Story 6 Roderick Hunt

One day a van was going through a busy town. It was going to a zoo.

There were twenty monkeys in the back of the van. The van had to stop suddenly. The back doors flew open and the monkeys jumped out and ran into a school......

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 4, 2015 at 10:27

Then the zoo keeper gave a look in the back of the van. He saw Rosie, one of the baby monkeys that had not escaped. She was still in the van and looked frightened so the zoo keeper picked her up and gave her a hug. Meanwhile nineteen excited, noisy monkeys were causing chaos in a primary school with four hundred and fifty children. There were ripped books all over the floor, desks upside down and some of the monkeys had found their way to the canteen and had helped themselves to the food. The children in the school weren’t used to seeing noisy monkeys in their class rooms so they were enjoying themselves massively! While lady teachers were holding up their skirts shouting “HELP HELP!!!”

One of the grumpy teachers was already on the phone to the police! Then the zoo keepers came to collect the monkeys, he was an expert and soon he had bundled all of the monkeys back into the van (so he thought). He decided to count them just in case. He counted them, there was 19 monkeys. Rosie was gone……   

Olivia, Holli, Nathan, Alfie and Bethany

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 4, 2015 at 10:59

The zoo keeper was really sad. Where's Rosie? 

Meanwhile Rosie was having an adventure.While she'd been sitting in the back of the zoo keepers van she'd noticed a park. Too tempting to small adventurous monkey. Rosie heading towards the zip wire. She flew along the wire and clink she went up in the air and landed on the swings. She swung around and around until she flew off and landed on the roundabout. Round and around she went, faster and faster, until zoom she was flung off and onto the slide. She whizzed down the slide, but still Rosie hadn't had enough adventure. 

Holly, Freddie G, Lucia

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 4, 2015 at 14:18

When Rosie was at the park there were lots of noisy children. They all stopped and stared at Rosie. They couldn’t believe that a monkey was playing in their park! Rosie waved at the children and they happily waved back and giggled as she went down a massive slide. She went so fast that she flew through the air and landed at the top of the climbing frame! From the top of the climbing frame Rosie could see the whole town. She could see houses, shops, hotels, even the sea……and a car. Rosie thought the car looked VERY interesting. She decided to have a closer look. The car had lots of fancy stuff in it. Rosie decided to get inside and explore. She had to brake the glass window to get in so she threw a stone. “SMASH” went the window as it broke into lots of pieces. As Rosie got into the brand new, shiny silver sports car she accidently hit the handbrake and the car began to roll down the hill. Rosie sat up in the drivers seat to watch what was happening. “WHOOOOPPPEEEEE!!” she shrieked as the car went faster and faster through fields of cows and sheep and pigs until finally the car rolled off the edge of a cliff……….and into the sea! SPLASH!!

Jessie, Dylan, Henry, Soteris, Nathan

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 10:05

Rosie panicked... she was so scared! She could see waves splashing around and the car which was sinking terrifically fast. As she sunk deeper underwater she could see lots of colourful, stripy fish and a blue baby dolphin. She swam out of the broken car window then suddenly a big, grey, evil looking shark with blood around his teeth swam in front of Rosie. It was trying to bite the dolphin's fin and the monkeys tail! Rosie grabbed onto the dolphin's tail as he  swam past her and they moved out of the way super fast! The shark tried to chase them but this baby dolphin was as speedy as an underwater cheetah. They were heading towards a small island ... Rosie hoped they'd get there soon as she couldn't hold her breath for much longer!

Luckily they reached the shore of the island which was sandy and full of slippery, slidey, slimy, shiny seaweed. She thanked the dolphin and became best.friends. they decided to explore and found a noisy, high waterfall  50 metres high . Rosie climbed to the top of the waterfall.but... uh oh... It was really slippery and she fell...

Freya, Finn, Esther, Joel, Yasmin, Annabelle

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 11:40

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH” cried Rosie as she plunged down the waterfall and landed with an almighty SPLASH!!!!! The water around her felt rough and unsteady. The dolphin landed on the other side of the pool where the current was much much stronger. The helpless dolphin got swept away down the boisterous river as Rosie was clutching delicately on to a rock for dear life. She fell off but luckily caught another rock below. She scrambled to safety. As she saw the dolphin’s flipper drifting away her heart skipped a beat. Unexpectedly Rosie heard a roaring noise coming from the other side of the jungle. Rosie cautiously went to investigate. When Rosie was tiptoeing through the jungle she heard the noise again. It was louder this time so she carried on walking to where she heard the interesting noise grow louder and louder until finally she saw a jaguar that had teeth as white as white can be. It had a nose the size of a meatball. Rosie was about to dash away when the jaguar warned “WAIT! DON’T GO THAT WAY!” Rosie turned around in disbelief. A talking Jaguar?! “I must of bumped my head.”

Molly, Shino, Sam E, Josef, Talia, Tom L 

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 13:19

Rosie pinched herself to check she wasn't dreaming........nope, she was definitely wide awake! Rosie turned to the jaguar  looking confused and said "pardon?". the jaguar repeated himself and growled "DON'T GO THAT WAY!!". "But which way should I go, if i stay here you might try and eat me!?" Rosie said worriedly. The Jaguar replied "I am Maximus the third King of the Jaguars, and i am trying to help you. Please listen and go over that stream and you will find yourself on a pebbly track and from there you will find the Monkey Headquarters.". "Monkey Headquarters?" Rosie said, now even more confused. But before she could ask, King Maximus had disappeared. Rosie thought for a moment, she wanted to know what the 'Monkey Headquarters' were but she REALLY wanted to know why the King of the Jaguars had told her not to go that way. So she turned around and did a quick check to make sure she wasn't being watched and went back towards where Maximus had been. She felt like she had been trudging through the thick grasses and prickly plants forever when she finally arrived.There in front of her was the most enormous, ivy-covered tower she had ever seen. It appeared to be built out of wood and leaves. "Its beautiful" Rosie whispered. "there must be somebody.....or here who can help me!?".

Tristan, Arsene, Louisa, Bethany

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 15:04

Rosie looked at the tower from bottom to top. She saw someone moving at the top of the elongated building, which must have been a creature she had never seen before! Rosie walked up to the entrance of the tower and knocked on the door… there was an eerie silence. Suddenly a red arrow pointed down towards the deeper, darker part of the jungle and a voice bellowed “Follow the arrow to the Monkey Headquarters!” Rosie looked over towards the unknown jungle, her obedience took over and she followed the direction of the mysterious arrow. Rosie searched the jungle still looking for Maximus, she felt hopeless, there was no sign of anyone. She was alone. All she wanted, was to see the joyful faces of her brothers and sisters again.

Rosie’s search felt never ending, she acquired with many new mysterious creatures, wandering the jungle but still no sign of Maximus. She felt little hope, until there were faint noises of monkeys. Rosie thought to herself, it must be her imagination; her siblings surely wouldn’t be in the same jungle? Would they?! In the distance there was a figure, the lively zoo animal could feel a small smile raise from the corner of her lip. She felt her pace increase towards the figure to find Maximus standing in the large wooden doorway of what had to be the Monkey Headquaters. She had finally found it!

Maximus led her through the glass floored corridor to the main hall with all her siblings sat patiently waiting. Her adventure clearly was better than the van journey the rest of them had, who knew they would end in the same place. No one would believe poor innocent Rosie, this had to be her and Maximus’ secret… Forever.  

Camden, Skye, Boaz, Ethan

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