Story 1 Andy Briggs

When he had woken up, Ben was convinced today would be a magical day.  Now he was on his way to school - not very magical, admittedly, but it was a crisp autumnal morning and Ben and magic was very much in the air.  He couldn’t resist kicking mounds of fallen leaves that nestled along the path.  A particularly large pile caught his attention and he booted them in a spectacular golden-brown leafy rainbow.  The wind caught them and spiralled the mass towards an old building that stood alone on the hill.  They pirouetted across the yard and through the crooked front door where they were sucked through with a WUMP!

Ben pressed himself against the grimy railings and peered across the derelict grounds.  It was the old toy factory.  For years it had been the main source of employment for the town, but it now stood sad and vacant since video games had stolen children’s attentions from more traditional board games and wooden rocking horses.

Ben was about to turn away but stopped.  Did he hear something?  Something familiar but oddly out of place?  It took him a few moments to realise it was the ringing bell from an old telephone crooning away from within the building.  Ben gently pushed the gate and the wind took it from his grasp, opening it with a welcoming creak.

With an apprehensive step Ben stepped into the yard, intrigued with what he would discover inside the old toy factory.

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Chapter 2

Ben opened the door with an ear splitting creak and stepped in cautiously. He looked around but he couldn’t because it was pitch black. Slowly his eyes adjusted to the dark. Wall paper was peeling of the walls, he shudded at the sight he saw of the Victorian doll body parts scattered around the room.  He turned his attention to the phone that was still ringing. He tip-toed slowly towards the ringing phone. He then hesitantly picked up the receiver. H- h- h- hello said Ben. Silence at the other end of the phone .ben said hello again. Silence. Then a deep distorted voice said “Follow these instructions carefully, when you put the receiver down turn 180 degrees and walk towards the wooden horse which is now rocking” then the line suddenly went dead. Ben obediently did as he was instructed. He nearly made it to the creaking rocking horse when….


Renee, Ronin, Georgie, Charlie, Heidi and Harry

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 4, 2015 at 10:53 stops rocking. Ben was brave and a tiny bit scared, but he got on the rocking horse. It starts to rock itself. It speeds up and goes too fast for Ben and he falls off. He hurt his ankle bone when he fell off. He got up and said “Ouchie Chiuhahua! That hurts.” Then Ben heard a little voice from across the room. He walked carefully and heard the voice said Quack quack. He thought it was the rubber yellow duck lying on the wooden shelves. Ben walked to the shelves and he heard Quack Quack again. He turned around and saw the doll winking at him from the floor. He was a little scared to walk to the duck but he went to it. The quack noise was coming from the dolls tummy. It then changed to a buzzing sound. Ben thought there was a bee buzzing around....

Luka, Dylan, Sophie, Elizabeth

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Ben realised it was an old rocking  chair it was broken and behind it was a girl called Robyn. Ben asked Robyn “do you live here” and Robyn said “no I don’t live here, Im lost.’ ‘’I am lost as well’’ replied Ben. ‘’We can find our way around together.’’ They searched through the creepy building, they saw pieces of colourful lego all over the floor and then they saw a dusty, old doll house. Robyn whispered ‘’Did you just see something in the window of that dolls house Ben?’’ They crept closer to have a look and they couldn’t believe their eyes. A toy fairy that could fly and talk. Ben tried to open the creaky, pink door of the dolls house and the fairy looked worried. ‘’Don’t be afraid’’ Ben told her. The fairy passed Robyn a glowing cube and told them ‘’You will need to use this wisely if you get in to trouble’’ Suddenly, the old factory floor began to shake as loudly as an earthquake and the floor opened underneath their feet, they began to fall……

 Sammy, Iona, Ethan, Ruby, Tyrun 

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They fall and fall until eventually they land, with a bump, in an underground tunnel. They're just about to catch their breath when they hear a train hurtling towards them. They were terrified. Ben pulled Robyn clear and they pressed themselves tight against the wall. 

"It must have been a train that made the floor collapse."

"Ben, I'm scared"

"Don't worry remember we've still got the cube. it's here safe in my pocket, look!"

Ben reached into his pocket and fumbled around.

"Hang on it was in here I'm sure of it, but it's gone."

Ben and Robyn fell to their knees searching around frantically in the dark dusty rubble. Just the Ben spotted something shining out of the corner of his eye. He went to pick it up but just then.........

Zoe, Ben, Callum, Jack, Edie and Lily

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BANG! The cube had just exploded into shatters of glass. BANG! A great giant of a man appeared out of nowhere. He had a big belly and a bushy, coal black beard. He wore round glasses that kept falling off because he had gigantic ears, amongst his beard. Ears that a elephant would be proud of! He held a massive great green hammer in his clawed hairy hands.  The man opened his mouth to talk, but Ben couldn’t understand him. He was talking gobaldy gook thought Ben. Robyn then corrected him and said he was talking Latin.

“Ben, guess what… I can speak Latin. I could talk to the monster and ask him who he is and why is he here.”

“Go on then, smarty-pants!”

“Whoillius Reum?” asked Robyn in Latin (Who are you?)

“Arelum uee meo.” (You should know me by now.) “I umlam in oltinio Legorop.” (I am the ultimate Legorop!)

Suddenly Legorop seemed furious.

“Ben I’m scared.”

“It’s alright Robyn everything will be ok.”

Without warning Legorop grabbed Ben and Robyn by the scruff of their necks and started to stomp deeper into the entrance of the tunnel. Where was this monster of a man going to take them?

Chloe, Jack, Riley B, Kieran, Harry D and Emma

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The monster walked carrying them in his big hairy hands to a land where everything is made of sweets. All of a sudden he stopped and stood still and he dropped them at a train station that was made out of jelly, it smelled of strawberry and it was glistening red and orange. 

The train was made of banana fritters and chocolate  and it started to chug along the train track. But Ben and Robyn could see up ahead see that the train track disappeared.  Where was the train going to go? 

Gradually the train started to climb and they realised that the train was flying in the air towards the moon. 

"We're flying" said Robyn to Ben.

"I like flying but I am a bit scared of heights" said Ben.

"Don't worry, I'll hold your hand, I think the train is coming to a stop!. 

The train doors opened. It was hot and their hands felt burning hot.  They had arrived on the moon.  Ben and Robyn could hear happy sounding music playing somewhere.

"Where is that music coming from?" asked Robyn.

"Let's go find out!" answered Ben .

So they walked off to find out.  All around them were aliens, they were like little walking lollipops.

Grace, Jessica, Harry B, Harry M, Alexander 


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As they stared, and their eyes started to adjust to the dim, dull lighting of the moon, they realised that they were surrounded by more than 500 little multi-coloured aliens. As they just stopped and stared the aliens started to close the gap between them… 500 metres… 400 metres… 300 metres… 200… 100… they were too close to count.
The next thing Ben knew he was being lifted up by no less than 150 lolly shaped aliens and was being carried along the dry, dusty surface of the moon. Then Ben passed out…
When he woke Ben was blinded by a piercing, white light that dazzled his eyes so much that he had to close them. In the distance, he heard faint voices but could not understand the language they were speaking. Ben felt a dizziness wash over him and felt his body again ebb out of consciousness…
This time, when he woke he was in a darker room with 4 or so of the lolly pop aliens surrounding him; in their language he heard them scream “Agaki Hera, Agaki Hera!!” in an extremely excited voice. He then saw one or two of the aliens (he did not know) run out of the room as quickly as there single leg would carry them. He looked around but found that he could only see forward and that he could not turn his head.
Just then the two aliens came running back into his view and shouted “Agaki rami baka, tana tinge grema!” (He’s coming back, make sure he’s ready.) After that a massive throne came into his eye line and he realised that 50 odd aliens were carrying it. As it got placed down, a green, slimy scorpion alien stepped down and said in English “who are you?” I didn’t reply… He took a step closer and repeated himself...
“I’m a-a-a” I couldn’t bring myself to say it… Just then he opened his claws and wrapped them around my throat… As my life got sucked out of me, I reached forward and gouged at the scorpions unarmed neck. I now knew how it felt to murder… And then felt my body pass out of consciousness and knew they were my last few breaths…
Josh, Joe, Cameron, Olivia, Faye

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