Story 11 Cathy Cassidy

When I woke up, the sun was streaming through the curtains. In the oak tree outside my bedroom window, wood pigeons were calling softly and somewhere in the distance I could hear the sound of dogs barking. I pushed back the covers, stifling a yawn, stretching lazily. There was nothing in my mind except the yawn, the stretch, the sound of a summer morning about to unfold outside my window.

And then I remembered, and my whole world fell apart all over again. 

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 4, 2015 at 10:31

Then my pet pug Archie bounded onto me licking my face because he was ravenous. Sally realised she hadn`t eaten for days so sally tried to get up but she couldn’t because she had no energy. Sally was worried sick that she might die of thirst or hunger. It all began a week ago when my parents mysteriously disappeared. Since then I’d been living in a manky old shack. My parents’ house had been taken by the bank when I couldn’t pay the mortgage. So I walked and walked across fields until I had come across this old shack. So I’d been living there ever since the incident. Will I survive . . . .? By Thomas, Airon, Ellie, Izzy, Jacob & Sophie

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 4, 2015 at 11:28

I had slept through the whole night but was really, really hungry. I had to try and find some food and something to drink. I didn't really know where I was but I felt a long way from home. I also had to try to get to my pet horse, Rosie, who was living at the local stables.

I decided that today was the day I was going to start my journey to find my horse and hopefully my mum and dad. I missed them so much and wanted to know what had happened to them.  I packed up the few things I had in my shack because I hadn't had time to pack many of my things. All I had with me was my sleeping bag, my favourite cuddly toy and a key. This was the key to Rosie's stable.

I began my journey walking through the fields full of long grass, flowers and butterflies. It was already a warm day and the sun was shining brightly. The nights alone in my shack were really frightening and I had not slept at all for the first few nights there. Last night was my first full night's sleep I had had in what felt like forever.

Suddenly I came to a massive brick wall. It was taller than any house I had ever seen and looked like it touched the sky! There was a giant size wooden door which was covered in cobwebs. It looked scary but I still wanted to go in.

Jasmine, Ellen, Zak and Ted

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 4, 2015 at 14:05

I was intrigued so slowly I approached the door, gently pushing on the brown, rusty handle. As I went in I walked through a massive tangle of cobwebs and came face to face with a giant spider which was the size of a double decker bus! Instantly I felt the colour drain from my face as I went pale and my heart was thumping in my chest. The spider had blood as red as fire dripping from its sharp, venomous fangs. Aaaaaaaaaaaagh!

I’m not sure what happened next but I woke up on the floor covered in sweat and shivering. As I came to and my eyes adjusted to the light, I searched for the enormous spider but it had disappeared, where could a beast that large be hiding?!

As I lay in the quiet, I heard the scuttling of 8 humongous legs making their way across the creaky wooden floor, the spider was coming back for me…

Sam, Eloise, Sofia, Heidi and Benjamin

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 10:28

Suddenly a mysterious figure appeared out of nowhere. He was a ninja and he sneaked up on the spider and threw millions of ninja stars that were as sharp as a great white shark teeth! The spider tried to fight back firing poisoned blood but the ninja dodged it by teleporting out of the way just in the nick of time. The spider tried to use his cobwebs as a shield but soon he was wounded with a huge cut that would leave a nasty scar on the top of his head forever.

The mysterious ninja then did a sign to show me I needed to follow him... I kneeled up slowly and followed him through the same crooked, wooden door but this time I could see a sparkling green town on the other side. Suddenly I heard rattling and rambling behind me and saw billions of black and brown,

hairy fiery spiders running towards me.... I made my decision and followed the ninja into the strange land closing the door behind me...  

Lily rose, jess, Ethan, shae, liriel, florence

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Then the ninja leaped menacingly towards her. Suddenly it swivelled round and grasped her whilst it transformed into a ghastly eight legged scorpion. It smelled like a hideous mix of rotten fish and sewers. Then she realised that the thing was her mum and that she was a shape shifter. Next she spotted a sharp piece of wood to her left. She picked the sharp splintered wood up and stabbed her mum with it.

Then a torrent of memories burst out from her mum like water springing forth from a dam that has been destroyed. In one memory she saw her dad and mum outside in the garden when suddenly her mum transformed into a giant praying mantis. The praying mantis turned around and began to gobble her dad up. How was she ever going to stop it…


Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 13:50

Sally suddenly had a plan! She looked up at the trees and over at the shed where she saw some rope and a net. She raced over and grabbed the rope and then climbed the tallest tree. The praying mantis had noticed her and put her dad down scuttling his way towards her. The mantis tripped over the rope she had laid down and fell straight into the net. Sally pulled up the corners with all her might. The shape shifter was trapped like a fly in a bottle. It then started to fizz and pop until it burst into flames and disappeared completely. Sally jumped out of the tree and sat on the grass feeling relieved. Then she remembered about her dad. She turned around but her mum and dad were nowhere to be seen. Just then she heard a knock at the front door..... it was a postman with a postcard from her mum and dad. They were in Mexico on holiday, apparently having a 'lovely time'! Sally's head was starting to spin! She had so many questions; who were those people the shapeshifter was trying to eat if it wasn't my parents?, how did the postman know where to find me? and who or what was the shapeshifter trying to protect?

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 13:52

Charlie, Medeea, Isabella, Nicholas, Kade 

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 25, 2015 at 8:54

Paragraph added at 11:41am was written by: Karensa, Ethan, Dom, Billy and Samuel (Year 5)

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 25, 2015 at 16:46

Just then I collapsed and fell unconscious. Mum woke me up and said ''I am a shape-shifter from another dimension, and when I came though the portal the giant spider followed me and has been wreaking havoc in this dimension, just then you had an hallucination that wasn't real.” What part was a hallucination?’’ I asked ‘the part where I changed into a praying mantis wasn’t real but the giant spider was’’ replied Mum. I questioned Mum ‘’ how are we going to get rid of the tiny spiders?’’ ‘’well we have to send them back to their dimension, but I can’t help you because I am wounded from when you stabbed me’’ replied Mum. For a second I thought how to get the spiders back to where they came from, then I came up with an idea. ‘’Mum, I could go back to my dimension and get Rosie and lure them into the portal by going in it and decoying them all in, and coming back and destroying the portal!’’ Then I ran back to the cobwebby door and went through it and exited to get Rosie. Just as I was turning the key for the stable door, the new grumpy owner of the house next to the place were Rosie is was coming so I quickly turned the key, got on Rosie and went back in the cobwebby door. I ran inside the cave and lured the big spider and the small spiders into the spider portal and once they all went in I ran back out and destroyed it! Once I came out of the spider silky door I appeared in my house in my bed with mum and dad in front of me…            

By Corey, Lucina, Remi and Ed

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 26, 2015 at 7:58

Year 3 was the 4th paragraph, 5th if you include the intro.  Lily Rose, Shae, Ethan, Jess, Liriel and Florence.

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