Story 3 Gillian Cross

When I was ten, my great-aunt died and left me a house. I didn’t even know I had a great-aunt, until I came home from school and read her solicitor’s letter. It was headed ‘The late Miss Annabel Marriott.’
Dad was reading over my shoulder. ‘That’s my Aunt Annabel!’
Enclosed with the letter was a note in precise, old-fashioned handwriting. “My grandmother left me this house and it changed my life. Now it’s yours. Use it well – and be brave! Annabel “ There was an address underneath - and a key taped beside it.
‘Can we go and see it?’ I whispered.


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Of course said dad but I can’t come because I have got to go to work. I felt relived dad can be extremely embarrassing. “Why don’t you ask Barry to come instead?”

“Amazing idea!” I said sprinting up to my room, opening my window and scrambling onto a branch on the tree. I climbed all the way to the top then i jumped into Barry’s front garden with a loud BUMP!!!!!!!!!

“BARRY Barry I have some good news for you Barry come here!” I waited there for about I minute until the door handle turned and out came an exited Barry. WHAT IS IT! My great aunt died and gave me her house and guess what


“I am allowed to explore, want to come!” I asked.


“What are you waiting for lets go.”

The old crooked curios house stood there at the end of the street.

“It’s not what I expected Barry. Lets go inside.”

When we got inside it was dusty and dark. It all happened when we were walking down a passageway and Barry knocked over an extremely old vase. Suddenly my fingers began to feel funny

“Barry do you feel funny? Yes” answered Barry

All of a sudden Barry started laughing at me

“What is so funny Barry?”

“Your shrinking!”

Then we saw some small doors the right size for small people to fit in. Barry went to open it and we were in a strange place.


Alisha, Ruby, Frankie, George and Daniel

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We shrank down to the size of baby kittens. We felt very funny! Then we heard…

Thud! Thud! Thud!


A small dinosaur ran up to us and showed his sharp teeth! We ran as fast as we could and climbed up the walls until we got to the top of the house. But the dinosaur followed us on the roof but luckily we jumped down the chimney and found a magic potion. When we had some it kept making us big then small then big then small. It scared the dinosaur away!

Then the strangest thing happened, lots of girls walked in with dresses made out of jelly….

William, Jake and Abigail

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PART 3 (Year 2)

Then the boys stomped in with ginger bread hats.  Astonished, Barry said “These people are weird.  Let’s asks them why they are dressed so strangely.” The boy with the gingerbread hat said “We do this every week because it is a tradition.”

Barry stared at the corner of the room.  “What’s that over there?  It looks like a strawberry fountain”

“Shall we have a drink Barry?” I demanded.  We crept over to have a drink when we did it was a magical potion that sent us to the centre of the Earth.  It was boiling hot there were tunnels all around in all different directions. Barry cried ‘’Which tunnel shall we go in?’’ ‘’That tunnel’’ I replied. They began to walk towards the tunnel and as they did they saw bright blue lights ahead and started to hear a beeping noise just like an alarm. They walked further towards the light…..

Nathan, Dylan, Jessie, Soteris and Henry

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PART 4 (Year 3)

Bang! The light popped and suddenly it went dark. We stumbled down the dark tunnel and ended up in a different world. The rivers were chocolate the trees were marshmallow and the bushes were jelly.

Eventually, we saw a red, brick house with pitch black windows in the forest. The door creaked slowly open and multi-coloured smoke came pouring out, a friendly witch appeared wearing a mask and  tall colourful hat.

“Barry I must be dreaming!” I said.

Barry ate a jelly baby and began turning into a jelly squirrel.

The kind witch laughed at him and changed him back to normal with a wave of her wand.

“Thankyou” said Barry

The witch took off her mask and surprise surprise it was my aunt!

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The aunt whistles and two cats come from behind her, they sing “we are Siamese if you please, we are Siamese if you don’t please!” even though they are tabby cats.

“Ok ok cats hush” “turn into ZOMBIES” shouted the aunt. Suddenly the aunt grabs them and gives them to the zombies. Then she turns into a zombie herself.

Barry stares in horror. “Now Barry if you don’t want to get eaten by my zombies and me then find the bibbly bob potion but you have to get past my marshmallow monsters. you only have one day to do this and NO weapons!”

So I and Barry went off to find this potion in the saddest way we were walking for over 5 hours witch is hard for an 11 year old boy. They had just turned a corner when suddenly big blobs of marshmallow attacked! “Oh no here they come!” screamed Barry petrified. “The only way to do is distract them and eat them all up.”

“Look,” Said Barry “the Marshmallow Queen” I jumped up behind them and started to eat. This was hard because they were 20 feet high so I did throw up after this but I went on and couldn’t find the potion. They finally reached a room and they were sure that it was in there. They went in and the doors locked behind them. There was no potion! I sore a light from behind me and it was my aunt she said to me “You really fell for this Barry it was a joke come back with me and we will talk things through but without a warning there was a blinding flash of light what could we do?

By Mia, Lily, Robin, Alex and Riley C

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The light was so bright, we had to cover our eyes and turn away. We had no idea where the light came from, but we could hear the loud sound of an aeroplane’s engine flying high above us in the sky.

We stopped to watch the plane fly past. We felt happy that someone might help us find the potion.

Just then we saw something falling gently from the plane like a butterfly. It was a map and it had a big red X on it. We felt so excited that we sprinted towards the tree made out of strawberry laces.

As we arrived at the tree we looked under the tree and around the tree but we found nothing. Then we looked up and saw a shiny green and purple glass potion bottle, hanging from the branches by it’s handle.

We looked around us and wondered how we were going to reach the potion bottle. I came up with the idea to build a ladder made of the sweets we could find around us on the ground.

Barry started to climb the ladder, but as he went higher, the ladder started to squish into the ground. He had to climb the rest of the way, through the branches to get to the bottle...

Amelie, Emily, Bronwyn, Reuben, Zack and Gethin (Year 1)

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Suddenly, the ladder breaks and Barry somehow knew it was about to happen so he leaped up to the nearest branch and struggles to pull himself up, so he can leap to the next branch. When he retains himself, he jumps and catches the next branch then swings to where the bottle is. When he swung he aggravates the branch where the bottle sits, at that point the bottle tumbled down the strawberry lace tree, but the other Barry at the bottom of the tree, reacted quicker than the bottle and dived to prevent the bottle from smashing. The Barry at the top of the strawberry lace tree, gasped with relief, but also wondered how to get down to the ground without killing himself. Barry had an idea of chopping the tree down so he bellowed down and said “Eat the tree and let me down, meow!!” In a flash the zombie-fied aunt appeared and screamed “You have found the bibbly-bob potion, now we can return to our human selves!!”

“Aunt did you actually die?” asked Barry

“Of course not darling, I was looking through the attic then suddenly a potion hit me on my head and I turned into a zombie!!”

“Ohhh, that’s what happened then I so knew that!!” Barry answered.

“Let’s go home shall we boys?”

“Ok Auntie.” The boys replied in unison.

Bethany, Jack.S, Jack.H and Charlie

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Year 3 names: Fraser, Daniel, Faye, Annelise, Erin,

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