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Pendle Vale College

Hi, this is Kabir and Declan. We are looking forward to getting our work published in the book. Thank you Mrs Humphrey for arranging this. We have really enjoyed it.

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Komal and Saima's Write Path Experience. PVC

We have really enjoyed today and can't wait to see how our stories end. We would really like to do it again. Can't wait for next year.

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Castercliff calling

Pendle Vale have just hosted students from one of our local primary schools to take part in the Write Path. We had a brill afternoon which started with a VC with Sandbach school in Cheshire. Big thank you to both schools IT technicians who sorted us out and to Eve for agreeing to it and also to my WP team who were excellent helpers with the yr 6 students. They really enjoyed the story writing and we had some excellent ideas, thank you to the schools before us for their contribution to the…


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Wow, talk about been put under pressure! I thought this would be a piece of cake, how wrong I was. It was like been 3rd leg on a relay race, anxiously waiting for the baton, not wanting to drop it and let the side down. So to the schools before me, thank you very much for the excellent paragraphs I hope I manged to keep up to your high standards. To the schools after me (Chris) good luck and I can't wait to see where this story goes and ends up. :-)


Pendle Vale…


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Mission accomplished

What a great start to the day. The Pendle Vale writers were very excited to be able to continue the days stories straight after the authors. They are also keen to read the entries from the schools following them to see how they go. Our only downside is that we can't access the photo's and video's but we had a lovely call with Bev at the start and end of the session. Hopefully we will solve this problem for next year. good luck to all the schools yet to take part and happy…


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Sorry for the dramatic post title!

Are there any other schools in the UK that are having trouble accessing the ning or can access it but have restrictions put on the photo's and video's so that they can not be viewed?

LCC have blocked our viewing of the pictures and video's and it would be interesting to see if other authorities are allowing it.



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Hi there folks

anybody interested in Video conferencing ? It doesn't even have to be on the day you are taking part in the Write Path. I have 12 eager students desperate to communicate with schools across the country and across the world. Please let me know when is convinient for you and I will try and make it work.


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Calling all junior entries for WP

I am hosting a primary school on Thursday 14th October and would really like to link up with another school via Video conferencing. We have the room booked from 2:30 onwards on the 14th, is there anybody out there who can link with us?

If no primary schools I am open to any schools.willing or able to do this. :-)



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Poetry collaboration embedding

Hi all

Think that the poetry event was great.

I am trying to embed ours into here but can't get any further than clicking on embed in voicethread and then this whirly thing just keeps going around and around.

Is anybody else having a problem???


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Murder in the Library

Hi everybody
Can anybody help me. I have heard about the activity "Murder in the Library" but not sure about the hows whys and wherefores. How do you set it up, what resources would I need and if anybody has already done it do they fancy 'sharing good practice'???



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Congratulations Elizabeth College. A worthy winner.
Pendle Vale College

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Pendle Vale say thank you

The students here think that the Write Path is absolutely fantastic. The whole experience was amazing. We really enjoyed the video conferencing with Holmesdale Tech Coll. We enjoyed writing and reading the stories. We can't wait for next year.
Thank you to Bev for organising such a wonderful event and thank you to all the authors for starting off the stories.

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Pendle Vale posted

What a great start for us, well nearly. We tried to video conference but hit snags so we left our IT techie to sort it out. Then the call came that we had made contact and we charged back to the lecture theatre. We had a good chat with Holmesdale Tech Coll and our students were very excited.
Then we had to rush back to start the stories. Apologies to Hadfield if you got them late...
Looking forward to the next time slot at 11.30

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Getting nervous

Was really excited when I found out that we were taking part.... now as the time draws near I am really nervous as I don't want to mess up and let the side down. :-(
I think I know what to do and I think that we are having a practice run with video conferencing so fingers crossed we will be ok.
To everybody involved

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