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Well that was intense!

All Year 7's this year due to timetabling issues, but once I got them started they were away. The only down side really was because they needed more input I had no chance to take photos - still, all stories written and uploaded so good luck to St. Benedict's - you'll be awesome :)

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Our 2013 fun and games...

Never less than totally manic fun, today's challenges included two of the Y7 students I'd invited turning out to be going on trips, and the HPV jabs taking place in the Learning Centre all morning (which we worked around!).

Also never had one where I haven't had to send for a student who forgot to come!

That said, they all got into it really well, and having the large computer room to…


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Oakbank's Write Path experience

As usual, we had a few fun and games to begin with - one student MIA, another sent to bring our alternate and a third sent to remind the student we all knew would forget what we had planned for today!

A quick print off of the story so far, introduction of teams to each other and a round up of the who, what and why, then off they went.

Only minimal disturbance was caused by the stalking librarian with iPhone, and the all assured me they were not on the run from international…


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Well, that was interesting...!

So sorry to PS4 for the delay in getting our paragraphs up and all the best of luck finishing the stories.


We had fun with them eventually, after three of our Year 7's forgot to come down to the LRC and we had to set out hunting for them!! We also had a little confusion about the following on, but in the end they all did a really good job with the stories they worked on.



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Finally finished at Oakbank

So having concluded that our missing paragraph was gone for good, Samantha was so keen to make sure we didn't let the side down that she rewrote their entire entry last night at home and brought it in this morning! What a star!

Our contribution to Natasha Narayan's story now finally uploaded, I'll ask the students for their votes before we finish for half term in a week.

Brilliant and most enjoyable experience, but was having so much fun with the students I totally forgot to…


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The Oakbank Write Path Experience

"We thought the New York students might be disappointed not to get to finish stories so we left our ending open so they could finish it if they wanted. We're sorry if our story is a bit bloodthirsty but when we saw what other people had written that just seemed to be the way it wanted to go."

Ben and Ruairidh

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