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Great end to the week

Wow! I thought WP went well last year but this year my students were amazing! They sat down and started reading, writing and drawing, chatting away madly, so excited about the stories and where they could take them. The hour passed by in a blur and it was suddenly time for the students to upload stories and run for their buses. The students got so involved and excited that I had several phoning home to beg to be allowed to stay at school to chat to Caroline. A huge thank you to Bev for… Continue

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Fun on Friday!

Comments from students at the end of our day - the beginning for most of you guys.

Heyyy it's Shania from MCC in Australia. For anyone who is wondering there IS a kangaroo hopping around the library as we speak. Seriously. Not i'm just joking... But anyway i hope you guys have a good time writing the stories and i hope you understand what we have written already... And if you get story number 2 that is the writing genius of me and my awesome friend chantelle and yes we know our… Continue

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