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12/10/2011 - The Endless Forest - an extra story by Adrian Thompson :-)

David was running, running, running. It was as though he'd spend his whole life running through the forest - strange, he thought, as he ran,listening intently for Them. It had only been a few weeks before when life had been normal. The sky was blue, the grass was green, he was going to school, and planning a fishing expedition with his dad. A few weeks later, and his dad was dead. The bomb had turned the sky brown, and the grass was dying. The only thing that wasn't dying was the forest. It…


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Laisterdyke's Experience!

Hi all. We had a great time yesterday - first talking to Bev and the boys at Woolwich (sorry I clicked the 'no video button!), then a frantic hour working on the stories, before discovering that something on our system wouldn't let us send them - luckily, they'd been typed into Word, so I emailed them all to myself, logged into my home computer from work, and send them from there - phew!!

Finally, it was great to video conference with Niddrie Mill - shame it had to be so short! - and… Continue

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