Story 10 Ali Sparkes

Daisy Smith was afraid of the cracks in the pavement. She avoided stepping on them. Not because of some stupid game at school or an ant phobia or something. No. Daisy had bigger issues than that. She was the only girl in Stimpson who knew the truth about what lay beneath the paving slabs. And worse, she was only one who knew that it wasn't staying down there... not for much longer...


Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 4, 2015 at 10:30

In 2010 Daisy’s dad was a sewer worker and took Daisy down to the sewers because nobody could look after her. Sadly her mother had died in a fire over a year ago now and she missed her terribly.


Daisy was bored out of her mind she had nothing to do but walk around after her dad but out of her corner of her eye Daisy saw a tentacle that was knobbly pimpled and blotchy. It was about half a metre long and as thick as an anaconda snake. When she turned around she heard a screaming noise… Her dad was gone. The tentacle had also gone! Daisy thought she was seeing things, so she decided to call for her dad, panicking she called “Dad, Dad where are you” but all she could hear was her echo. So she ran to her Aunt Sue’s office, she was crying and crying. How had a normal day started off so well but turned into a nightmare…? That night she heard a voice saying the kraken is coming…..


Evie Mia R, Jasmine, William, Daisy Ellis D

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 4, 2015 at 11:21

Daisy listened again carefully. She heard it again as a whisper, “The kraken is coming.”

Daisy shut her eyes tightly and tried to forget the voice. She could hear her Aunt Sue snoring in the next room and that made her feel a little better. Daisy began to think of what she could do to warn everyone about the kraken. She thought of all the people she could tell. Aunt Sue? No, Aunt Sue has been so busy at work since Daisy’s father had passed away and Daisy didn't want to make her worry even more. Daisy thought she could tell her teacher, Mrs Rose. She was ever so nice. She probably won’t believe me though thought Daisy miserably. Maybe she could tell the police! Yes, that’s what I’ll do thought Daisy firmly. I’ll go to the station tomorrow and explain everything to them. With this plan in her head, Daisy fell fast asleep. She didn't notice the eerie glow appearing from behind her wardrobe.


Joshua B, Betty, Zoe, Joshua R

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 4, 2015 at 13:49

Daisy was awoken by the bright light shining out from behind her wardrobe, curiously she climbed out of bed to go and investigate. She peeked behind the wardrobe to see a gold coin shining brightly on the floor, 'what ever could it be?' she wondered. Carefully she bent down and saw that there were words written on the coin, it said 'touch me' she did. 

Suddenly Daisy felt her feet lifting up into the air and she began to spin quickly which made her feel a little sick. She was spinning so fast the room became blurry and wind whistled in her ears. In the next door room Aunt Sue was awoken by the whistling noise which shocked her so she ran to see if Daisy was OK. At this point Daisy had left the house and was being taken high up into the clouds, still holding the glowing coin which was so hot it was burning her fingers and she nearly dropped it! 

As quickly as she had taken off, Daisy started to slow down and suddenly dropped to the ground, landing on something very soft and squishy.

Daisy was in heaven…

Ed, Joel, Max, Reggie, Ella and Paul 

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 10:24

she had often thought about what heaven would be like,was this the place she had imagined?.

She was still clenching the gold coin so tightly that her hands were sore, her head was spinning, she was very nervous,

why was this happening to her??.

Was this some sort of curse?. Why was she in this strange place?. Was it to do with the gold coin?.

If only she had not touched the coin would this have happened to her?

Suddenly she began to feel very warm she realised she had actually landed on one of the squishy clouds, all of a sudden she could hear Aunt Sue calling out to her "Daisy , Daisy where are you darling?", she peered over the side of the cloud and called out to Aunt Sue.

" I'M UP HERE " !! "Aunt Sue help me".

The gold coin spoke to her again, " Daisy I can help you",.......

By Harriet, George, Lola, Daniel , Lucy.

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 11:44

Suddenly Daisy woke up and realised it was a dream. Daisy then looked down and found herself stood on a fluffy cloud, frozen stiff with fear. She felt scared but knew she had to be brave if she was going to find her dad in this mysterious wonderland. She walked around the cloud looking for her dad; she could not hear a thing. There was a deafening silence. She felt the heavy and shiny coin in her hand. She walked a bit more without look where she was going  and tripped on a large black rock she looked down and found that one foot was on stone and one on cloud. Then she noticed that the cone was half on the stone side and the other was on the cloud side. One side of the cone said haven and on the other side it said hell. She thinks that her dad is in the haven dungeon but is really in the hell dungeon. Just then she heard lot of feet and saw twelve gods coming towards her. They all stepped over her and Daisy knew they were going to try to prevent her finding her Dad. All of a sudden there was a strange noise. She looked up and saw a large figure stood over. The figure spoke to her in a quiet, whispering voice and said “Daisy, can I help you?” “Who are you” asked Daisy. The dark figure replied, “It does not matter who I am right now you just need to come with me if you wish you find your father.” The dark figure took her by the hand and led her away from the cloudy brightness into the gloomy darkness of hell. 

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 11:47

by Keira May Clarke, Robyn Hughes, Kayley Cutting, Jacob Gabriel, Will Starling and Kian Estill

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 13:48

Daisy followed the dark figure down into hell. When she looked around she saw that she was in a spooky city full of creaky, old tree-houses. The dark figure held out his hand for Daisy, she took it and they went inside the scariest looking tree-house of all.

It was pitch black inside the tree-house, the only light was coming from two bright eyes shining from the corner of the kitchen! Daisy slowly walked towards the eyes, feeling terrified, when she heard a voice. The voice said “Don’t be afraid, it’s me, your Dad. Come closer.” Daisy crept even closer until she saw… a werewolf!

Joshua, Skye, Kiaran, Millie and Charlotte.

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 14:59

The werewolf had claws as sharp as knives, suddenly the whole treehouse whisked into a dark smoke. Daisy ended up in a place full of rocks, fire and lava, she lands on the rocks.

“OH MY GOSH” screamed daisy, there was a massive stampede of fiery minions charging towards her! They had flames coming from there body’s. They were as big as gorilla’s! The leader of the pack was enormous compared to the rest of them. He had flaming eyes and a flesh wound across his face.

Daisy looked at him in shock she turned and fled, running as fast as she could across the blazing underworld, up ahead she could see the nightmarish tentacle thrashing about against the rocks. This is what she had been dreading all her life. It was either turn back or go towards the tentacle.

“AAAAAHGGG” shouted daisy, her leg was throbbing with pain from a burn.

Suddenly, the tentacle grabbed her by the neck and pulled her violently into its lair, she felt very nauseas.

The creature was like something out of a horror film; it was half tarantula, half octopus.

“Greetings young girl” said the freakish creature.

“Y y y y y you can speak?” she mumbled.

“I am going to help you defeat those dreadful devils… let’s go!!”

They charged towards the devils ferociously, screaming a battle cry as they went!

The battle was bloody but this was hardly the end, the gory battle lasted the whole night with body parts soaring everywhere.

Daisy and the creature had won, but only just.

Daisy was led out of hell by the tentacle covered creature, she was never afraid of the cracks in the pavement ever again.

At night you can still here the screams of the dark creature…



Callum Covill, Louis Scant, Mai Terry, Harry Clarke and George Palfrey

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