Story 5 Penny Dolan

The school bus shuddered to a stop at the crossroads. 

“Bye!” she called, jumping down and racing up the narrow lane, her hair swinging untidily behind her. 

Mum’s battered car wasn’t home and Dad was working over in the far field. So she dropped her bag on the doorstep, and ran straight over to the stable block. It took a moment before she could see the shape of the mare standing there in the warm hay-scented darkness. 

“Good, good girl,” she said.

The mare snickered softly and moved aside to show her. Less than an hour old, the foal lay on the straw, blinking its long lashes. 

The mare whinnied, lowered her nose and nudged at the small creature. Slowly, awkwardly, the foal struggled up to its feet until it stood there in shy surprise, balanced on four gangly legs. 

That was when . . .

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 4, 2015 at 10:31

That was when she saw a shimmering rainbow coloured horn and a glowing rainbow key around its neck. “What on earth is that?” she thought to her  self. She stared at the funny creature in confusion. It was as if it was  calling her. She walked past the mare, who had begun grazing on the hay.

Penny reached out and   touched the rainbow coloured horn gently . First she felt a tingling feeling next she felt a vibration and then a pull! .Soon she found her self In a portal with loads of magical unicorns flying around her with there big purple wings. They too had shimmering rainbow keys tied around there necks .  “What is this magical place?” she thought.

Then with a thump she fell to the ground. Looking up, she spotted a little green figure with a pointy hat, curly shoes and a long nose like Pinocchio.

Bella, Michael, Ellie, Matthew, Maddie and Kayleigh.


Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 4, 2015 at 11:00

"Hello Penny, my name is Magical Henry. Are you okay?"

"How do you know my name?" asked Penny.

"I know everyone's name because I am magic!" exclaimed Magical Henry. Penny was very surprised but also really happy and excited that she was meeting someone who was magic. "This is yours," said the little green man giving Penny a necklace which sparkled so brightly. The necklace had a magical key on it and rainbows shone out of it. 

"It's amazing!" said Penny. "I love it! But what do I have to use it for?"

"Come with me" replied Magical Henry and he took Penny's hand.

Harry, Keely, Lewis and Violet

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 4, 2015 at 14:16

Henry travelled miles and miles with Penny in the stormy and snowy weather to get to the biggest most beautiful palace on the earth. When they finally got there Penny was feeling very thirsty because they had been doing a lot of travelling that day and decided to have a glass of delish cold apple juice when by accident penny drank a magical potion and suddenly turned into a giant unicorn. Henry was excited and nervous at the sight of penny. Luckily inside the cork Henry found some instructions scrunched up at the bottom of the potion pot saying how to turn penny back into a human. Unfortunately they had to fly on Penny`s back all the way to Australia to find pirate George because he had the magical potion which could turn penny back into a human, however pirate George had a SECRETE POWER and if you were to touch pirate George then you would suddenly get cursed…

By: Lucy, Archie, Theo, Justina and Otto.

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 9:57

The storm raged on with huge waves crashing against the cliffs and sand.  Henry was getting dangerously tossed from side to side, but they couldn't give up, they just had to get to Australia to find Pirate George and the magical potion.  They landed with a bump onto the golden soft sand, suddenly out of the depths of the gloomy, deep blue seaweedy sea appeared a massive shark the size of a house!  Penny and Henry screamed so loudly the whole of Australia heard them.  But wait, the shark had something on its back, it looked like a pirate!  They had found Pirate George, what a relief. 

"We need your help!, Penny has been turned into a unicorn and we found a message telling us that you could help!"

"You need to find the rusty ghost pirate ship located in the secret cave of doom, there you will have to climb the rigging, carefully avoiding the traps, and then in the crows nest you will find the magic potion to turn Penny back into a girl"

Penny and Henry set off at once in search of the 'Cave of Doom'.  Both were anxious about what they would find, this was definitely a mission for the brave, what they would find nobody knew......

by Joaquim, Jena, Brooke, Lewis, Marlon and Maddie

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 11:29

Penny and Henry saw the fierce pirate George in the distance being dragged away by a shark that was as large as an African Elephant, possibly never to be seen again.

 Now they were all alone in the deep, dark, blue sea. A sea that looked like it stretched out for eternity. Suddenly something green glinted in the distance.

“Henry did you see that?” Penny hid behind her horn, her eyes not being able to look anywhere but the sky

“See what?”

“That glint in the distance….see there it is again” she was murmuring now, Henry almost couldn’t hear her.

Henry made the decision to dive down, the green emerald pulling him in, it was almost like he had no control over his body. Penny wasn’t sure what to do next? Did she follow? Did she dare look at the light?

She did

Suddenly they were both at the cave, Penny wasn’t even sure how she got there.

Henry nudged her


“What?” Penny still couldn’t bear to look

What Penny couldn’t see was teeth as sharp as daggers, scales as rough as a rhino skin, a head that towered over the entire ocean.

“Dragon” Henrys voice was weak and cracked

The dragon opened his eye. Penny opened hers.

“Ha, Ha Ha….Welcome to the Cave of Doom… I am the riddle dragon” His tongue wrapped around his words like a lizard and a snake.

“A riddle dragon?” asked Henry

“Yes…. Answer my riddle, you will get your potion, if you do not, you will be my dinner” the dragon looked extremely pleased with himself.

Penny did not know how he knew they needed a potion but didn’t want to ask.

By Breanna, Abi, Charlotte. Harri Jamie 

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 14:31

The dragon announced his riddle ...."I want you to find out what sort of a dragon I am. Am I a fire dragon, an ice dragon or a sea dragon? You will find the answer hidden at the bottom of the sea, underneath a magical door. But be careful...there are two magic doors and you need to find the right one. The wrong door will take you to the land of hungry flesh eating dinosaurs. The right door will have the bottle of potion hidden behind it with the answer about what type of dragon I am. 

So, Penny the unicorn and Magical Henry dived down to the bottom of the sea. The unicorn was so magical that she could breathe under the water without any oxygen. Magical Henry tried to use his magic to make a spell to open the door with the potion hidden behind it. Unfortunately his magic didn't work under the water. 

All of a sudden, Magical Henry and Penny noticed seaweed floating around, above their heads. The seaweed appeared to be making a picture. They couldn't believe their eyes. The seaweed made a picture of an arrow! The arrow pointed to one of the doors-this had to be the door with the potion hidden behind it!! They peered behind the door to see if it was the right one. They couldn't believe their eyes. There was the bottle of potion but there was no answer to the question about the type of dragon that he was. Penny noticed that a piece of paper was sticking out from the other door-she pulled the piece of paper out and luckily it had the answer to the riddle on it for the dragon. But, as she pulled out the piece of paper, she accidentally opened the other door to the land of the flesh eating dinosaurs......

By Milo, Freya, Owen, Ethan and Natacha

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 15:07

“AARGHHHH!” screamed Penny and Magical Henry as they are sucked through the door. SLAM! The door slammed shut behind them. Henry and Penny tentatively raised their heads to gaze into the land of the flesh eating dinosaurs.

“Uh… Oh.” Gulped Penny. They slowly got to their feet and looked around.

“The door! It’s gone!”

Penny spun around. Henry was right. The door had disappeared. There was no way back.

“ROAR!” An enormous dinosaur was heading towards them.

“RUNNNN!” Penny and Henry ran as fast as they could in the opposite direction. Fortunately the dinosaur gave up on the chase pretty soon, and Henry and Penny slid to a panting halt at the foot of a hill.

“That lying dragon! He tricked us into coming here!” cried Penny.

“HA, HA, HA! You came here to die!” boomed a voice behind them. It was the dragon. He shot out a taloned foot and made a grab for Penny. Fortunately, Magical Henry managed to pull her out of the way, and shocked into silence, the pair of them ran as fast as they could away. The dragon followed with roars and bursts of flame.

“Look! Another door!” cried Penny. Too tired to argue, Henry followed her in the direction of the door. BANG! Penny and Henry threw themselves at the door.

“It’s locked!” cried Penny in despair. “What are we going to do now?” Henry gazed at her. Penny understood. There was no escape. They turned slowly toward the dragon. It was their fate. But in those final moments, Penny thought desperately. Suddenly it hit her.

“My key! The one you gave me!”

Henry stared at her. “Of course! It can open any lock.”

Wordlessly, Penny turned and scrabbled at the lock, her fingers fumbling in her haste. But it was too late. With horrible finality, the dragon’s fingers closed around her waist and pulled her up. The dragon had already opened his mouth and thrown her into the air when WHOOSH! A rainbow coloured flash of light shot past her into the dragon’s face. Shielding her eyes from the light, Penny gasped.

“It’s my foal! My unicorn foal!” And it was. The tiny horse flew around the dragon’s head, causing it to drop Penny back on the ground.

“Quick!” Cried Henry! “The door!”

Penny immediately turned the key in the lock, pulling Henry, Penny and the unicorn foal into the portal.

“Where are we?” said Penny.

“We’re back in the palace! We escaped!” exclaimed Henry. For a couple of minutes they simply celebrated, dancing around the hall.

“But now we must send you back!” said Henry, coming to a stop. Penny stared at him. It felt like she had been away for years.

“But, but, will I ever see you again?” pleaded Penny.

“Of course you will. You just have to look.”

Then with a flash, Penny and the foal appeared suddenly back in the stable. It was as if nothing had happened. Penny could hear the car pulling up outside.

“Well,” grinned Penny. “That was quite an adventure.”


Abigail, Niamh, Owen and Callum Lush

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