Story 9 Tommy Donbavand

I was sitting on the toilet when it happened. I’d just settled down with a can of Diet Coke and the latest Dr Who adventures – you know the one with the ‘grow your own weeping angel’ on the cover – and that’s when the creature swam through the u bend , burst out of the water and bit me on the bottom “Ow!!”

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 4, 2015 at 10:23

I looked down and there was nothing, “ What was that?” I was so nervous I didn’t know what to do. My mother just then, called me, “Ben  lunch is ready and why did you shriek like a girl?” “ I was just shouting because ….my Doctor Who book freaked me out anyway I’m coming”

 whilst I was going down I started shrinking as small as a snail!  I was terrified but then there were bumps on the floor and it was bringing me to the toilet again, I fell down the long bendy stinky pipe of the toilet all the way down to the sewer pipe  and saw this Crocodile Alligator Snake I named Crocoake ,I don’t know why I just liked the name for that weird creature he was fierce but strangely beautiful with amazing shimmering scaley skin and spikes as sharp as daggers this was a great adventure…

Mia, McKenzie, Izaak, Polly, Madeline, Ramsay

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 4, 2015 at 11:17

I was really stinky. I smelt like wee and poo. It was the smelliest smell!

The Crocoake didn’t see me, I think it’s because I was hiding underneath him. It felt quite funny but I felt a bit sick from the smell. The Crocoake began to laugh, he was ticklish and I was tickling his belly by accident.

The Crocoake then looked angry and hungry. He looked like he was going to eat me!

Luckily I am a really good swimmer and so I quickly swam up the pipe. I got too the top of the toilet and tried to climb out the toilet seat.

A witch was waiting in the bath, she turned me normal size again by saying, ‘Abracadabra, I will make you big!’

Sophia B, Caitlin, Max and Maverick

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 4, 2015 at 14:17

Ben said ‘thank you’ to the witch… Then he realised he was talking to a witch! He was so confused and ran as fast as a cheetah down the stairs to see his mum.

His mum pinched her nose. ‘WHY DO YOU SMELL SO BAD?’ she shouted. Ben tried to explain the truth to his mum, but she didn’t believe him.  Just at that moment the witch appeared behind his mum. Ben freaked out!

‘M-m-mum! L-l-look behind you!’ Ben said, shakily.

Bens mum turned around and screeched loudly. Her scream was so loud that the witch was terrified and she started to cry. The witch waved her magic wand and made herself disappear.

Just as they started to relax, they heard the Crocoake snap his giant jaws.

Amelie, Ella, Finley, Martha, Ruby and Toby (Year 2).

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 10:35

the Crocoake slithered down the stairs angrily, snapping all the time. Ben's mum grabbed a frying pan ready to strike! Ben looked around frantically for his weapon. The closes thing to hand was a knife and a fork. Ben grabbed them, unsure he was properly prepared. But there was no time the Crocoake was at the kitchen door, snapping wildly.There's a momentary face off, each wondering what the other is going to do. Without warning the Crocoake pounced towards them. Ben's mum sprung into action and with all her might she whacked the Crocoake right between the eyes. The Crocoake fell over his eyes spinning wildly in his head. Ben bravely moved forward and jabbed his fork into his bottom. The Crocoake sprung up and raced out of the back door and disappeared down the nearest drain. Ben and his mum breathed a sign of relief, but it was short lived as suddenly..........

Riley, Charlie M, Poppy, Charlie C, Freddie S 

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 13:52

a whooooosh came out from the shaking, wobbly toilet! Another crocoake swung out of the toilet and creeped down the stairs.

He was looking for his cousin but he seemed much friendlier than the last crocoake. He was very polite and asked ‘Excuse me Ben, have you seen my cousin?’

Ben thought this was strange and felt freaked out that he knew his name… ‘Uh, have we met each other before?’ said Ben.

‘Ofcourse I know your name! I live in your toilet!’ said the new, rather stinky crocoake!

Ben’s Mum shouted ‘Get out crocoake! Get out!’

The crocoake turned bad and went snap, snap, snap! The crocoake opened his jaws and took a bite of…


Jasper, Alfie, Max, Lucy and Mercedes 

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 14:00

Ben hears the snap of the crocoake then he and his mum go to investigate what it is. But then the witch comes and take’s ben’s mum. Ben is frozen in fear as he makes his way to the bathroom where the horrible sound is coming from. And Ben turns around hears a bell ringing loudly from the basement. He then gets locked in by the witch. He sees a bright light so he can’t make out what it is. He pick’s  it up and it is a small ball shape it then takes him to another dimension. When he is there he sees the crocoake again and it runs away. Then he follows it, after a while  he gets tired but he carries on running after the crocoake. He then sees an key shape in the crocoakes back. He then sneaks up behind the crocoake to get the key. He then puts rope on the key and tie it around his neck. He then runs to find the chamber were his mum is being held. So he goes running down all the aisles to find the chamber that his mum is in. In the last chamber that he looks in that is the one were he finds his mum. When they try to find the way out they see the witch in front of them so they try to escape by another route, but that way is also blocked by the crocoake. He runs down the last ally when he and his mum is cornered...

By: Finley, Trystan, Lewis, Charlotte, Jenny and Ryan

Comment by Alexandra Pulfer on March 5, 2015 at 15:01
A gigantic gust of wind appeared revelling the thought to be a wicked witch! The witch exclaimed
“I am a scared old hag that likes to have a fag, once or twice in the morning.
I’m not a wicked witch, I like to twitch, there’s no harm in me, and I’m friendlier than a bumblebee”. She said
“I like the rap, uh Hu uh Hu I like it”.
“Don’t encourage her” said my mum. “Come on mum” I interrupted.
“You’re grounded for backchat you know you’re too young-
“. STOP ARGUING! Seriously that’s sooo unprofessional” the witch exclaimed.
“Why are you here?” mum shouted “I have a plan”.
“You have a plan? Bravo” I said.
“This is the plan: The crocoake has been destroying the world so we have to stop it” said the witch.
“How do we stop it then?” I asked.
“That my friend, is the plan”.
“I’ve got it!” “You shrink the crocoake, we flush the toilet, and he will be gone FOREVER.” I said.
The witch finally got hold of the crocoake and she shrunk him with her pointy wand.
I had to grab hold of it to make sure it would stay in place, but the witch accidentally shrunk me as well.
“BENJY WENJY” shouted mum in despair. “Right you piece of poo. I’m sending you back from where you came from”!
Without thinking twice I jumped into the pipe with the crocoake and I smashed my head. It was throbbing with pain. I was just about to get up, when the ground started shaking and this was the end for me. Before I knew it, I was on the pipe safe. But I knew the crocoake was dead. My hands started getting sweaty, I my nose got itchy, I was about to itch my nose but fell!

By Mary Farrant, Chloe Elliott, William Darnbrough, Craig Marriott and Callum Bardwell.

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