ however at night she turns into her other half – as you know. Anyway she was at her day-job in a
nail-salon when a costumer came in, she asked her to sit down whist she done
her nails. Unfortunately, she wasn’t aware of her super powers and threw a bottle
of nail polish at her. The lady wasn’t bothered about the nail polish, but
because Hannah was really a villain she thought she was angry with her and used
her powers on her. What she didn’t know is that the lady was a super-hero named
Silver Saaailorr and she was out to protect the people. Over the weeks she
discovered all her powers such as; Laser vision, heat vision and her nails had
also grown to super length witch made it easier to rip and pull things. One
thing the Purple Fortune didn’t know though was the tough time she would have
fighting her nemesis.

To be continued …

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