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The Write Path has been running for seven years now and it continues to be the best fun I have all year. Each year I ask published authors and poets to write either the first paragraph of a story or the first stanza of a poem for young people all over the world to continue and complete. 6 stories or poems are worked on each day, with the starter paragraphs/stanzas being placed on the ning early in the morning as blog posts. The schools that are taking part that day then have 1 hour to put a continuation on each of the stories if they are of secondary school age or one and a half hours for primary schools. Poetry entrants have an hour also.  Usually schools use students working in pairs, taking a poem or story each but some schools will work as a group or class. It's really important that time limits are kept to as far as possible because otherwise it throws out the whole day. Entrants are also asked to write a blog post of their own about their experiences. Many schools arrange to have a video chat at the beginning or end of their session with schools on the timetable before or after them. I am online throughout the event to support and help with any problems and can be reached quickest via the chat facility on the ning. 

At the end of the project all schools are asked to vote for their favourite continuations and trophies and prizes are awarded. All of the stories and poems are then collated and published in special books, making all of our young entrants published writers. Each school receives one copy of the book they appear in as part of their subscription. On entering schools can specify a day they would prefer to take part but unfortunately due to time zone constrictions it is impossible to keep to specific times in the day. 

I am so lucky to work with wonderful authors each year, Eleanor Update, Cathy Cassidy, Tommy Donbavand, Alan Gibbons and Chris Bradford to name just a few of my generous regulars and it's great for children to be able to recognise their favourite authors and to have the opportunity to continue a story started by them.

Group sizes - there is a maximum limit of 30 per group, some schools would like to work with a whole class in their one/one and a half hour time slot which is fine. 1 group = 1 time slot

Our next event will be in October, 6 - 11/10/16 with the 6th being poetry day and the 7th being primary school day. Schools are invited to upload a video of students introducing themselves and telling us a little about your school but this is not essential, it's just fun!  If you would like more information please do email me:

Bev Humphrey

Write Path Founder

Charges are £80 per group with a reduction for multiple groups from one school per event as follows:

1 group £80

2 groups £150

3 groups £220

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