Story challenge 6

Darren Shan

I wake up with blood on my hands. I’m in a room I don’t recognise. No windows. A single door, the same red colour as my fingers. I try to remember how I got here but it’s all a blank. With a sickening shock, I realise I don’t even know my name!

I roll off the bed, moaning with horror. Something snaps and a jolt of pain shoots through my left foot. Wincing, I spot a mousetrap dangling from my toes. I bend to take it off, then pause. There are dozens of mousetraps spread across the floor. But these traps haven’t been baited with cheese. Each one contains what looks like a tiny scrap of flesh.

I sink back onto the bed, shivering with fear. What the hell is going on? Where am I? Who am I? Why is the floor littered with mousetraps? And where did the blood and flesh come from?

As my senses reel, someone – or something – scratches at the blood-red door. There’s a horrible, spine-chilling, giggling noise.

Then the door opens.

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In the doorway stands a small, devilish looking creature holding what seems to be an arm. Or the remains of an arm at least. He giggles again as if relishing in the sight of my discomfort and confusion.

!%&* #~’£$&! ” it must be my name but as he speaks, the word is far from any form of speech I have ever encountered. I have so many questions. Where am I? Who am I? why the blood? Why the mouse traps and flesh? But as I open my mouth to voice my confusion, only white noise emerges. I silence almost. Silent but deafening.

It is only then I remember…

The room

The files

The creatures

The man

The screaming

The darkness…

I look out the window and see only white and red. Snow and Blood.


I turn back to the creature… but he’s gone. So are the mouse traps, the bed, the room. Everything is gone and I am left alone in the blood red snow. Or is it snow? “Mummy, Alice spilt the paint EVERYWARE!”

You could say it was all a dream. But it was more than that, A WARNING…

Naomi Ferguson  The Holt School

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