19/10/2011 Ursula Hurley

Tea was over. No-one spoke. They were enjoying the satisfied silence that follows a really delicious meal. Grandpa shifted, brushing crumbs from his waistcoat. Emma licked jam from her fingers. Paul looked thoughtfully out of the window. The orange street light flickered as bare branches waved in front of it. Dead leaves tapped on the window. The clock struck six.

"Goodness," said Grandpa.

"Light the fire, Grandpa!" demanded Emma.

"Yes, of course, it's getting a bit chilly in here. Do you want to help? There....hold the match at the end...careful....that's a clever girl!"

Emma sat back and admired her flames with pride. After a few minutes she grew restless. "Tell us a story, Grandpa," she chirruped.

"Yes, do," said Paul earnestly.

"All right then." Grandpa stared into the flames. He stared so hard, for such a long time, that Paul thought he had forgotten. Then Grandpa cleared his throat and a voice welled up from somewhere far away.

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Comment by Sarah Love Mandurah Cath Coll WA on October 19, 2011 at 8:17

Mum was the one to break the silence “I think I’ll go to bed”. So mum got up and went into her room only to fall asleep five minutes later. I was left sitting on the couch with Martha, my sister. Suddenly there was a blood curdling howl coming from the woods that lay just in front of the house outside. A knock on the door? My sister quickly got up, but wasn’t as confident as she usually was because she was always so uptight. She said quickly I’ll get that! She walked down the hall and then out of sight. All of a sudden a wail echoed through the house.

Comment by R Buckland on October 19, 2011 at 9:58

comment by Callum Done, Adrian Serwin Ripley St Thomas CE Academy

She covered her ears quickly and leapt behind the door. Emma heard footsteps slowly coming towards her from the hall where her sister had disappeared before. The footsteps became louder and louder and her heartbeat was rising rapidly. Emma felt as though her heart was in her mouth. Grandpa sat confused, staring at Emma but she just gestured and put her finger to her mouth. Paul whispered, "What's going on Emma?" 

Peering out behind the door, she saw a black, wavy figure, creeping up the stairs towards her mother's room. Emma walked towards - the front door where her sister Martha was last seen. Emma was closely followed by Paul.

"Whats that?" Paul said and the figure turned around. With dark eyes, he slowly walked towards Emma and Paul.

Comment by Jayne Davidson, WHHS, UK on October 19, 2011 at 11:10

The hooded figure was stepping slowly back down the stairs.
Emma and Paul cowered by the door, too petrified to speak. Grandpa, unaware of
the circumstances, leapt up to go and see what was taking them so long.

“Emma! Paul!” called Grandpa from the living room. No reply.
“Come on, get out here. What is taking you so long?”

Grunting, he stepped into the hall. A bang from the door knocked
the kids back into their senses. No one spoke. All were still. Emma and Paul
backed away, as the assassin in the hood drew closer and closer.

“Run kids, its not you I want to kill,” the murderer spoke
in an icy cold tone. Whilst saying this, he drew from his back a large knife.
The kids turned slowly and barged open the door, only to collide with another
thug. They peered past him, into the open woods. Many monstrous shapes grew
closer through the shadowy mist of the woods. The children ran.

Grandpa backed into the living room and, trying to defend
himself, drew a poker from the fire.

From the distance, the chilling screeches of Grandpa were
heard. The children turned, only to see the body of their beloved Grandfather
tossed onto the gravel path. A peculiar instrument stuck from the chest of the
old man. Turning round, the children began to weep, although realising they had
to run. The rain pattered on their faces.

Ruby Edwards, Abigail Richards & Harry Warren. West
Hatch High School

Comment by Lorraine French on October 19, 2011 at 12:09

‘’Why did we ever leave grandpa?’’ they wept as they staggered through the damp rocky terrain. Anxiously, the children glanced behind them, assuring themselves they weren’t being followed. They weren’t sure where they were going or what they were running from all they knew was that they had to run.

A few minutes later, they sat down exhaling loudly. Although the trees were dry and moist less it gave them shelter from the rain and that’s just what they needed.”What are we going to do now?” questioned Paul. ‘’Grandpa is dead and we’re practically homeless”. Emma didn’t speak, her face was pale and she felt like her soul had been ripped right out of her. Unable to meet Emma’s eye, Paul looked down masking his tears and sniffling in the darkness.

“The only thing we can do Paul “said Emma “Is call the police”. Paul looked up when suddenly a voice behind them said “don’t bother calling the police” he spat next to them and walked into the distance.

By Temitope and Miriam Trinity School Belvedere

Comment by Adam Lancaster on October 19, 2011 at 13:01

The two children sat up and wondered what to do. Suddenly Paul said “Come on lets follow him”.

Emma looked puzzled, but because Paul was older she agreed with his orders. The two of them wondered of into the night. Picking out his footprints they stumbled upon, what looked to be a cave. Fighting his fears Paul took a deep breath and pointed to the cave.

Suddenly Emma backed away with fear and whispered, “I’m not going in there, I am too scared.”

Paul considered this and then said, “Don’t worry Emma, I’ll protect you.”

They plucked up enough courage and entered the cave, holding each other’s hands. Emma looked around the cave, it was dark with fog all around. Emma thought she saw a pair of eyes peeping through the darkness but when she looked again, they we’re gone. Instead there stood a figure, as they moved closer into the unknown they realised who it was.

Suddenly a voice broke the silence, Emma’s heart was pounding. Who could it be?


By Megan Bonfield and Megan Hayward. Monk's Walk School

Comment by Allison Painich on October 19, 2011 at 15:51
Suddenly, Paul was just standing there. Suddenly, Emma disappeared. All of a sudden, we saw a light far, far, in the cave. As we walked deeper into the cave, something began to vibrate in my pocket. I reached in and it was my phone. Somebody was calling me. It was my Mum. Without getting excited, I answered the phone, "Hello Mum" I said and all of a sudden my phone blinked and then it read, cannot get reception. Then all of a sudden someone called my name. I walked deeper into the cave and saw Emma, standing in front of a wall. Then Emma was whispering hints of how to find our Grandfather, "left, now right." It was hard to follow her directions. I finished walking where Emma told me to go. Then I saw Grandpa with the assassin talking about their past. I shouted, "Grandpa, Grandpa, we found you!"
By Jeremiah, Lisa, Khalil
PS 152
Bronx New York

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