It was that noise again. The same as last night and the night before. Simon looked over to his brother’s bed. Brad was still fast asleep, snoring gently. How come it never woke him up? Simon crawled carefully out of bed. He didn’t want to wake Brad. He might make a noise, and that might scare off whoever it was or whatever it was out there. It was surprisingly chilly considering how hot it had been earlier. Simon draped a blanket round his shoulders. He crept over to the window and opened the curtains just enough to get a view of the garden. He couldn’t see anything. There it was again. Something that started like a whimper and ended like a screech. Then it went quiet. Simon was about to give up and go back to bed when he noticed the strange light moving slowly across the lawn.

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Comment by Amir Arshad on October 14, 2009 at 8:17
Abdur rehman and Kamran (Bloomfield Hall, Sahiwal, Pakistan)

Thinking that it was his imagintion,he turned around but what he saw he could not imagine it in his wildest dreams.A thick gooey paste slithered here and there, and to his great awe, the paste indulged in Brad. He used to bicker with his brother a lot but he could'nt refrain from the thought that Brad would be possesed by an alien. He stood in lull, his mouth open in aghast. Astounded by this situation, he grabbed his baseball bat, unravelled the cover of the bat and went like a furious bull towards a red carpet, he went there and smashed the bat on his brother's head. It was very unexpicable but he felt a strong urge to go there and discover the perilous paste. His kismet wouls not allow him to do that he was them bamboozled when he saw the persian carpet moving. He began to prespire heavily.Was the thing obnoxious?He could not rein his anger.He wailed but no sound came out.Simon knew he couldn't countenance it .And to his great bewilderment,the thing creeped in his back.His parents had died and he knew he was like an ant to a bull......
Comment by Bev Humphrey, Woolwich Poly, UK on October 14, 2009 at 10:27
With the speed of light! His brother jolted out of bed, the impact of the base ball bat had left him confused and petrified. Simon’s little brother only just managed to mutter out a word “why?” before then passing out. He had killed his only brother. Staggering out of the room Simon’s hope began to fade away in the distance. Simon wanted to go back and help his brother but this thing was acting against his will. Suddenly, he felt he felt this slimy thing slither around his back. He began to fell like a totally different person. His actions began to change, he started to feel more and more different than his normal self, and rage began to build up within him his vision went blurry he couldn’t make out anything, but he could still move with out colliding into any objects. Soon his eyes began to bulge with blood. The pressure on his skin was too much, his skin began to crack. You could see his veins from the crack in his skin and they where glowing blue. Then. Then…..
By Tonye and Chibuzor
Woolwich Polytechnic
Comment by janet dowey on October 14, 2009 at 11:21
In a split second the green slimy thing had seemed to engulf him. Within minutes it had taken over his whole body. His eyes where now full of blood, his rage was now full to the max. He wasn’t a small child in year 9 anymore; he was now as big as the room. He tramped to the door. One step and he was there. He gave a little tug at the door and it flew off its hinges. A million thoughts were going on through his head.
“What’s going on”, Simon exclaimed.
Simon stepped down the stairs and opened the living room door. Although it was done cautiously it still made a creak.
Simon stood still. At this moment in time you could of cut the silence with a knife.
As he walked in to the front room there was something there. Simon looked into the things eyes…..
By Callum Duce
Unity City Academy
Comment by Lynda Marett, CTK Preston on October 14, 2009 at 12:18
The light disappeared but wait, on it came again. Simon felt a tingle down his spine telling him to crawl back in bed, but he daren’t move a muscle. Suddenly a shining light reflected on the window. It was a special date that Simon couldn’t recognise. His heart began to pound. Simon could feel his hair rising, slowly the door creaked shut. Poor Simon was terrified and began to sweat. He could see the light flickering, calling to him, and repeating “Fear not!” At that moment Simon knew that something unusual was going to happen. On the flickering light a strange face appeared. Simon was running out of patience and was getting very confused. Gradually the creaking rusty windows slightly opened. Taking short footsteps back, Simon fell on to the bed. Slowly, his brother with fangs hanging out of his dribbling bloody mouth, got up and stared at his brother. Simon quietly gulped to himself hoping that this was all just a terrible nightmare, or was it?
By Somiya and Chloe. Christ the King, Preston
Comment by Lorraine French on October 14, 2009 at 13:22
Brad slowly lumbered out of his bed, his crimson blood still dripping from his chin and onto the floor.
He hissed. Simon took a step back, and suddenly felt scared, what had happened? Would he ever get his brother back? So many questions filled his head that Simon started to feel queasy. Suddenly, Brad fell to the floor and into a deep slumber, not wanting to arouse his brother, Simon crept back to see if the strange light was still there… it had gone!! Simon’s thoughts suddenly darkened again as he wondered where it had gone to…
By Alex

Trinity School
Comment by John Iona on October 14, 2009 at 14:31
The ominous glow glistened vividly in the distance and as Simon was moving ever closer to the eerie glow, he noticed a neverending path that leaded towards the light that leaded to the patio, but then ,a Weird oozy like monster was in the room. Simon’s jaw was as long as the empire state building as the green vicious monster was swiftly approaching Simon, but as it was approaching Simon the fear of the monster struck Simon like the gongs of big Ben. Simon ran like Usain bolt as he was rapidly trying to get away from the monster that was menacing for his flesh, but as he was running, he noticed the similar characteristics between them. Then the green ooze slipped off like soap to reveal the real ghoul. With a face scarred rapidly like Scarface, he was Simon’s familiar counterpart, BRAD! As he was menacing with the ooze slipping back on, a scream is heard, and darkness and quietness is followed………………..
By Alex kamoga and Daniel Brown
Oasis Academy Enfield
Comment by Margie Godwin on October 14, 2009 at 21:09
Written by Tyler George, Lexington Elementary, Monroe, LA, USA
I started to scratch the ooze off but when I did, the thing on my back stung me hard. So hard in fact, I fell to the ground. In agony I looked through blury eyes and say the baseball bat tha I had dropped earlier on the floor. I summoned all my strength and grabbed it , then it stopped stinging. Then I swung the bat at the thing on Brad's back, Swoosh!! Missed! The next time I swung the bat I hit the thing. It plopped to the ground and scurried away. Brad was stunned by the blow and fell to the ground, mumbling, thanks. Brad lay on the ground and gasped for air. I ran to get the family's 12 guage shotgun and loaded it. I knew I was not suppose to touch the gun, but this was an emergency. We looked for the thing then I saw it under the chair. and blam! I shot the thing to pieces. We heard a scream and looked outside. On the grass was a bigger thing squriming and shriveling up into 2 smaller things and thirty earthworms. I place the gun in the gun rack. All of sudden I heard the ring of my alarm clock. I saw the ceiling of my room and the light of day pouring into my window. I sat up, looked up at my brother fast asleep. I lay back down and hit the snooze on my alarm clock. Then my brother Brad woke up screaming spiders, spiders. Its okay, its just a dream.

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