It was only after they’d bought the house that they found the writing. It’s silly really. A house is the most expensive thing you’ll ever buy, and you spend less time inspecting it than a new TV.
The house had been such a bargain, and there was so much to sort out in a very short time, that it was only after they’d moved into the ancient place, and begun to pull up old carpets, and uncover old walls, that they found the writing.
It was hard to read, because the words were written funnily and had faded too, a dull red-brown on the whitewashed wall they uncovered in the kitchen, but after a while they made out what it said.
Stop. Ye who are come. Stop. Go back and leave here, accursed and forsaken.
That was all it said.
And it was only after they found the writing, that they found the small door…

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Comment by WP Central on October 15, 2009 at 8:45
They stared at the door. It was rusty and looked so old that maybe it was even more than a hundred years old. Then they turned the door knob and as they opened the door there heart pounded faster and faster. Ignoring the message, the curious group led into the secret room…

It was pitch dark inside. They where looking for the light switch but could not find it. As their hands slid across the cold, dusty wall, they found a huge lever and they pulled it. All of a sudden, the lights switched on and they found another message plated in gold. “Ye have been warned…” Refusing to go back home, the lights suddenly switched off and the door slammed shut! The terrified group wet their pants and then the lights switched back on; they noticed one of the members was no more…

Sohil & Prajjowl Blackheath Bluecoat
Comment by Sue Parr on October 15, 2009 at 9:34
...”I swear he was just there, he was holding my hand!” cried the youngest member of the group, Georgie. “It still feels like he’s holding my hand!” looking down at her small shaking hand. Then, a young, echoed voice wailed, “Ye was warned, I have taken the boy, ye was warned, ye was warned....”and as the voice became quieter the echo became louder. Everyone screamed, even the father of the group. Suddenly a blood-chilling sound silenced them all. It sounded like a loud buzzing but it became more distinctive, it was a lullaby. “Hush little people don’t say a word, the end is coming soon...” then the lullaby faded into a soft hum....
By Jenny Maidment and Ebony Shire
Comment by Nicola McNee on October 15, 2009 at 10:41
They followed the soft hum and came to a heavy steel door. When they had finally heaved the door open they saw a glimmer of light. “Look arrows on the floor!” exclaimed Katy. Suddenly the door behind them slammed shut. Georgie and Katy suddenly realised that there parents were not in the room! “What are we going to do?” Georgie whimpered. While Katy walked over to some writing on the wall “if you ever want to see little Sebastian and your parents again you must follow the arrows”. At that same moment Georgie felt something slowly crawling up her back…
Comment by Liz Bridge on October 15, 2009 at 11:47
Suddenly, a flash of lightning struck behind them. A ghostly figure appeared and then disappeared almost instantly. Georgia and Katy could feel its presence moving around the room. His hand slowly crept up Georgia's back. She was trembling with fear and looked like a colassal bar of white chocolate. Georgia hit the floor with a thud. She was dead. Katy was horrified. Suddenly, a light came from the ceiling. She decided to follow the arrows. There was a creak underneath as a trap door opened jerkily. Katy started falling into pitch black darkness......

By Chris and Tim
Comment by Mrs Diana Scott on October 15, 2009 at 12:13
Shivers chilled through her,too scared to find out what it was, then suddenly an ear deafening scream pierced the cold air. It was from Georgie. The thing crawling up her back was undescribeable. Georgie fainted, katy stood frozen, she knew she had to do something but what. Something caught the corner of her eye, it was a metal pole that must have fallen from the gas pipes above. Katy picked up the pole with great strength, she dashed forward with all her might and she struck the thing with a powerful blow to the head. It went crashing to the ground with a loud bang. Katy felt sorry for it, but then again it was attacking her sister...

Ashraf Mayfield school
Comment by Bev Humphrey, Woolwich Poly, UK on October 15, 2009 at 13:26
Katy stood there with fear as if time was frozen itself. Then there was a loud voice from within the ceiling laughing “You think that you can escape with a bit of plumbing” boomed the ceiling. The voice got quiet but as it got quiet there was thud! , there was a moaning in the darkness. Katy screamed. The light flickered on and off and there was pale figure moving towards her. Katy walked backwards slowly in case it would get her from behind. As Katy walked back faster it got closer and closer until her feet stood above a trapdoor. Katy stared at it but then when she looked up and the figure was gone. Katy felt a breath of relief but she felt a cold breeze from something behind her. A voice behind Katy said “Have a nice trip!!!!!!!!!”.There and then the trapdoor fell open and she was consumed by the darkness itself as if she had died…..
By Hien Woolwich Polytechnic
Comment by WP Central on October 15, 2009 at 16:27
Thudd! Katy fell to the stone cold grey tiled floor. A clown’s laughing voice echoed in the darkness.
“I will give you a series of challenges, for each one you pass you will be rewarded with a member of your family. If you fail that family member will be lost for eternity. The challenges will test your physical and mental abilities.”
“You monster, you freak, you’re insane, who are you,” replied Katy, stiff with fear.
Katy pulled out her mobile phone from her pocket, and turned it on. The dim glow coming from the screen provided enough light to see in the small stone cell sh was trapped. She turned around and to her extreme shock a short human figure stood still.
Katy screamed.
“It’s me, it’s Georgie.” Replied the figure.
Rory and Sam
Comment by Margie Godwin on October 15, 2009 at 20:00
Written by Juston Marshall, Minnie Ruffin Elementary, Monroe, LA, USA
It was such a relief to hear familiar voices. Is there anyway out of here? As she looked around, she say a group of people. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she began to recognize her family. She gathered her courage and said, "lets get out of here." As they tried to escape, they heard the voice again. The voice became louder and louder, "I told you not to keep going but you didn't listen. Before they knew it, the house started to shake harder and harder. Then it began to cave in. The shaking finally stopped. Katy and her family escaped and they all promised to never go back into the house if they valued their lives.

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