Story challenge 13

Alexander McCall Smith

The room was quiet apart from the persistent buzzing of a large fly. The boy sat back in his chair and watched the fly as it moved from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, pausing only for a moment or two before it continued its erratic flight. Watching a fly can be a relaxing way of passing a few idle moments, but it can also be a trigger for great and exciting thoughts. As he watched the fly one such thought came into the mind of the boy. Immediately he leapt to his feet and rushed to the telephone. He would tell his friend before his enthusiasm faded. He lifted the phone and dialled his friend’s number. A strange voice answered. “If you are looking for your friend”, the voice said, “You are going to have to look elsewhere.”


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The boy, named Karl said, “who is this? What do you want with me? Where is Tom?”

The sinister voice answered, “I’m your worst nightmare, I will not tell you what I want; I will leave you to find that out. Your friend is with me, he is mine now.”

“I will find you and I will rescue my friend from your evil clutches” the boy retaliated.

The phone call was ended and a monotone beep was the only noise in the room.  Karl raced to his laptop where he could trace the call from. After tracing it he went into his wardrobe and entered the spy lab.

He called out, “computer, I need my ‘saving best friends from strange callers’ kit please.”

“Certainly, Karl” replied the computer. A platform came through the floor and on it there was a perfectly laid out kit, with all the gadgets he could possibly need. He picked up his trusty thinking pen from the desk and went back to his room.

His laptop had finished decoding the location and it flashed on to the screen, ‘Abandoned warehouse, creepy road, some-place-you-never-want-to-go town, strange island.’

“Sounds like a nice place” Karl muttered to himself. And he got out the first piece of equipment he would need, to the normal person it looked like an ordinary notebook, but Karl knew better than that. He opened it and a flying scooter nonchalantly fell out. He mounted it and entered the address popped up on the GPS.  He pressed the lime green ‘GO!’ button and he was off. His journey was guided completely by this scooter and after about thirty minutes he had arrived on Strange Island.

This island was not your bog-standard perfect paradise sort of place. It had an eerie atmosphere which put even the most sure-minded people on edge. Karl knew what he had to do. He got out the invisibility glasses and put them on. He then clicked the switch and he was unseen to the naked eye. He then got out his GPS tracker and located the exact spot, in which the mysterious, phone call he had received had come from.  He went through deserted streets and spooky alleyways until he had made it to his destination.

He sneaked to the back of the building and got out his next gadget. A person-finding camera. He took a snapshot of the building and the camera processed the information and found signs of life, it came from the other side of the warehouse. He then took out his laser pen and carefully drew a circle in the metal wall. With a clutter it fell to the ground. Karl stepped through the hole and continued into the warehouse.

He was sneaking around when a booming voice erupted all around him. “Who dare enter my lair?”

Karl jumped.

 “Well if you are man-enough you can show yourself to me. Or are you too cowardly? The voice said tantalising Karl.

Hesitantly Karl removed the glasses.

“Ahh, Tom it’s your little friend, isn’t it nice for him to come and give us a visit.”

And with a huge crash the wall that was in front of Karl disappeared.  He saw his friend being tortured, in a cage, screaming. 

Caitlin Feilder, Queen Anne's School

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