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At 12:02 on June 14, 2009, Lynda Marett, CTK Preston said…
Hi Nikki - you probably don't remember me, we met when you came to the northwest AGM recently and inspired us all with your talk! Hope to see you again at Guildford maybe?
At 21:21 on September 28, 2009, Lynda Marett, CTK Preston said…
Hi Nikki, I see you are connecting with my friend in Brazil, Dhesi! She is adorable, such a lovely lady, full of fun and always happy, bit like you! She is very nervous about the Write Path, I hope it all works OK for her.
At 9:28 on September 29, 2009, Lynda Marett, CTK Preston said…
Can't believe you have bad days Nikki!!!
At 11:22 on October 20, 2009, Margaret Bell,NthLanarkshireLibs said…
Hi Nikki - it was after we submitted our entries, we realised we hadn't put the names of the contributors. I'll get them for you and get back to you. How soon do you need them?
At 15:25 on October 20, 2009, Margaret Bell,NthLanarkshireLibs said…
Here you are Nikki
The names of the children and their scribes are as follows:

Story 1 - Chris Bradford

Eimear King
Cianna Lang
Philomena Flyn
Jean Ewart - Scribe

Story 2 - Matt Wyman + Story 5 - Penny Dolan + Story 4 - Eoin Colfer

Louise Sheen
Shaunna Gunning
Margaret Bell - Scribe

Story 3 - Melvyn Burgess + Story 6 - Ursula Hurley

Laura Sheen
Orfllaith King
Nikki O'Hanlon - Scribe

You don't have to list the scribes

best wishes
At 7:28 on October 21, 2009, Nikki Heath said…
Thank you!
Will put 1st names and initial of surname on to credit them!
If this NOT OK, please let me know!
At 3:44pm on February 24, 2010, Lynda Marett, CTK Preston gave Nikki Heath a gift
Don't worry Nikki, it will all be fine! Your enthusiasm rubs off on everyone. Lynda
At 9:19 on June 30, 2010, Nicola Morgan said…
Hi Nikki! Help - my ears burning? In a good way, i hope!
At 21:51 on September 22, 2010, Jan Radford said…
Yes to Skype.
However, today, Thursday, is the last day of term. We return on Tuesday 12 October, which is why we are on the last day.
We can organise something during the holidays. I think you and I can Skype but none of our school hours overlap, so we may have to make videos?
Get better soon
At 21:19 on September 23, 2010, Jan at Delany said…
We can use Dropbox if the files are rejected by other services.
At 8:57am on October 14, 2010, Lynne Coppendale gave Nikki Heath a gift

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