Story 2 Chris Bradford

One step. Just one step is all that it will take. As I stand upon the cliff edge, I wonder if I’m prepared for this. I’ve triple-checked everything. But there is still the chance that something will go terribly wrong. The countdown in my head has begun...3...2...1...

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 4, 2015 at 10:28

I took off. My heart was beating like a thousand drums drumming .Suddenly a gust of wind caught my wings and my stomach did a summersault. I couldn’t control my wings, then in the corner of my  eye, I saw it. A purple circle.  A portal perhaps, I was heading straight for it . I tried to pull away from it, but the wind was too strong and I was getting sucked up like dust being sucked in a vacuum cleaner. Suddenly I went into the portal everything went bright yellow and I landed with a thump. Suddenly everything shrunk!!! An ugly, slimy three headed monster slithered towards me and said “Lord Kankafoo, he is here the savour of Prezimander” “savour? I am not any type of savour” I said “look around you everyone thinks you are a savour even lord kankafoo and lady civil war” replied servant slither “ help he’s coming”

Gracie, Morgan, Liam, Jack and Lucy

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 4, 2015 at 11:01

 Next, a magical turtle arrived. He tried to get rid of the ugly slimy three-headed monster. He used his powers to make himself grow into a gigantic turtle. Next, he froze the ugly slimy three-headed monster and at last, he was gone forever.

The Lord Kankafoo praised the magical turtle for being so strong, brave and clever. His reward was a golden crown and an even more magical wand. The Lord said to the turtle “from now on, you are to be the King of the Sea”.

King Turtle travelled back to his home in the sea and told his friends of his new job. All of his friends and family were happy about this but some were definitely not. A undersea battle began with the sharks who disagreed with King Turtles ideas.

By Oscar, Erin, Michael and Harley.

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 4, 2015 at 14:19

The brave King turtle decided he wanted to get rid of the sharks for ever. King turtle sent King James the king of the sharks a letter. It read I want to go to battle with all the sharks. I want to destroy you just like you have destroyed some of our families. Meet us in the depths of the Great Barrier Reef when the stars are out and the full moon shines on to the bottom of the sea floor.

The turtles and the sharks gathered in amongst the spiky rough and colourful coral. On one side the menacing terrifying sharks hid camouflaged in the blue of the coral reef.  Opposite gathered the colourful turtles led by their brave King who looked strong with his heavy thick shell resting on his back. Nervously both sides rested on the sea floor and waited for King James to call the battle to begin. 

Harry Esme Charlie Daisy Samuel 

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 10:15

Suddenly the depths of the ocean were silent. The turtles were trembling with fear, their shells were shaking. The sharks were edging closer.

King James raises his arm. " Let the battle begin" he shouts. The sharks raced toward to the turtles, nearer and nearer the got to the nervous turtles. The turtles climbed on top of each other to form an enormous pyramid. One of the turtles at the bottom of the pyramid becomes tangles in the long, green seaweed, he tries to struggle free but he becomes even more tangled. The whole pyramid falls to the sea bed with a loud thud! Suddenly a enormous wave carries the turtles and the sharks to another part of the sea bed.

As the clouds of sand settled, King James spots an old, rusty shipwreck in the distance. "Quick, swim to the shipwreck before the sharks see us!"

Once inside the shipwreck, they see flashes of gold and wonder where it could be coming from.   "Look a shiny key" says King James 

"What's it for?" says a baby turtle

The baby turtle sees a door with a large key whole, they put the key inside the lock and hold their breath as they turn it. 

Ray  Emily  Sonny  Olivia  Anya  Leona

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 11:13

As the baby turtle opens the door a bright blinding light comes from inside. The bright light soon dimed and they swam in. The water was crystal blue and there was lots of towering buildings.

“Wow this is amazing!” Exclaimed one of the larger turtles who looked more like a hippopotamus.

A loud voice came from the speakers near the entrance. It was almost like it knew the turtles swam through.

“Hello and welcome to the world of ATLANTIS! You have a mission, it is to find a puzzle piece that fits in with the rest. There is a chest in the middle of Atlantis there will be a present waiting for you. Good luck!” So they shot off to the middle of Atlantis. There floating on a stand was the chest guarded by five warriors. One of the warriors was holding the puzzle piece in his hands. As a distraction one of the turtle faints and the guard holding the puzzle piece drops it and rushes over to the turtle. Then all the sneaky turtles stole the final puzzle piece, locking it into place in the chest. With a cloud of smoke the chest magically opened.  

Ellie, Maryan, Joe, Martin and Noah 

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 13:21

The turtles were all excited to see what was in the chest, and when they looked inside they saw treasure and chocolate coins! They collected all of the treasure and chocolate coins and put them in a sack. But when the turtles were swimming with the sack, they accidently let go. They couldn’t keep up with it and all treasure was floating away. Then a big and invisible, mean fish snatched up all of the treasure and took it back to his hideout. The turtles searched for the hideout but it was hidden in seaweed and they couldn’t find the door. All of the turtles were shouting “where is it?” They all split up and search for the big invisible mean fish’s hideout, the little turtle stuck his head into some seaweed and found the door and just when he was about to go inside, two mean whales were guarding the door and they said “This isn’t the invisible fish’s hideout… bye-bye!” but the turtles knew that they were trying to trick them because the turtles are mind-readers! So they had a battle… The turtles all joined together to make a really big pyramid and they beat the whales. Then they all went through the door into the invisible fish’s hideout and they discover lots and lots and lots of treasure! None of the turtles realised that the big invisible mean fish was inside the hideout too, he used his big long fins to knocked them all out and took them as his prisoners.


Molly, Gus, Aaron, Jessica M, Daniel.

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 14:55

When the turtles woke they found themselves in a small dingy prison, a few hours later the door smashed open! Suddenly light filled the small prison showing, at first a large silhouette appeared, slowly it transformed into a large grey stingray with two unconscious mutant human crab guards lying at his feet. Beckoning it left the door way, and sailed down the hall, the Turtles hesitantly followed it. As they swam out of the entrance of the cave a giant pigzilla fell from above and blocking there path! The stingray that had freed them instantly retaliated by trying to attack but the pigzilla simply wacked it aside! Suddenly an idea struck the baby turtle and he slowly swam towards the pigzilla and hugged it (as well as a turtle can hug with flippers) immediately the pigzilla stopped snorting and sank. after some explaining the baby turtle convinced the other turtles to climb onto its back. After that (and a few hours riding) they rounded an enormous piece of coral and came in sight of the turtle capital surrounded by sharks! As they watched the royal palace collapsed! Breaking miles of coral. As they watched rising up from behind turtle capital and the ruins of the palace was Sharkzilla. ”This is the end of turtlekind “spoke King James. The war was over.

Rio, Thomas D, Phoebe, Jaiden.    

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