Story 7 Simon Murray

The night fell and the full moon rose high over Nowhere. Stars twinkled
and strange lights lit up the velvet sky. Copperpot Farm was still, all but
for a dim light flickering through a rotten window frame.

Icky Doo Dah was flicking through a pile of dusty old books, when out of the corner of his beady little eye, he noticed a strange display of lights exploding across the beautiful night sky. At once, Icky put down his book, blew out the candle and decided to investigate where the strange lights were coming from...


Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 4, 2015 at 10:34

He went outside and saw a strange, spooky shadow floating in the sky. He ran inside to fetch a telescope and zoomed in he saw a flying zombie with glowing laser eyes. He called up, “Hey! What are you doing flying over our back garden?”

The zombie floated silently down next to Icky and said, “I was just flying to my house, not trying to disturb you. I can’t help having laser eyes.” Despite the zombie’s harmless words, he was advancing on Icky in a most alarming way. He said, “There is a vampire coming, trying to turn you into a one so be ready with some garlic. And a steak - a wooden steak so don’t be too alarmed, will you? You might get turned into a vampire and you might not get turned into a vampire. Anyway, I have to get back now so bye.”

Icky was slightly suspicious. “Is he lying? I don’t know.” He ran to his mum and said, “There’s a vampire coming to turn me into a vampire - the zombie said so. Should I listened to him?”

“Oh, Icky. I am not up for your jokes so go back to bed.” But Icky didn’t go back to bed he was waiting for the vampire. (Not that he actually believed in the vampire and he didn’t believe what the zombie said either.)

As soon as he got outside he saw the zombie again. He said, “Little boy, I have decided to tell you the truth. Me and the vampire are old friends, but now we have broken up.


( Maddie Keira Maggie Anya Holly Fraser) 

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 4, 2015 at 11:21

Icky asks the zombie "Why aren't you friends with the Vampire anymore and he says. "I want to play with vampire but he wants to play on his own." Zombie was sad and angry because he wanted to play with his best friend. Icky Doo dah said "I have got some garlic in my room. It's in my cupboard. It's magic and it can make you friends again. But you have to be together for it to work. I have to hold it up. We have to go and get Zombie. Where is he?" Vampire said "He is in the sky. He lives on the moon." Icky doo dah said "I have some magic fairy dust and I'm going to put on and fly to find Zombie with you. Ickty doo dah and Vampire put the magic dust on themselves and they grow wings and lift off from the ground and their bodies move to a sideways position. They see a family of zombies near the moon. It was a full moon, not a half moon. They then find the zombie they are looking for….Reuben, Isobella, Oscar T, Olive

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 4, 2015 at 14:51

"Icky, Icky wake up! Your having a nightmare."

"Mum you wouldn't believe what I dreamt. I saw these strange lights. There was this weird Zombie that came and talked to me. It felt so real."

Oh Icky, those lights were from the firework factory, it exploded last night. I'm surprised you slept through it."

"Really?, are you sure it felt so real?"

"Icky look"

Fire engines were parked all over Ickys road, firemen were rushed everywhere. It was total chaos. Icky rushed downstairs and through the open front door. He was bewildered, how could he have missed all this. His best friend Rudy was stood in his front garden. "Icky look at all this let's take a closer look, come on."

The two boys sped towards the burning factory. "Should we be doing this Rudy?" "Scaredy cat" "Am not" "Prove it". Icky crawled under the tape, closely followed by Rudy. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

By Olivia T, Jake, Rose, Oliver B & Rudy.

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 10:20

They got caught by a fireman wearing a pink, shiny helmet and a black suit with a white mask.

"Go back quickly to your magnificent home, it is too dangerous here" he said in a deep voice.

Icky ducks out of his coat and they run away speedily an hide in some big, chunky blackberry bushes.

They see torces shining in the night.

@I had a weird dream last night about a lazer eyed zombie" said Icky.

As soon as Icky finished his sentence there was a flash and the green zombie and the pale vampire appeared.

"I think I heard something@ said the fireman. He turned off his lightand ran to the blackberry bushes.

"Gotcha" he shouted as he dived into the prickly bushes but magically there was no one there...

Jake, Robert, Warren, Ava, Alicia and Evie

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 11:42

Icky was pulling back the branches of the blackberry bush as he crawled through it on all fours. Catching his cheek on a bramble as he lifts his hand to wipe the blood away suddenly the earth gave way. He tumbled down a hole. Summersaulting through the air Icky grabbed violently at a root but he was going too fast and it slipped through his hand and he kept on falling.  The feeling of weightlessness took over his whole body. Bright colours flashed before his eyes like a butterfly. Preparing himself for a heavy fall he tucks himself into a tight ball that was as tight as a boa constrictor squishing it’s pray. However he lands on a softest cushion ever made. Jumping to his feet and brushing himself off, he realises this new land is made out of soft and fluffy cushions. Starting to explore this new place he stumbles across another human boy. He found him eating some type fruit from an enormous tree. The boy had black hair with blue eyes and he was wearing a black t-shirt and black trouser, Icky was worried that the other boy had been here for a long time.

“I know what you are thinking…  I think I’ve been here for a while.”

Worried that he was going to be here for a long time, he knew had had to get out of there. Icky asked his knew friend “Tell me about this place.”

“I know the way back but I just can’t beat the guard.”

By: Ivy, Alisha, Sam, Xander, Nathan and Tom

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 13:48

Icky thought for a moment, should he ask the boy whose name he did not know if he would like to escape with him.

First of all "What's your name"?, asked Icky, the boy looked puzzled , he did not communicate, Icky wondered if the boy could actually speak?.

Now he wondered how long the boy may have been trapped down there?.What if the boy has never even muttered a word in his life.

He needed to show the boy what he intended to do, he remembered at school he was taught some sign language by his teacher Mr.Bishop.

The boy seemed to understand his actions.

So the two of them headed out to escape!

The soft land that seemed to be made of fluffy cushions suddenly turned spiky,scratchy,itchy and at the very end before they came to the hole it became slimy.

Were they in the body of the Zombie?...........................

by Amelia, Archie ,Andrew, Isaac and Jake

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 15:13

As they scrabbled, furiously for grip on the slippery surface, they felt a heavy weight collide with them. It was Rudy!

“Watch out,mate!” Shouted Icky

        “Sorry! Looks like I found you…” Groaned Rudy.


Icky explained that he had found the speechless boy when he had arrived. The boy spoke up.


“Wow, I can hear! Nothing like a blow to the head to sort out my hearing! Before I tell you about this CRAZY place, I should tell you my name, it is Jimmotelly”, explained Jimmotelly.”

“That’s a weird name, my name is Icky Doh Dah and this is my best friend Rudy”

“How could you say my name is weird where I come from it’s the best name you could have” explained Jimmotelly slightly annoyed

“Who cares about each other’s name, how are we going to out of this CRAZY place?” questioned Rudy

They quickly walked over to the fruit tree and picked a few pillows of the massive tree for their tea.  “This tea is astonishing, how do you make that amazing tea?” asked Jimmotelly   

“Now will you help us get out of here!” Said Rudy

“OK so the plan is we go to fight the guards and escape this terrible island.”

All three of them stepped forwards petrified to battle the guards. When they finally get the courage to fight the guards. After a few seconds they realized that the guards are actually the zombie and the vampire! Ithad not been a dream! In despair, they realised that they had no hope of escape. They would be trapped on the island until the end of time!

Maddy, William, Kitty, Amy, Robert

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