Story 12 Alan Gibbons

The footsteps thudded behind him. He glanced back. Nobody there. He peered into the gathering dusk, paused, listened, but there was no sign of anyone following him. He shrugged and took a few steps then there it was again. This time he was determined to see who it was. He continued along the street for another thirty seconds, gradually slowing his pace, then he spun round...and gasped.

"You...It can't be..."

The reason for his surprise was simple. He was staring into a face that was, in every detail, identical to his own.


Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 4, 2015 at 10:27

This is how it happened = jack was walking down the street as fast as a cheetah with his mouth stuffed full of the Fabdillydoshous chocolate bar ( he accidently took the wrong turn )  and saw a haunted house in front of him, he walked up to it and observed a boy ( exactly the same as him ) the boy said ‘’ Hello! I am from the future, you may already know me, But I am here to warn you that you may look like this in the future” he said pointing to his bruised eye, his torn jeans, his torn T-shirt, his sticks in his hair, his bleeding nose and all his cuts also his lost shoe – he also said your challenge if you take to expect it is to … Beep Beep!!! ‘’come on jack! You’re late for supper!! Then jack got in the car, his mum sped down the road, and didn’t see where she was going and Crashed !!!



By Charlie N, Florrie P, Isabelle B, Elliott T and Charlie W

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 4, 2015 at 11:18

The safety bag exploded in the front seats. Ambulance sirens rang out and raced to the scene. Jack woke up surprised, not sure what had happened. Water was pouring in the windows and doors. Jack was a little bit frightened. He felt a hand on his shoulder pulling him to safety.It was a rescue man dress completely in orange with a purple helmet. Jack swan to the rescue boat.He was safe. Or was he?

 Suddenly there was a big storm the boat tipped and rolled in the rough water. A huge wave hit the boat which tipped violently and everyone fell out. Jack couldn't see anyone he was all alone in the dark rough sea. But just then..........

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 4, 2015 at 11:19

Maddie, Edward, Jack, Harley

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 4, 2015 at 14:20

Jack is lonely and sad in the water and he finds a log to help him float.  A shark sees him and chases him to a dusty island.  He is worried and frightened because he doesn’t know what he will find on the island.  Jack goes to explore and he sees a plane flying in the air and another plane is shooting at it, it crash lands nearby and Jack decides to investigate. Jack is feeling awful and hungry but he finds a coconut tree and discovers an air raid shelter beside it. He sneaks quietly to the crashed plane and he sees that the pilot is still alive! Jack decides to help the pilot and brings him to the air raid shelter. Inside the air raid shelter they feel something hard in the sand and wipe the sand away, they found steps leading down and at the end of the steps they see a time machine with mysterious Egyptian writing all around it!


Sol, Charlie E, Jack W Darcy and Lucy G

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 10:32

Jack stepped closer and closer until, BANG!! There was a huge flash of light and a puff of smoke!! Out of the time machine came an arm. It was wrinkly and huge and covered in slime. It pulled him closer and closer towards the time machine and suddenly he fell in. He found himself standing next to a snowy mountain with no sign of the person or thing that pulled him inside. He was afraid on his own and was unsure of how to get back home! Felt as if someone could be watching him again, he turned around and saw the same young boy that looked identical to him as he had seen before. Jack screamed and ran away, his heart was beating faster and faster. He was panting and couldn't run any more. He stopped, he heard a small, quiet voice in the distance. It was telling him to climb up the mountain where reach his destiny......

Levi Darcey  Cecily Poppy  Daniel. J  Charlie. W

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 11:43

At the top of the crumbly mountain Jack saw another time machine. As they looked around the new time machine they tried to figure out what the Egyptian words meant. What they didn’t know was that the time machines writing said ‘Who Will You Become?’ As they looked about, the machine started to turn on. It made the most amazing colours they had ever seen! However, these colours were so attractive that they couldn’t help themselves. They went through.

This horrific land was as dark and dull as a troll’s cave. Even though it was day time they felt like it was night. Before anything else, they both noticed a change. What was the change? The pilot was an old man, wrinkly, grumpy and depressed. Jack knew who he was, but he felt weak and hurt. He was the horrible boy he saw at the haunted house. Who has he become? As they were looking around this miserable land they felt like they were the only two people on earth. It smelt like home but it didn’t look like it.  

The air tasted like a bonfire; it made them choke when they breathed it in. Jack started to wander off. He felt like he knew his way around. As the pilot caught up with him, he was stood there as still as stone with his hand on a front door. This was his home. He could hear his mum’s voice calling for him as though she was there; but she wasn’t. All the pilot could see was a tear slowly dripping down his face.

Jack carefully walked through the front door, into the hallway, to reveal a picture of him and his mum, with an arrow shot through it...

By: Eloise, Emily, Macey, Mimi, Amelie and Louisa

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 13:58

Jack felt really sad when he saw the picture because his Mum has been hunted by people through the time machines and he knew his mum  had been safe at home but now in danger of being traced back through all the travelling. In rage Jack grabs for the arrow to pull it out as he does he hears his mothers voice calling to him “come, Jack, be brave pick up the arrow and close your eyes and listen to your thoughts, they will tell you what to do.”

Jack concentrated really hard, he saw a box he had to open inside the box there was a key that will unlock a door, through the door there is a map that will lead him to his destination.

Jack’s eyes opened wide and he frantically rushed around the room looking for the box. He found the box in the dustiest part of the attic covered with cobwebs and spiders. Bravely he cleaned them off and slowly peered into the box and pulled out a rusty old key. He tried every door of the house till he found the right door as he opened it  bats flew out and brushed against his face b ut he saw the map across the room….


Jack, leah, Callum W, Callum V, Isobelle

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 14:56

Jack started to burst into tears, he was crying so much a puddle of water started to form beneath him. Suddenly he saw a shadow in the next room. “What could that be?” he thought. There was drops of blood all over the door frame. There were footprints of blood everywhere on the floor, also blood dripping from the ceiling, as Jack was walking past a drop of blood dripped onto his right shoulder.

He found a trail of blood going up the wooden stairs and immediately followed it. As he got to the top of the stairs he looked to his right a door opened and a finger welcomed him inside the room! As Jack goes into the room he saw a figure and as he got closer he saw that person that was identical in every way to him. He walks up to touch his identical figure from the past and said’ Hello! I am from the future, you may already know me, but I am here to warn you that you may look like this in the future” pointing to his bruised eye, his torn jeans, his torn T-shirt, his sticks in his hair, his bleeding nose and all his cuts also his lost shoe. He also said “your challenge if you take to expect it is…” Suddenly the world starts to melt around him. He was back walking on the street. Jack was feeling relieved. Jack hopes he never sees the identical future twin again! 

By Jess C, Bethy L, Liam H, Sam W, Tom M and Jake C

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