As one of the contributing writers this year, I have really enjoyed watching what happens to my opener as well as keeping a track of the other developing stories. I'm also looking forward to seeing what happens with the poetry prompts too.


Obviously, everyone is really busy with the excitement of responding to the prompts that Bev has gathered from some great writers, but once it's over for this year and the book is published, would schools be interested in still dropping in here from time to time to pick up prompts for their young writers?


If you are, let me know in this thread and we'll get it going when Bev is starting to sleep at nights again. I will definitely contribute, but also, if any of this year's other contributing writers could find time to drop in an occasional prompt, that might make it a great resource for the writers of tomorrow.

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This is a fantastic idea Dave, thanks! well worth pursuing ;0)
Sounds good to me! You could have one story/poem starter a month, so that schools can pick it up whenever it is convenient to them.
This is a brilliant idea we had already discussed doing it in house during our lterary festival but this would be even better. Thanks Dave.
Hi, Dave! Our students loved adding to your poetry starters this morning! I also liked how you used different types of poems, which at first I thought they might struggle with. However, you left such clear instructions and thinking points for them that they not only coped, but sailed through the poetry writing!
I think that's a fantastic idea. Our budding poets would love it!
Thank you :)
Nikki Heath, Werneth
Fabulous idea, we already use Dave's 'Class of Dave' prompts and ideas in our creative writing groups, but interest from other authors too would certainly boost our aspiring authors... Good idea Dave :)

Hi Dave - great idea and I'd be happy to join in with the occasional prompt.  Looking forwrad to seeing what these imaginative contributors make of all our opening paragraphs and poetry stanzas!  What a great event this is.

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